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    Question Of The Day: Who will be the next Ronaldo?

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    My ambition is to become a footballer. But think it's impossible in India.i need some support.please see to my talents once . please 🙏🙏 I can't live without football ,my life is football.

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    ASDASF DASDA3 giorni fa

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    I want to share my gratitude towards Dr Emuakhe on ITwindow for curing me for years of suffering from HIV, ThankYou Dr Emuakhe...

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  • A Cappella Trudbol
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    Practicing with the sudden dark method could benefit pro players. They'd learn to compute what to do quicker and look further into the future without visual cues.

  • A Cappella Trudbol

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    @PJ Jee Since when being in the dark destroys your vision? lol

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