Bossa Nova Covers 2020 - Cool Music


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Bossa Nova Covers - Cool Music
00:00 The Sea (Bossa Nova Mix) - Amazonics
03:29 Overprotected - Ituana
06:57 Back Down South (Bossa Nova Mix) - Stereo Dub Feat. Karen Souza
09:42 One Of These Nights - James Farrelli & Ituana
12:55 King Of Pain - Stereo Dub
16:50 Roads - Urban Love & Ivette Moraes
19:42 The Tide Is High - Cassandra Beck
23:05 When The World Is Running Down - BossArt Ensemble, Os Alquimistas & Natascha
26:08 Take It Easy - Jamie Lancaster
29:24 On The Beach - Groove Da Praia, Shelly Sony & Luca Giacco
32:55 The Happy Man - Michelle Simonal
37:24 Little Lies - Luca Giacco master
39:24 Girls Like You - 48th St. Collective Feat. Nikki Ocean
43:13 Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Dinah Eastwood
47:43 Hold On My Heart - The Cooltrane Quartet Feat. Luca Giacco
52:42 Oh L'Amour - Sarah Menescal
55:46 Say Say Say - Eve St. Jones
58:55 I Just Wanna Stop - Michelle Simonal
01:01:18 Our Day Will Come - Brazil XXI Feat. Sixth Finger
01:04:01 Behind Blue Eyes - Amazonics Feat. Michelle Simonal
01:08:05 It`s My Life - Ituana
01:11:29 Cars And Girls - Groove Da Praia
01:16:16 Cryin' - Sarah Menescal
01:19:35 Sure Know Something - 48th St. Collective
01:22:40 As - Natty Bong & Michelle Simonal
01:25:53 Cry For You - Cassandra Beck
01:28:02 Not Fade Away - Scubba & Michelle Simonal
01:31:36 All The Love - Amazonics
01:34:16 I've Been Losing You - Os Alquimistas, Luca Giacco & Anakelly
01:37:28 Lately - Celso Mendes & Julie Benson
01:42:25 What's Up? - Sarah Menescal
01:45:58 We Belong Forever (Bossa Mix) - Urban Love
01:48:36 Big in Japan - Banda Do Sul Feat. Isa
01:52:57 Smile (Bossa Nova Mix) - Cassandra Beck
01:55:33 More Than I Can Bear - Luca Giacco
01:59:31 Hunting High And Low - Sarah Menescal
02:02:20 Loving You - Amazonics
02:06:28 This Is What You Came For - Michelle Simona
02:09:33 Where Is My Mind? - Sarah Menescal
02:12:45 Take On Me (Electrobossa Mix) - United Rhythms Of Brazil
02:16:46 Valerie - Sao Vicente Feat. Ituana
02:20:28 Reminiscing - Michelle Simonal
02:23:46 Rain Fall Down - Banda Do Sul
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    Bossa Nova Covers 2021:

  • Aurix Castillejos
    Aurix Castillejos2 giorni fa

    Excelente música!! Esto es tan Bueno, bendiciones a todos los que les encanta esta música 😘🇲🇽😊💕

  • Ana maria Martinez
    Ana maria Martinez4 giorni fa


  • Petar Mrkic
    Petar Mrkic6 giorni fa

    Bravo . Uživam baš

  • Nilo Victor
    Nilo Victor22 giorni fa


  • Tube Radio
    Tube Radio22 giorni fa


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    ceca ivan29 giorni fa

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    stanley benderMese fa

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  • anthony bowen
    anthony bowenMese fa

    me gusta mucho!!

  • linda pawle
    linda pawleMese fa

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  • L
    LMese fa

    Bossa nova has to be in portuguese.

  • Alfreda Eddie
    Alfreda EddieMese fa

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  • Megan Craine
    Megan CraineMese fa

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  • Anastacia MG
    Anastacia MGMese fa

    Excelente session!¡¡!!

