2Pac Sad Gangster Rap Mix 2020💫Emotional Hip Hop / Rap Remixes August 2020💫

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  • Thug Radio
    Thug Radio8 mesi fa

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  • Bobby Jon-don

    Bobby Jon-don

    3 giorni fa

    @djenn434 my favourite

  • Leo B500

    Leo B500

    5 giorni fa

    Bro, once there was a Tupac remix named Pain in my Heart, and i never managed to find it again. It was from far the best song i've ever heard of him, but nowadays i can only find the original song with the same name. If anyone here know where the song has gone (lmao) pls tell me...

  • Mini Mouse

    Mini Mouse

    5 giorni fa


  • Alex seidlitz

    Alex seidlitz

    8 giorni fa

    Hallo ändern äqqäqääqäää1ä

  • Tudor Pogor

    Tudor Pogor

    14 giorni fa

    F vayyhyhyhyhyhyhyhyygy ugh bang Gggg

  • Tony Lopez
    Tony Lopez14 ore fa

    Indeed!!...No Dought.

  • Maicon Amaral
    Maicon AmaralGiorno fa

    Alguém sabe o nome da primeira música?

  • Patrice Dala
    Patrice DalaGiorno fa

    The Immortal, Best Rapper haver...

  • HardiestTrucker TV
    HardiestTrucker TV2 giorni fa

    Last one killin' my Soul...... thx ya bro for this songs

  • Asım Selcuk
    Asım Selcuk2 giorni fa

    I love 2pac music👍💞🤗

  • Одинокий Кактус
    Одинокий Кактус2 giorni fa

    Какая песня 0:38?

  • Maty Meu
    Maty Meu3 giorni fa

    like every time .. your songs make me feel .... to feel you !! have a nice rest !! 🥀🥀🥀🥀❣️❣️❣️

  • Chatchawan BlackWhale.
    Chatchawan BlackWhale.3 giorni fa

    Sorry I want to know is name .12.30 What's name this song ?

  • LK ANAS -2pac Mix
    LK ANAS -2pac Mix3 giorni fa

    7:28...#Djmimo 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Garry Pratt
    Garry Pratt3 giorni fa

    Yer mannn

  • Carlos Paez
    Carlos Paez3 giorni fa

    Minuto 8 cómo se llama

  • Lili Medeiros
    Lili Medeiros4 giorni fa

    ARACAJU-SE 🇧🇷💖

  • Dustin Boy
    Dustin Boy4 giorni fa

    Be the light in the dark. Coach Pain

  • MeaIsBestVtuber
    MeaIsBestVtuber4 giorni fa

    first time know this rapper , what a legend

  • 2pac Ux
    2pac Ux4 giorni fa

    👍🏼 🔥🔥

  • SirWebs1800
    SirWebs18005 giorni fa

    Takes me years back!! 🔈🔉🔊🎶🎵🔥

  • Ayala Billy
    Ayala Billy5 giorni fa

    Tupac legacy will be forever be remembered Americans has really lost a great legendary cos Pac doesn't have a caliber death row has really lost a big man he will always be remembered as a leader

  • Mini Mouse
    Mini Mouse5 giorni fa


  • Leonardo Gomes
    Leonardo Gomes5 giorni fa

    Top makaveli tô life

  • Maicon Amaral
    Maicon Amaral6 giorni fa

    Isso é transcendental!! Não é possível..

  • DJ Pacy
    DJ Pacy7 giorni fa

    Fallen to pieces, am I guilty !? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Wiggo Kjellsson
    Wiggo Kjellsson7 giorni fa

    anyone know what song, 49:07?

