65 Days Build Lamborghini Sian Roadster For My Son - ND Woodworking Art


  • ND - Woodworking Art
    ND - Woodworking ArtMese fa

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  • Armine Aperyan

    Armine Aperyan

    Giorno fa

    @Holi Setiawan iiiiio

  • Amar Techs

    Amar Techs

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    @Marcos Felicio Da Silva Muito obrigado☺☺

  • Beljan Nuenoz

    Beljan Nuenoz

    2 giorni fa

    Bro, what's the name of the thing that you used in raising the car doors? Do you have any link where we can buy one? Please bro!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Marcos Felicio Da Silva

    Marcos Felicio Da Silva

    2 giorni fa

    @Amar Techs no mais você é muito bom demais da conta eu queria aprender mas eu não tô na China (ʘᴗʘ✿)(ʘᴗʘ✿)(ʘᴗʘ✿)(ʘᴗʘ✿)(ʘᴗʘ✿)💜💜💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💋💋💋💋♥️♥️



    7 giorni fa

    Ka e car bikiba👍👍👍😀😉😉

  • Mark Malinowski
    Mark Malinowski4 ore fa

    Could you possibly try to do a Shelby Gt500 or Shelby 1000?

  • Bharat lal Meena
    Bharat lal Meena4 ore fa


  • doula971
    doula9716 ore fa

    Trop nul🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • doula971
    doula9716 ore fa

    C'est plutôt pour lui que pour son fils lol ptdr🤣🤣🤣

  • doula971
    doula9716 ore fa

    Le mec s'est donné beaucoup de mal lol mdr 😅🤣



  • vikram hundal
    vikram hundal10 ore fa

    Awsome work brother. Can u make one for my daughter

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro11 ore fa

    it looks amazing this should be on lamborghini museum

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey13 ore fa

    The chainsaw action is brilliant:) great craftsmanship. Respect from a carpenter in west Ireland:) 👍

  • Mukesh Vishwakarma
    Mukesh Vishwakarma15 ore fa

    Kon kon ye video A2motivation ke video dekhne ke Baad kar Raha hai

  • Mary J Black
    Mary J Black15 ore fa

    Woww this is so impressive. What a talent!

    MRSOMARAJU15 ore fa

    How much cost it takes to prepare this car? Can you please tell me?

    MOHAMMAD USMAN17 ore fa

    Great Father, fact :son experienced Lamborghini drive at small age huhu

  • Blue IsEpic
    Blue IsEpic18 ore fa

    holy i can't believe this is real

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley19 ore fa

    Kid: Dad this is cool Dad: do you like it? Kid: Not much Dad: Why Kid: Real one is better

  • Angel Quinones
    Angel QuinonesGiorno fa

    Take my 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 I want it!

  • John Preston
    John PrestonGiorno fa

    Forgive me if I seem obtuse, but wouldn't building that out of wood make it really heavy?

  • David Mark
    David MarkGiorno fa

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    *With his help i have already made 10%...*

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    *I really appr€ciate the down to earth way these programs are taught.. Thanks for everything!....*

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    Benja Min

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    *I think I've h£ard this man m£nti0ned several times in the office. I know he is a inv£st0r, but how do you do busin£ss with him?....*

  • Music Cover
    Music CoverGiorno fa

    Yok mampir ke warkop aku sambil nyantai

  • وليد الرشيدي
    وليد الرشيديGiorno fa

    هل في عربي هنا

  • Marco Galvez
    Marco GalvezGiorno fa

    This is More Better It's Working and It's Functioning

  • Fahad Hussain
    Fahad HussainGiorno fa

    sooper Dad

  • RMX Studios
    RMX StudiosGiorno fa

    Where did you buy the motor

  • Legend Terakhir
    Legend TerakhirGiorno fa

    If car toy use motorcycle machine 125cc or 80cc its over okay 👍

  • Official Kian Gaming YT
    Official Kian Gaming YTGiorno fa

    Your son is so lucky for having a dad like you

  • Мурат Жиемуратов
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  • Julia Lestari
    Julia LestariGiorno fa

    Gokil sih iniiiiii kereeeen😍

  • Тимур Шарипов
    Тимур ШариповGiorno fa


  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastNameGiorno fa

    OMG Gorgeous! please take my money and build me one too!