  • barrakudda
    barrakuddaMese fa

    Thank, you for what I was looking for))

  • Panam Bhan
    Panam BhanMese fa

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    Faadujikterujik MaietujikeoletuMese fa

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  • Vânia Helena
    Vânia HelenaMese fa

    Simplesmente divino!

  • Lari Plasse
    Lari PlasseMese fa

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  • Laurence Andrew Gresty
    Laurence Andrew GrestyMese fa


  • Tania Rios
    Tania RiosMese fa

    la recomiendo excelente musica!!!

  • Hilda Grigorian
    Hilda GrigorianMese fa

    This is by far one of the best mix music I have heard. I play this for my online classes prior students loves it. Thank you

  • Mohammed Omer

    Mohammed Omer

    Mese fa

    Covid vibes will be our coming covid memories, stay safe Mrs Hilda

  • Mike Wang
    Mike WangMese fa

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  • Pablo Bruno
    Pablo BrunoMese fa


  • Martin Garcia
    Martin GarciaMese fa

    I Pi

  • Aleks Aleksiev
    Aleks AleksievMese fa

    can anyone help me out. I cannot find the "Come Undone" by Duran Duran Female cover

  • krOwOrst
    krOwOrstMese fa

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  • Hinos Da Harpa Cristã
    Hinos Da Harpa CristãMese fa

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  • Paul Gadiot
    Paul GadiotMese fa


  • Lilac Lilly
    Lilac LillyMese fa

    Just perfect 👌 I relax to this music after a hard stressful day at work. Will be listening to this on my days of work all through the summer😎. The tempo is just how I like it....! Great to do gentle excercise,s as well. Fabulous👋🛀😘💃🏻🧚‍♂️

  • Diamante C
    Diamante CMese fa


  • Milos Tipsarevic
    Milos TipsarevicMese fa

    Nice calmness, like I am enjoying the birds tweeting in the park🦉🦉🦉

  • Edoardo Gherardi
    Edoardo GherardiMese fa

    Is the best compilation of all times

  • Megi Xhafa
    Megi XhafaMese fa

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  • luis seves
    luis sevesMese fa

    Muy buena selección. Súper re omendable.

  • Francesco Pera
    Francesco Pera2 mesi fa


  • Марина Костерина
    Марина Костерина2 mesi fa

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  • Jona Bondoc
    Jona Bondoc2 mesi fa

    Very relaxing 👍

  • Jody Guilbeaux

    Jody Guilbeaux

    Mese fa

    great voices and musicians, i guess they still do make beautiful music today after all. bossa nova is king

  • Maria Antonieta Macedo Vilela Cesar
    Maria Antonieta Macedo Vilela Cesar2 mesi fa

    Que maravilha!!!!!!Orgulho de ser brasileira!!!!!

  • Mari Mari
    Mari Mari2 mesi fa


  • Carmen Sanchez
    Carmen Sanchez2 mesi fa

    Me. Gusta. Muy. Bonita

  • Jhie Diaries
    Jhie Diaries2 mesi fa


  • Antonio Barbaro
    Antonio Barbaro2 mesi fa


  • اسمامة ابو العيد
    اسمامة ابو العيد2 mesi fa

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    TEKIND GROUP 12 mesi fa

    Spettacolare !!!

  • Nicola Monetti
    Nicola Monetti2 mesi fa

    molto bella questa bossa nova covers !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donato Elvis Colangelo
    Donato Elvis Colangelo2 mesi fa

    por favor, oucam minhas musicas, Elvis Colangelo "Nella Notte" e "Insieme Noi". Obrigado

  • Rolls Restaurante
    Rolls Restaurante2 mesi fa


  • Cristian baltazar Bustamante
    Cristian baltazar Bustamante3 mesi fa

    Fantástico!!!!!!! Un gran placer para el alma

  • Coti Diaz
    Coti Diaz3 mesi fa


  • C C
    C C3 mesi fa

    GRAAAACIAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! me ayudan a trabajar en buen ambiente

  • Afelipe
    Afelipe3 mesi fa

    Musica muito saborosa para dancar


    This is not bossa nova....