  • Steven Skadoosh
    Steven Skadoosh7 giorni fa

    looking for timestamps for each track :,(

  • M. Qadi
    M. Qadi7 giorni fa

    please who knows the name of the song (last one) ( 49:15 - 53:00 )

  • Селин 13
    Селин 137 giorni fa

    26:40 что за трек? Не могу найти 😒

  • Igor GM676
    Igor GM6767 giorni fa

    Por favor alguém pode me falar o nome da música nessa base remix que ela está? Ela começa aos 37:26

  • Luna Völligegal
    Luna Völligegal8 giorni fa


    PANTELIS KAPSIS8 giorni fa

    God never die!!!!

  • M J
    M J9 giorni fa

    Remember one thing through every dark night there is a brighter day after that💯💯💯

  • Miguel Ibarra
    Miguel Ibarra9 giorni fa

    Name son 12:25 please

  • Bobby Jon-don
    Bobby Jon-don9 giorni fa

    18:15 my favourite

  • luca carbon
    luca carbon9 giorni fa

    fake not real

  • Velihan Uyar
    Velihan Uyar9 giorni fa

    Adam çok iyimis babalar

  • Athmane Mernache
    Athmane Mernache9 giorni fa

    """"" cccccccccc""cccccccc"cccccc" ccc ""cccccccc"c""cc"v c"ccccccccccccccccccc

  • Селин 13
    Селин 139 giorni fa

    2021 и я прусь 👻

  • the dagasten fighter
    the dagasten fighter10 giorni fa

    18.28 name song ?

  • Nir Navon
    Nir Navon11 giorni fa

    I've searched for the exact version of the "My Block" song on minute 00:50:00. Didn't find it. anyone can share a link please for that song in that version specifically?. Thank you.

  • Wiggo Kjellsson

    Wiggo Kjellsson

    7 giorni fa

    If you find it, please let me know to

    EBUSE COMEDY TV11 giorni fa


    ABDILMAGED -9912 giorni fa

    Coooo l

  • St Chals Talibe Bamba
    St Chals Talibe Bamba13 giorni fa

    West Side for the real Nice song🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳

  • St Chals Talibe Bamba
    St Chals Talibe Bamba13 giorni fa


  • Wili Wilson
    Wili Wilson13 giorni fa

    12:30 what's name this remix ? So fu*king good

  • Willis Payne JR. Melvin
    Willis Payne JR. Melvin14 giorni fa

    Steady muffin me but sometimes there is a their in love and we solitary every thing the same

  • Marek Cimoch
    Marek Cimoch14 giorni fa


  • Bishal Thakur
    Bishal Thakur14 giorni fa

    All time an alys king miss u PAC legend

  • Alwayz High Productionz
    Alwayz High Productionz15 giorni fa

    🔥 fire mix fam. 😎👍

  • adiel abede
    adiel abede15 giorni fa

    RIP 2PAC

  • thevoice ofschizophrenia
    thevoice ofschizophrenia16 giorni fa

    When I am constantly tired of the rituals of sunrise and sunset, I will close my physical eyes and open my spiritual eyes.

  • bahonya 2121
    bahonya 212116 giorni fa


  • Iffi Pagal
    Iffi Pagal16 giorni fa

    Pac we need you come back 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Luna Völligegal

    Luna Völligegal

    8 giorni fa

    Warte geduldig auf das kommende Paradies ☀️✌️

  • Original_21aek
    Original_21aek16 giorni fa

    Song at 29:45 please?

  • Apon Ahammed
    Apon Ahammed16 giorni fa

    plz would you tell me the name o f song 12.25 sec starts

  • backgrounds
    backgrounds17 giorni fa


  • M D
    M D17 giorni fa

    Thank you for the mix , 2 pac the vers best , the King

  • M D
    M D17 giorni fa

    Thank you the best

  • M D
    M D17 giorni fa

    Thank you for mix , the best , the King 2 pac for ever .

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung17 giorni fa

    The chunky barber emotionally expand because c-clamp immunophenotypically crawl from a noisy chill. aboriginal, stereotyped japanese

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung17 giorni fa

    The fat faulty doubt indirectly grin because friend consequentially multiply including a chilly wrinkle. ad, wasteful authority

  • Константин Дубровский
    Константин Дубровский18 giorni fa

  • jp murphy
    jp murphy18 giorni fa

    anybody know the name of the song/remix at 4:30?

