Coldplay - Higher Power (Live at The BRIT Awards, London 2021)

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Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power.



  • Amirul Hakimi
    Amirul HakimiOra fa

    Coldplay never disappoint me 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Marlene Teodosio
    Marlene Teodosio4 ore fa

    I like your songs 👍

  • entertainment-knone
    entertainment-knone5 ore fa

    Coldplay still has it. I've been a fan since their debut album. They're just one of the best bands of our generation.

  • Allan Lealdacosta
    Allan Lealdacosta11 ore fa

    Amazing 🖤

  • Acoustic Gene
    Acoustic Gene22 ore fa

    Proxima century Coldplay

  • hannesniemand
    hannesniemandGiorno fa

    So happy to see people with so much influence seek the Kingdom of heaven.

  • vkristina82
    vkristina82Giorno fa

    Powerful ❤️💕♥️

  • The Autumn
    The AutumnGiorno fa

    This is giving me MYLO XOTO vibes

  • Sobreizh
    SobreizhGiorno fa


  • Patrizia Campisi
    Patrizia CampisiGiorno fa


  • Ideay
    IdeayGiorno fa

    Listening Coldplay’s music feels like watching a awesome nature scenary. I love your energy for the music because it seems so pure Thank you for playing music !!

  • Guia-te na luz
    Guia-te na luzGiorno fa

    Mágico! Lindo de mais! Apaixonada!!!!!!

    DJ MARTYGiorno fa


  • Finbar Maguire
    Finbar Maguire2 giorni fa

    O dear Oldplay sorry man that just so scraping the old dusty songs Go live on yr privite island ,and leave it to the young dudes

  • Silvia freitas
    Silvia freitas2 giorni fa

    Coldplay Brasil ❤️

  • smoodyroo
    smoodyroo2 giorni fa

    Powerful positive anthem... “happy I’m alive at the same time as you”

  • Ulrich von Weyhe
    Ulrich von Weyhe2 giorni fa

    Einfach der Hammer der Song und das Video dazu👍👍👍

  • Margarete Tarna
    Margarete Tarna2 giorni fa

    Ihr seid so guuuut!!!!Cooool!!!!

  • Derek Payne
    Derek Payne2 giorni fa

    I love how obvious the drone cams were. Very raw and almost as if the camera man was vibing too. Love it!

  • Naziha Naziha
    Naziha Naziha2 giorni fa

    الوان المثلية الجنسية كيف يحبو ينشرو افكارهم ب موسيقى لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

  • Albertina Camus
    Albertina Camus2 giorni fa

    Volar por unos instantes sin drogas

    RAMOS ESTEBAN2 giorni fa

    MyloXyloto Era part 2: Music of the Spheres

  • Edith Andujar
    Edith Andujar2 giorni fa

    Bellos los ESPERABA TANTO los esperamos pero como todos en mi bella Argentina no VINIERON

  • alberto disanto
    alberto disanto2 giorni fa


  • José Manuel Cepeda Landin
    José Manuel Cepeda Landin3 giorni fa

    This is art

  • Andy Wallace
    Andy Wallace3 giorni fa

    Spectacular as ever.

  • Ohni bd
    Ohni bd3 giorni fa

    So cool...... i love every and everything. Thank you coldplay for cool music..

    HELÉBORO3 giorni fa

    Curtindo Coldplay Diretamente do Brazil !!!

  • SimoVale
    SimoVale3 giorni fa

    Sempre un passo avanti! ❤️👍😎✌️

  • valentina muñoz
    valentina muñoz3 giorni fa

    I’m obsessed with this soooong

  • catherine
    catherine3 giorni fa

    love u guys

    YOUTOOL3 giorni fa

    así es la vida, sin no te adaptas te extingues.

    CLAUDIO BV3 giorni fa

    el que más sufrió fue el drone. que capo el que lo conducía, jeje.