  • Deb Mohapatra
    Deb MohapatraGiorno fa

    Can u make another Lamborghini for me

  • Lugito Bejo
    Lugito BejoGiorno fa

    Menghadapi mafia-mafia

  • nothing
    nothingGiorno fa

    Imagine his son gifting him real Lamborghini when he grows up😳

  • Ken Eason
    Ken EasonGiorno fa

    Amazing 👏🏾

  • Shum Jeremy
    Shum JeremyGiorno fa

    I made it it looks sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lapiz_laz06
    Lapiz_laz062 giorni fa

    Can't wait to see the video where he builds a minecraft house

  • Najaun Francis
    Najaun Francis2 giorni fa

    It's amazing but I just wish it was a bit faster

  • theLotusMACHINE?
    theLotusMACHINE?2 giorni fa

    I thought it was good until you slammed a load of drill holes in the back, 6/10

  • HakiN
    HakiN2 giorni fa

    Mất 1 khoảng tg để nhận ra đây là người Việt Nam

  • Faketaxi TM
    Faketaxi TM2 giorni fa

    Lmfao his cute son innocently riding in the front seat😂😭😭😭😭

  • jonathan Ah-tar tanai
    jonathan Ah-tar tanai2 giorni fa

    Can I please have it for my son ?

  • Adonis Dube
    Adonis Dube2 giorni fa

    Ok dad it's my turn now😀😁😁

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia2 giorni fa

    How much for this car?

    BERDBERRY MUSIC2 giorni fa

    It’s cool and all but with today’s woods prices he would’ve saved money by buying the real thing

  • Sanjay Mehta(◣_◢)
    Sanjay Mehta(◣_◢)2 giorni fa

    If you sell 10 such cars in auction , then you will surely have a real one

  • บักอ้วนนอนนา เสี่ยฟลุ๊ค ฟาร์มหมู
    บักอ้วนนอนนา เสี่ยฟลุ๊ค ฟาร์มหมู2 giorni fa

    มาตรฐานอีหลี จักแสนครับ

  • Sawadogo Hervé
    Sawadogo Hervé2 giorni fa

    Wow!!! It's so great i really love your work

  • Vivikt Joshi
    Vivikt Joshi2 giorni fa

    I also want this type of car

    NEW NELLUDI VILLAGE2 giorni fa

    This car goes under water also 😀

  • Msdlph
    Msdlph3 giorni fa

    Can't describe just want to say you're amazing 👍

  • Akim Kairudin
    Akim Kairudin3 giorni fa

    Keren top vidionya Indonesia hadir Salam kenal

  • Jammer Paliwanan
    Jammer Paliwanan3 giorni fa

    Best dad ever

  • Daniel Brockman
    Daniel Brockman3 giorni fa

    Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooo wayyyyyyyy just no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • محمود مصطفى مسعف
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  • GeRbAnG UjUnGTiMuR
    GeRbAnG UjUnGTiMuR3 giorni fa

    Amazing 👍

  • Jon20202
    Jon202023 giorni fa

    What an incredible waste of wood, what does he think, wood grows on trees or sumthin?!?

  • Adan Ramirez
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  • CoPtErッ
    CoPtErッ3 giorni fa


    MOVE ON TV3 giorni fa

    Great job idol. Thanks for sharing. Done coloring your home. Shoutout! #MOVEONTV

  • Y.A.P Official
    Y.A.P Official3 giorni fa

    Wow, that's awesome, please built with slim wood so the motor doesn't broken faster

  • Điểm tin nóng Vtv
    Điểm tin nóng Vtv3 giorni fa

    ông bố qua tuyet vời

  • Steven Lewis
    Steven Lewis3 giorni fa

    For the TREMENDOUS effort this man put in.... couldn't make it go even a tad bit faster?!?!