  • Sergio Abraham Soto Mendoza
    Sergio Abraham Soto Mendoza3 mesi fa

    Lo mejor de la musica brasilera el bossa.

  • sara paggiolu
    sara paggiolu3 mesi fa

    Incantevole .....

  • Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose3 mesi fa

    Muy bueno!!

  • Visão Holística
    Visão Holística3 mesi fa

    🇧🇷 I love music from Brazilian America....

  • gima teck
    gima teck3 mesi fa

    bella musica ricordo di tempi stupendi, grazie

  • Luda Shreim
    Luda Shreim3 mesi fa


  • fabio pinheiro da silva
    fabio pinheiro da silva3 mesi fa

    essa coletânea está maravilhosa

  • magdalena torres
    magdalena torres3 mesi fa

    Delicia de música 👌💖!!!

  • Alexander Posso Valdés
    Alexander Posso Valdés3 mesi fa

    Lo que mi oído necesitaba!! gracias!

  • Judah Katzenberger
    Judah Katzenberger3 mesi fa

    As someone who LOATHES the Doors, I like the cover of Beyond Blue Eyes.

  • Luis Antonio Correa
    Luis Antonio Correa3 mesi fa

    es pesima esta cancion

  • madinadosmukhan
    madinadosmukhan3 mesi fa


  • User User
    User User3 mesi fa

    Здравствуйте. Приятно слушать хорошею музыку! Музыка великолепная.

  • Мария Окунева
    Мария Окунева3 mesi fa

    Великолепная музыка. Благодарю!😀

  • jean-michel Xavier
    jean-michel Xavier3 mesi fa

    J'aime toujours !!

  • Beatriz Hethcote
    Beatriz Hethcote4 mesi fa

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  • gima teck
    gima teck4 mesi fa

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    Max Pierre4 mesi fa

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  • Наталья Дейнека
    Наталья Дейнека4 mesi fa

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  • Branson Kilback
    Branson Kilback4 mesi fa

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  • betsy romero

    betsy romero

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  • Irina Danilchenko
    Irina Danilchenko4 mesi fa


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    Abdul Hendrix4 mesi fa

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  • Andressa Fernanda
    Andressa Fernanda4 mesi fa

    Que delícia ouvir essa playlist trabalhando. Que tenhamos um 2021 com muita saúde e paz.

  • Phung Tien vo
    Phung Tien vo4 mesi fa

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  • Mila Wagner
    Mila Wagner4 mesi fa

    Super Musik 😊💗👏

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    pamela angela4 mesi fa

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    Ben Herbert4 mesi fa

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  • vanessa coronel
    vanessa coronel4 mesi fa

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  • Mauri Mosco
    Mauri Mosco4 mesi fa

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  • AleTube AAS
    AleTube AAS4 mesi fa

    Delicious and beautiful Brazilian rhythm.

  • Debora Passaniti
    Debora Passaniti4 mesi fa

    You are going to br

    BRIAN TOKUS4 mesi fa

    thank you MUSIC BROKERS...I miss bossa nova since BASIA days!!!

  • R S
    R S4 mesi fa

    Somethin else.. Nice!

  • Sonidos Del Alma
    Sonidos Del Alma4 mesi fa

    *Tu esa persona que estas leyendo esto, Dios te bendiga ❤*

  • Savanah Quincy
    Savanah Quincy4 mesi fa

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    Mauri Mosco4 mesi fa

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  • Martin Hacthoun
    Martin Hacthoun4 mesi fa

    Music that lifts the soul

  • Laura Isabel Davila Ramos de Silva
    Laura Isabel Davila Ramos de Silva4 mesi fa


  • Kenny Bryson
    Kenny Bryson4 mesi fa

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    Ashtyn Simank4 mesi fa

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