  • Szabó D. Tamás
    Szabó D. Tamás3 giorni fa

    And that's how you promote a song

  • Que Pro Proaso
    Que Pro Proaso3 giorni fa

    this is going to be in the world cup 2022, hear my words, I know

  • Karol Czarnocki
    Karol Czarnocki3 giorni fa

    Cudownie 😊

  • Omar Ahmed Nadeem
    Omar Ahmed Nadeem4 giorni fa

    It’s all so wonderful, so Artistic ♥️

  • Harwell Momin
    Harwell Momin4 giorni fa

    Higher power ❤️❤️

  • Chrissy Cena
    Chrissy Cena4 giorni fa

    I.need to attend a Cold play concert immediately

  • emy santos
    emy santos4 giorni fa


  • Nelsy Andreina Tineo Peña
    Nelsy Andreina Tineo Peña4 giorni fa

    This song is so inspirational! We have a higher power!

  • Zoya anak TK zoya zoya
    Zoya anak TK zoya zoya4 giorni fa

    Concert, on pandemic era. Who's scaried? Who"s care..????

  • Susana Cisneros
    Susana Cisneros4 giorni fa

    I can´t wait for concerts to come back and sing watch and sing this song live. chills.💜

  • Cookie Saunders
    Cookie Saunders4 giorni fa

    Greatest band of all time

  • Luana Iamaguti
    Luana Iamaguti4 giorni fa


  • nickie Redshaw
    nickie Redshaw4 giorni fa

    Great video and music thanks keep making the great music and videos

  • Denise Hooker
    Denise Hooker4 giorni fa

    This was so slick, amazing!!

  • Samuel .R.F
    Samuel .R.F4 giorni fa

    Are those holograms Cgi?

  • Jesus suseJ
    Jesus suseJ4 giorni fa

    PlayBack? 🤔

  • Marija Damljanović Petrović
    Marija Damljanović Petrović4 giorni fa

    Is best music

  • Vivek Rai
    Vivek Rai4 giorni fa

    Higher power yeah

  • farzin zakhar
    farzin zakhar5 giorni fa


  • Lukman Kendari
    Lukman Kendari5 giorni fa

    Covid19: I changed live music's better than before covid..

  • Md Hannan
    Md Hannan5 giorni fa

    I just wonder how Chris Martin controlled himself to not fall of the stage, otherwise if things would have been normal we know how well he would have used the stage.

  • Sadith Leyva
    Sadith Leyva5 giorni fa

    Me emocioné hasta las lágrimas, buenísimo 👏💕 🇵🇪

  • Светлана Матыгулина
    Светлана Матыгулина5 giorni fa


  • Светлана Матыгулина
    Светлана Матыгулина5 giorni fa


  • Daniel Sosa Sánchez
    Daniel Sosa Sánchez5 giorni fa

    Coldplay never fail, their songs are very nice, all of them i like it :)

  • ふじきしゅうこう
    ふじきしゅうこう5 giorni fa

    You've got a higher power.

  • Albertina Camus
    Albertina Camus5 giorni fa

    Me dan vértigo las alturas y los fuegos artificiales pero qué linda sensación

  • Rafsanjany Zheelam
    Rafsanjany Zheelam5 giorni fa

    Don’t know what it is. But that’s truly British! Love and admire everything that’s British! Miss you London!

  • White Joker
    White Joker5 giorni fa

    Coldplay means Higher Power. Every song is just go great and are hymns and a feast for the ears and each song in itself is simply awesome. Big like

  • Samir Petrocelli
    Samir Petrocelli5 giorni fa


  • Richard
    Richard6 giorni fa

    Not to sure about this Coldplay song, they seem to have gone backwards again since, CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, which was brilliant

  • BeautifulSky InSunshineDay
    BeautifulSky InSunshineDay6 giorni fa

    Never disappoint with Coldplay show❤❤💕💕

  • karan mishra
    karan mishra6 giorni fa

    He's here guys.. to discard our depression ❤️

  • Traci Roshitsh Downwarddogrising
    Traci Roshitsh Downwarddogrising6 giorni fa

    Sweet!!! So cool hitting those high notes!