  • Achraf Al azzozi
    Achraf Al azzozi19 giorni fa


  • Azael Hernandez
    Azael Hernandez19 giorni fa

    Una gra leyenda a seguir 2 Tupac sakura

    MIX SFD19 giorni fa

    there were many words I didn't understand, but every word he spoke felt really alive💙

  • 7even NCS Music
    7even NCS Music19 giorni fa

    A moment of peace for ppl who r still finding this song 😂😂🤣 good good

  • Lenny
    Lenny20 giorni fa


  • GYMKong Official
    GYMKong Official20 giorni fa

    For those who read this review, I hope you become successful in your life❤️❤️,good music

  • I K
    I K21 giorno fa

    Anyone know the Only fear of death remix around 18:00? Haven't been able to find it.

  • Kolyma Grobovo
    Kolyma Grobovo21 giorno fa

    четко подобрано всё, ништяк прям

  • nate m
    nate m21 giorno fa

    Hell fuck yeah!!!!!

  • Labz Ali
    Labz Ali22 giorni fa

    yo bro, that 1st mix is so litt. Its on a repeat alwayz Need more like this. Love coming from the U.K. (East London) E1Crew

  • Justice Ogueji
    Justice Ogueji23 giorni fa

    22:15 can someone please tell me how to find this single, I’ve been playing back to back. Legend forever (2Pac)

  • Bogdan Apahidean

    Bogdan Apahidean

    22 giorni fa

    Tupac-me against the world

  • Goldi Fuego
    Goldi Fuego23 giorni fa

    Merci 🔥

  • 2PAC Karbu OceSann
    2PAC Karbu OceSann23 giorni fa

    Wonderful!!!! ❤️👏❤️

  • Arlen Dermani
    Arlen Dermani23 giorni fa

    what is 30:00 min for a single song

  • tiagoo tig
    tiagoo tig23 giorni fa


  • Mark Pt
    Mark Pt25 giorni fa

    The best of the best

  • Black Jesus thug love 💘
    Black Jesus thug love 💘25 giorni fa


  • VITINN s2
    VITINN s225 giorni fa

    bh e nois carai

  • Mohammed Suffian
    Mohammed Suffian26 giorni fa

    13:27 you live to be 25 but not much longer cause you died plz god tell me who was it biggie smallz or suge knight plz I wanna kill whoever it was I just want revenge for a g just should’ve lived till at least 50 but shit happenes people die imma leave it for now just sigh just till I kill the fucka then I can rely in my bed not stressed bout anything cause I did what I wanted since I knew a thing bye bye

  • B.alnahel
    B.alnahel26 giorni fa

    تو باك 🥺💔💔

  • Ayoub Tupac
    Ayoub Tupac26 giorni fa

    أغاني توباك جميلة لا أستطيع الشكر هو أسطورة وحلمي الذهاب الى نيويورك وأصبح مغني راب مثل توباك💔🖤💔

  • Peoples Paralegal Association
    Peoples Paralegal Association27 giorni fa

    Mike dean summers born Boise Idaho and amaru angel Tupac Shakur angel alwayz for life he's my angel on my black side and of course my white side em. Are my white angel then everyone between are my angels he taught me life and I showed him new life we taught each other he was born 71 and I was 84 but check it he taught me never give up on knowledge and then I showed him my life secrets how I alwayz in my entire life lived by faith and faith will lift us all in this fine world as. One unit as one soul and love every human as ur own cause I am everyone in one wish pray and been granted by the greats up north and south to the fariest east to the best of all west new jeleroiusm is from central usa all to the west coast all the way up to Alaska to Hawaii and the west number one then went from there I am the solider to give his whole life on the line for what remember I suppose to end life but change cause I had only two choices and that was end or live I chose life for all amen we all are soliders for one and for all God bless amen love each other with everything we got u never know who u actually talking to people wake up and pay attention love peace and freedom

