Big GPU News From Intel!

Scienze e tecnologie

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0:00 SUP
0:14 A New Challenge Appears
0:58 - That's a lot of Cores
2:13 - Good Riddance
3:45 - Hurry up and spend
4:20 - In Binary, It's E11
4:51 - More Pixels for your Money
5:34 - Less Vomiting?
6:06 - Let's Make This Suck Less

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  • Arham Zarif
    Arham Zarif9 ore fa

    Man, who is making the thumbnails recently? anyways who made the thumbnail did a amazing job

  • Avicyn
    Avicyn5 giorni fa


  • Eduardo Seitz
    Eduardo Seitz11 giorni fa

    I really love Anthony, he is such a knowledgeable and charismatic guy.

  • Whitestar
    Whitestar21 giorno fa

    stadia isn't going anywhere ..more intelligent employee's create better products so the tech behind stadia is leagues better than what microsoft could ever offer

  • Davide Vecchio
    Davide Vecchio22 giorni fa

    AMD really loves Italy, all this cities names XD

  • Darrin Bradley
    Darrin Bradley23 giorni fa

    The deserted meter chiefly arrest because branch externally telephone into a perpetual exclamation. omniscient, bright humor

  • A Taylor
    A Taylor26 giorni fa

    I'm a simple man, I see Anthony, I hit Like

  • Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!
    Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!27 giorni fa

    utra EPIC UAAAAAAA AMD VERY COOL genoa servar MARKET companis more then 1000 implis gen !!! cip with 96 ccors ... tha limit of win 7 omg finaly !! and ddr 5 5200 WTF uuuu bot dot reguler ddr 5 6200 mhz mhhh ... VERU COOL NOT COOL THA LGA SOKET YAAAHH ... but what to do if they haven't developed something better !!! BUT IT'S LIKELY THAT HE WILL CHOOSE SOMETHING FOR NORMAL USER COSUMER IN 2033 AT THA FASTES AND AT PRICEIS LAKE WAT 10000 $ JUST FORE ONE CPU ... THA REST +++ = 45K OVRE IVENA THA GOLDLAKE MAXIMUS FANATIC ULTRA ETUZIATS PERSON ... to sell a luxury car or very cool retro or a house to buy a super computer .. or does not want at least a minimum improvement of 50% of the old one you now !!! in processing speed and optimization software and hardware drivers !! an ... !!! most important in the economy electricity consumption !!! which enter real accounts cost !! after you buy the product . maybe with fewer and thicker pins ... on the cpu ... and with a better contract in logic and processing this instatn instingc !!! better in the future .. . it must be something better in the future or intel they'll come up with something again ... and will break the fur into pieces . pu ! pu ? pu ??? ! in ader coment lol eay eay on a very spol screen o falpy berd lol ..

  • moshiko ssaass
    moshiko ssaass28 giorni fa

    lost faith in all of them, they are all marketing scammers who will sell it to the highest bidder and lie about the product actual price and sell it to mines instead of the public. those fucks dont deserve shit.

  • Naturally Bad Gamer
    Naturally Bad GamerMese fa


    RAZ3R LOVERMese fa

    What's with this thumbnail?

  • n k
    n kMese fa

    sounds good...according to xeon prices that cpu will cost 30 $ in a few years xD. btw how much does facebook pay for making fun of people who dont buy quest 2 coz fb policies. in my country fb isnt even allowed to sell that glasses and when even goverment is in doubt coz security and privacy issues things mite be a little more serious than...ah nevermind

  • Joshua Weaver
    Joshua WeaverMese fa are awesome sir ! Need more Anthony led videos !

  • Gavin Botha
    Gavin BothaMese fa

    The black jack and h**kers broke me.. Anthony is awesome

  • jimmy Burnett
    jimmy BurnettMese fa

    God i hope Intel gpus can compete at a good price !!!! Will be my new favorite !!!! Tired of being lied to from AMD and Nvidia. Cant count on them, so im not going too.

  • Jace Creates
    Jace CreatesMese fa

    Funny intro

  • humandxp
    humandxpMese fa

    hey its not april fools day yet, fuck intel

  • Suckin Flave
    Suckin FlaveMese fa

    just gonna be bought by bots again because the company doesnt care who buys them as long as they get paid

  • sanket143 of The SSMP
    sanket143 of The SSMPMese fa

    i love this guy

  • Alejandro Ramirez
    Alejandro RamirezMese fa

    Man said: -_-

  • Eric Tooley
    Eric TooleyMese fa

    More anthony videos

  • Bill Bird
    Bill BirdMese fa

    We need more by Anthony!

  • killershark90
    killershark90Mese fa

    I"LL MAKE MY OWN E3 WITH BLACK JACK! AND HOOKERS! AHHH screw the whole thing -.-

  • killershark90
    killershark90Mese fa

    Colton's energy is spectacular :P anthony could have easily been the tech version of jay leno, :P

  • Henrik Wils
    Henrik WilsMese fa

    Cut to Anthony dropping the iMac that can't be repaired!