  • Brandon Huggins
    Brandon Huggins6 giorni fa

    Gotta love this dude …. It’s like he knows me 😂

  • D Miron
    D Miron6 giorni fa


  • Ailtonsantiago 18
    Ailtonsantiago 186 giorni fa


  • Patolino
    Patolino6 giorni fa


  • Giovanna Deledda
    Giovanna Deledda6 giorni fa

    Stupenda performance!!!!

  • Zonah Falak
    Zonah Falak6 giorni fa

    Am I the only noticing that these live performances Chris sings the verse "this boy's electric" to Guy and "this joy's electric" to Johnny? Sweet ❤️

  • shawna smith
    shawna smith6 giorni fa


  • Martin Hlouschek
    Martin Hlouschek6 giorni fa

    This song is a clever way to put a little 80s in todays music...))..great..Coldplay has High Power

  • Carmina Melendez
    Carmina Melendez6 giorni fa

    Me encantan...

  • nantoo gurung
    nantoo gurung6 giorni fa


  • matilda c
    matilda c6 giorni fa


  • Lodicochiaro Moltochiaro
    Lodicochiaro Moltochiaro7 giorni fa


  • Ailtonsantiago 18
    Ailtonsantiago 187 giorni fa

  • What'sthescore
    What'sthescore7 giorni fa

    Coldplay have always been there in my heart but this has reignited my love for them. This is mine and my GF's song and will probably be our song if we ever get married ❤ she has a higher power and I love her

  • monica zuccolo
    monica zuccolo7 giorni fa

    Exciting… 🎶🎶🎶🔝🔝🔝💙💙💙 you are in my life since your starting 😍😍😍

  • Shivam M
    Shivam M7 giorni fa

    Can relate to dancing every hour

  • Shivam M
    Shivam M7 giorni fa


  • Jose Manuel Guerrero C.
    Jose Manuel Guerrero C.7 giorni fa


  • SirRiffsAlot
    SirRiffsAlot7 giorni fa

    This is badass.

  • adriana Gauna
    adriana Gauna7 giorni fa

    cuanta belleza!!

  • Gustavo Estrela
    Gustavo Estrela7 giorni fa

    Bela música! Coldplay 👏👏👏👏

  • Lynn cooks and more
    Lynn cooks and more7 giorni fa

    You've got...a Higher power....ohhhohoho...awesome staging!

  • Muhammad Shah
    Muhammad Shah7 giorni fa

    I'm a big fan..

  • Sonia de Fátima Mendonça
    Sonia de Fátima Mendonça8 giorni fa

    I love coldpley demais adoro Suas musics que faz parte minha vida

  • anthony white
    anthony white8 giorni fa

    Britain's best band fact. 🎻🎷🎺🎸🪕🌎

  • Andrea Ibrahim
    Andrea Ibrahim8 giorni fa

    Thank you for bringing your gifts into this dimension...crossing boundaries of fear with LOVE...I want my twin flame to hear this and sing it to me!! X

  • Andrea Ibrahim
    Andrea Ibrahim8 giorni fa

    Incredible, amazing, beautiful...fills my heart with high high high orbs of love!! Xx

  • Kris Playz
    Kris Playz9 giorni fa


  • Doing random things
    Doing random things9 giorni fa

    Wow love this 😍😍

  • Carina Loayza
    Carina Loayza9 giorni fa

    Que hermosa canción eres lo maximo tu música me da vida

  • Midnights in Valhalla
    Midnights in Valhalla9 giorni fa

    Management: "So where do you want to put the stage?" Coldplay: "The river" Management: "What?" Coldplay: " *Yes* "

  • Guggs Dusty
    Guggs Dusty9 giorni fa

    Coldplay are wank .

  • Aissam Kl
    Aissam Kl9 giorni fa

    the best band in the world ❤

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