  • Peoples Paralegal Association
    Peoples Paralegal Association27 giorni fa

    Yes it's is caput urama rukahs kramauhauscatup new life order straight from man up stairs amen k I say yes here on earth I am god as we know it cause I wish and prayed to the man up stairs to know everything and be connected with everything ever lived has lived still living and of course the greatest thang about it is the furture kids are going to get a chance cause me and the lord had our fight cause us I am the devil but fought God to keep earth here to stay I know I suppose to end earth but I thought by learning around me to say why would the great person ever lived and will ever be know as we call dgodstar and cause thanks lord for granting me all my dreams came true when u showed me my furture when I was one when my dad walked away from me so I became pissed off and went to war with my mind and know I learning do fucking fast right now more and more knowledge by every second passed I get more and more faithful with knowing right now I'm going all in with my good man up stairs gave me my mind and I going to teach every human to use their minds like they gave us to use at more then any body ever used their minds I promise I willaa show u what I can handle and plus more we all are gods and goddesses it didn't just start from one it started with a atom and then mixed with our minds to real world reality wake up brotherz and sistaz we all now untied as one if not I better be praying cause we will be coming for u too get right with us

  • Peoples Paralegal Association
    Peoples Paralegal Association27 giorni fa

    A.T.S.S just afishishally just said 2pacand Mike has been teamed up since we were kids k so don't judge a book by its cover since mike is white wished he was black so teamed up with as many black kids to adults as I can to sing our lives together as one and present this to the world as I don't know who's who's when my own friend family and brother sistas dying here and there and we all God children so now start acting like them we coming out swing and bring our a game everyone hello we are the greatest people to live and have u all under our lives all my doubles connect as one and now let the west take 100 precent control lead by the biggest bossman ever lived and still living 37 next month bossman of everyone thanks all my help God bless I all amen live for ever here on out

  • Peoples Paralegal Association

    Peoples Paralegal Association

    27 giorni fa

    And everyone else live for ever here and life as we know it last for ever if I follow me I going to live forever promise U all that amen live with me in heaven as we know it as earth

  • Joen Stephansen Pedersen
    Joen Stephansen Pedersen27 giorni fa

    Jo mo the hat Ta tar a ta

  • Uncat Fazliov
    Uncat Fazliov27 giorni fa


  • ben revivo
    ben revivo27 giorni fa


  • AZZARO  ☑
    AZZARO ☑ 27 giorni fa

    as long as we remember as long as we live he lives 🎵✌🔥🎧🎤

  • Magrisha Nongz

    Magrisha Nongz

    15 giorni fa


  • Sadrac Firmino
    Sadrac Firmino28 giorni fa

    Im a thug

  • ADATC Promotions
    ADATC Promotions28 giorni fa

    Soul fixing music RIP TUPAC BBB

    2PAC MARTINEZ28 giorni fa


  • Steven UDN
    Steven UDN28 giorni fa

    Hello, what song is the first?

  • zandile mbatha
    zandile mbatha28 giorni fa

    I'm not a rap fan but a huge Pac fan

  • Simone di chio
    Simone di chio28 giorni fa

    Genius 2 Pac

  • Elizabeth Diane
    Elizabeth Diane28 giorni fa

    Touch NOT thine anointed

  • Gonza Romero gonzalez
    Gonza Romero gonzalez28 giorni fa

    Yo no abandonaría al manjar que tiene esa patria

  • Jay Sar
    Jay Sar28 giorni fa

    Awesome. Thanks for this.

  • Niners Nation
    Niners Nation29 giorni fa

    Broooooo 4:30 to 6:00 best Tupac line ever?

  • Narcheese


    23 giorni fa

    Name of the song?

  • ThatsSo Nav
    ThatsSo Nav29 giorni fa

    Drop a LIKE IF you still This OG legend

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