  • The Banana
    The BananaMese fa

    This nigga needs a walk around the block.

  • Iñigo Acha
    Iñigo AchaMese fa

    This is wot i needed- Mining crypto with my intel MMX SuperGPU xD Intel is KIng. Nvidia? Who are those? If the intel engineers get pizza for dinner u get an VHDL x86 1nm chip for breakfast. I only hope that they dont put 2 markets for the same hashing operations

  • Mon Poulet
    Mon PouletMese fa

    Nice futurama reference !

  • John Doe
    John DoeMese fa

    All I have to say is MOAR Anthony, he is so knowledgeable and is subtly very funny

  • thefrayedends
    thefrayedendsMese fa

    I see anthony I click.

  • Swordust
    SwordustMese fa

    4:46 Excellent Futurama reference. These are men with taste.

  • crebegea
    crebegeaMese fa

    Nah, Anthony, you don't need to do silly faces to sell a video ;)

  • natma relnam
    natma relnamMese fa

    Aren't all of the cards made from the same parts from the same companies, parts that are in short supply? An alternate company isn't good news, especially when it's Intel. It'll perform like a GTX and be priced like a Car.

  • TheManfet
    TheManfetMese fa

    0xE3 in binary is 0b11100011. Translating it to E11 is kinda lame when the character can be interpreted as hex.

  • Lxcien
    LxcienMese fa

    riiidge wallet! i see what you did there....

  • Ryan Simpson SingularityStudios
    Ryan Simpson SingularityStudiosMese fa

    Anthony, you gotta do what you gotta do to do your own thing, i love it. no mo script i also like the peanut gallery rabble rabble, is that direction or camera? or both? in one? asking for a friend.

  • Rowdy
    RowdyMese fa

    i really really hope apple keeps making the mini. I love and prefer my mini. Best phone Ive had in years.

  • Aesop
    AesopMese fa

    Wait. Technews prevents pinkeye. Coronavirus gives the pinkeye. Anthony is the cure for covid confirmed.

  • That Guy
    That GuyMese fa

    He has a insulin issue... should see a doc.

  • James Pratt
    James PrattMese fa

    u had me at blackjack and

  • thomas tucker
    thomas tuckerMese fa

    Fucking love Anthony

  • GDdrip101
    GDdrip101Mese fa

    Why is linus tech tips connected with everyone of these types of channels with the same guys from ltt lol

  • Dean Barrett
    Dean BarrettMese fa

    well with the way things are going this might be the only card that we can actually get our hands on.

  • Firestorm 8
    Firestorm 8Mese fa

    I didn’t know Jabba the hut was actually played by a real person

  • dolita windo
    dolita windoMese fa

    3:45 "Oh no" "everyones favourite Mario entry" I am deceased.

  • Levo75
    Levo75Mese fa

    I'm not completely sure why, but Anthony is my favourite. It's way more genuine when a techie presents than when a presenter shills tech.

  • Derick Chafton
    Derick ChaftonMese fa

    Who keeps feeding this man...with such valuable information?

  • Massive-Headwound Harry
    Massive-Headwound HarryMese fa

    I clicked just to say that the thumbnail wasn't flattering...

  • Diggnuts
    DiggnutsMese fa

    How fucking far is the gym? Not much closer than the fork I guess... Can you even see passed those fat sacks covering your eyeballs?

  • Diggnuts


    Mese fa

    @Mi Shi It's called tough love.. You do understand he'll not see 50 at this rate, right?

  • Mi Shi

    Mi Shi

    Mese fa

    How dare you hurt Anthony

  • dolita windo

    dolita windo

    Mese fa

    Don't worry, it'll be out of stock too

  • Mr Willyum
    Mr WillyumMese fa

    Dude I bet your the absolute best dart player in the world.

  • John
    JohnMese fa

    Don't overheat your chicken coop unless you're very certain the heat will never be interrupted. They'll be more likely to kick the bucket if it is~

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu alissMese fa

    i am a simple man i see Anthony, I click

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie SmithMese fa

    Has anyone ever had CC info stolen from inside their wallet? Seriously.

  • Internet Guy
    Internet GuyMese fa

    Apple is trash reeeee glory to louis rossman >:0

  • Willson X
    Willson XMese fa

    HAHA! Intel GPU's will end up being out of stock too just look.

  • Papa Labman
    Papa LabmanMese fa

    I think that was the best intro to a techlinked video ever

  • bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    Mese fa

    that shot @ colton was hilarious

  • Brian Connelly
    Brian ConnellyMese fa

    Is it that they are actually going to start selling them to someone other than Chinese crypto miner builders, because that would be nice.

  • La Petite Lapin de Feu
    La Petite Lapin de FeuMese fa


  • Beefsticks Wellington
    Beefsticks WellingtonMese fa

    I will appreciate it, but I'll still carry my hatred of Win10 updates even with SSUs that work perfectly. Decades of saltiness.

  • Lakshan Perera
    Lakshan PereraMese fa

    Hopefully intel GPUs would be able keep their inventory in stock if they ever release it.