  • Imti


    2 giorni fa

    Does it bother you ?

  • Fahru Boba
    Fahru Boba3 giorni fa

    This is amazing

  • Fairjohnson Syiemsad
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  • Darwin Santino
    Darwin Santino3 giorni fa

    No cap, this is awesome

  • Beljan Nuenoz
    Beljan Nuenoz3 giorni fa

    What is the name of the thing that you used in raising the car doors? Please!!

  • Brendan


    23 ore fa

    Probably linear actuators, but they could be hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

  • Rafael Virrueta
    Rafael Virrueta3 giorni fa

    His son must have a garage too

  • 조민규
    조민규4 giorni fa

    vary good!

  • BORUTO uzumaki
    BORUTO uzumaki4 giorni fa

    His son- Damn iam the luckiest kid in the world

  • Maombe Deborah
    Maombe Deborah4 giorni fa

    Very nice you are interigent

    LORD GAMING4 giorni fa


  • World Tech Tutorial
    World Tech Tutorial4 giorni fa

    If u have any social media problems and u want help watch my channel vedio.. I hope it will help you.. Good luck❤️🥺

  • Ayush kulshrestha
    Ayush kulshrestha4 giorni fa

    Amazing bro! 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  • MCJD Gaming
    MCJD Gaming4 giorni fa

    I watch your video on Facebook and now in youtube so amazing! 💙

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  • Vass Kevin
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  • HawkGamez
    HawkGamez4 giorni fa

    this is a toy car that a kid would enjoy

  • Soul Hacker
    Soul Hacker4 giorni fa

    i have literally no words .....are you sure you are really normal human being 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Flowart Craft
    Flowart Craft4 giorni fa

    Keren banget

  • Merlo Ponty777
    Merlo Ponty7774 giorni fa

    I appreciate the work and genius behind this amazing project, but don't you think it's dangerous to take your son in it on a real road with real cars??

  • simo & ibtissam
    simo & ibtissam4 giorni fa

    Sure for your son ??? 😄🤣🤣 may be for u 👍😄

  • Vibe Martel
    Vibe Martel4 giorni fa

    Wow that's so awesome 👌👏😍😎🙌😀👌👏

  • Steven Ames
    Steven Ames5 giorni fa

    LoL 😂 Sorry son, Imma have to keep this one.

  • Steven Ames
    Steven Ames5 giorni fa

    This is probably the most masterful craftsmanship I've ever seen 🤯

  • Steven Ames
    Steven Ames5 giorni fa

    Why buy one when you can just carve one out of wood 🪵🪓?

  • Vq Tae
    Vq Tae5 giorni fa

    Now you have to make a bigger matching one for adults 😎😎😎

  • Falikou moïse Meite
    Falikou moïse Meite5 giorni fa

    il est for

  • Aslan Amca
    Aslan Amca5 giorni fa

    Sen delisin

  • Bhavnish Singh
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  • Njenga Munyui
    Njenga Munyui5 giorni fa

    Some dad will finish the project when the son is 65

  • Vancey_vgp
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  • Евгений Керенский
    Евгений Керенский5 giorni fa

    То чувство когда машина твоего сына круче чем машины 90 % населения планеты...🤗🤣 Включая тебя самого 🗿🚬

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar5 giorni fa

    Father of the year 🔥❤️

  • YaOshJa2k
    YaOshJa2k5 giorni fa

    Taba ng utak!!! Galing...

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma5 giorni fa

    Giv me your number

  • Sunshine Designs
    Sunshine Designs5 giorni fa

    Hey. I hope u see this comment. Could u possibly make a car for me plz. Would it be less than cars by car companies?

  • Roshan Pereira
    Roshan Pereira5 giorni fa

    Why to buy a million dollar car while he make it in hundred dollars within 65 days and fully recyclable and 75% ecofriendly

  • jacqueline raynor
    jacqueline raynor5 giorni fa

    Phone number please

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