  • Teknique476
    Teknique476Mese fa

    Anthony is awesome!

  • nekogod
    nekogodMese fa

    Please drop the notches and hole punches a tiny bezel looks so much better and beyond tiktok does anyone really even use the from camera?

  • SlimSam


    Mese fa

    I vibe with pop-up cameras

  • brendan ireland
    brendan irelandMese fa

    Don't worry, it'll be out of stock too

  • steam complete box
    steam complete boxMese fa

    antthony's smile on the thumbnail has me in tears

  • Craig Newcomb
    Craig NewcombMese fa

    How do you know?

  • Dzung Nguyen
    Dzung NguyenMese fa

    I click this video because of the thumbnail

  • Donte' Wilson Chris Dorner
    Donte' Wilson Chris DornerMese fa


  • s 6
    s 6Mese fa

    Come for the tech news, stay for the "we love Anthony" comments.

  • rohit pattnaik
    rohit pattnaikMese fa

    Rrrriiiiiiiiiidge Waalllet!!! Lol Sounded like a Rodeo announcement! :D

  • amerse
    amerseMese fa

    that shot @ colton was hilarious

  • Chad
    ChadMese fa

    He says Super MARRio but if he just says Mario he pronounces it Mayrio. lol

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung ValestiMese fa

    What the fuck is Merio? Jesus.

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung ValestiMese fa

    Genoa Salami.

  • C5H5NiNO
    C5H5NiNOMese fa

    In the thumbnail he looks like Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Yggdrasill4
    Yggdrasill4Mese fa

    More gpu's for the mining

  • Yggdrasill4


    Mese fa

    @JollyOldCanuck Definitely, but we don't even know if they will implement limitation to cryptominers

  • JollyOldCanuck


    Mese fa

    If anyone can artificially limit the performance of their product in a way that is stupidly difficult to overcome it’s Intel.

  • Alejo Ruy
    Alejo RuyMese fa



    closer and closer to having a blue cpu and gpu system. how ironic is it going to be getting a red CPU and a blue GPU because Intel has left the chat.

  • Based Lord
    Based LordMese fa

    For years now i've wished phone companies would just ditch the front facing camera on SOMETHING. I dont want damn front camera

  • Marc Egerton
    Marc EgertonMese fa

    why do americans always try to be funny?

  • ChaosEn3
    ChaosEn3Mese fa

    I want Tony's Tech Tips.

  • Dead_eye 189
    Dead_eye 189Mese fa

    I think maybe I might wait for the Intel gpu

  • BBrother Gaming
    BBrother GamingMese fa

    Love the employement jab..... :D

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan renMese fa

    We will see if it have any stocks from intel

  • Shatterglass
    ShatterglassMese fa


  • RedmondMonk
    RedmondMonkMese fa

    always upvote anthony.

  • Ozzy M
    Ozzy MMese fa

    RIIIIIIIIIIDGGGE Wallet! That was a good one! Great reference!

  • ElMariachi
    ElMariachiMese fa

    Say 'No!' to game streaming and still have fun playing games in ten years!

  • dameramu
    dameramuMese fa

    Sorry Anthony, when they tried pushing it 100 more watts it started smoking...

  • Bass Claw Music
    Bass Claw MusicMese fa

    The bender pimp reference made my day Anthony 😂

  • Mehmet Terzi
    Mehmet TerziMese fa

    For f&$#'s sake, stop it with trying to be funny, you're not.

  • Karan Sreekumar
    Karan SreekumarMese fa

    0:04 How?

  • Strangely Ironic
    Strangely IronicMese fa

    On one hand all those "competing streaming services" have basically flopped, on the other hey at least they offered 1080p! I think the concept in general with current infrastructure is a flop to begin with. On internal closed off networks with high speed low latency options sure but not over an internet connection. Even closed off it's worthless for anything competitive where a single frame can make or break a punish/reaction.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus AureliusMese fa

    Thanks for the news Mr Potato head

  • Corsentino
    CorsentinoMese fa

    3:05 Was that a Ridge Racer reference?

  • Stephen Durnan
    Stephen DurnanMese fa

    Just looking at the size it MIGHT be able to compete with the 1050.

  • Jessop Scofield
    Jessop ScofieldMese fa

    hes doing a great job, has really warmed up to the camera since some older vids. if you read this, keep it up man!

  • Ryan Braitling
    Ryan BraitlingMese fa

    Allow me to join the chorus of people demanding more videos with Anthony. I'm even gonna go so far as to say, and I don't say this lightly... I'd turn my ad blocker off for him

  • Austin Taylor
    Austin TaylorMese fa

    4:45 Futurama

  • ScottishDuckHunter
    ScottishDuckHunterMese fa

    And now they've changed the timestamps to no longer actually tell you what they are, cool

  • J M
    J MMese fa

    This is the person I want to see talking about tech. I don't know who that disrespectful not funny not cute in it's remarks Ginger is but Anthony is an actual tech person keep him. Or please keep anyone else around. The other one is like having a Pokemon announced soccer game. It's times like this when I really wish HTC still made phones!