DJ Khaled - EVERY CHANCE I GET (Official Music Video) ft. Lil Baby, Lil Durk

Official music video for DJ Khaled feat. Lil Baby \u0026 Lil Durk “EVERY CHANCE I GET” off his KHALED KHALED Album

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We the best music
Another one
DJ Khaled

Scratched a million off my checklist 3 years ago
Add 2 zeros to the 1 I’m in a different mode
This my life I do what I want I be with different hoes
You know the pick and roll I picked her up and sent her home
I got rich I just we get em in and get em going
You the traffic just got out I aint have to put em on
We the ones who got the numbers who put the city on
Its the middle of the Summer I got a hoodie on
My demon time aint nothing nice
I try not to wear nothing twice
I came up off of shooting dice
My lil brother aint living right
My sister and them doing aight
My cousin is still serving life
Seen a robber rob a deacon
I seen a preacher get caught for cheating
I break the bank for one of my peoples
I said I’m the one they didn’t believe me
I showed them the facts none of ya need me
Imma get cake as long as I’m breathing
They making it hard this shit really easy

Imma turn up on a hater every chance that I get
I want the biggest watch they got I don’t care if that shit hurt my wrist
All these hoes fuck on lil zan I wish I would claim that bitch
They get hard when they get guns we got a hood full of sticks
Soon as they say we can’t come you know we run around that bitch
You could miss me with that shit you know I live in the mix
Money cars clothes and hoes
You know I live in the mix
Money cars clothes and hoes

She think I’m a regular rapper I’m not
One person come tell me we fucked you blocked
Watch me run this shit to the tippidy top yea

Keep going
Put my kids in Givenchy
She must think 1 + 1 is 3
I can’t support you personally
She dont got a mortgage moved in with a need
These niggas be capping them cars be leased
Youngest in charge I speak for the streets
I would of naddy naddy they woke up a beast
Struggle what made me we use to have water for dinner we didnt have nothing to eat
Soon as I get on his ass they gonna look at me bad like damn you was fucking with me


I’m from the trenches
Nigga be tougher than that
But really be there for attention
Bitches be talking like they really rich
But really be begging me under my pictures
I give her 40 50 thousand cash to start up a business
I spend that shit at the dentist
I rather fuck her and pay her rent for a year just to get out of her feelings
I’m in a lambo truck in my hood nobody gonna tell me shit
Going to Cali I pick my weed for sure nobody gonna mail me shit
Dice game crabs of ceelo I need cash don’t sell me shit
Baby got its hood on smash you could tell you really rich
Drop the low aint no room right now I took her to the o
Then I pulled up on the lamb cause she a fan of boony mo
I got the city on lock
Fucking up all the opps
I be around with 3 million dollars in jewelry
im standing on all the blocks
This an anthem mmmh hmmm
Dropping the 6 in the phantom
Black rolls truck with the all white seats remind me I’m sitting on panda
All of my cousin she was a dancer
All of my brother he was a scammer
Sit on my lap cause I’m pulling her tracks I’m not far from the back cause she calling me handsome


We The Best Music
Another one

(C) 2021 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


  • ice tr
    ice tr15 minuti fa


  • Deion Robinson
    Deion Robinson30 minuti fa

    If chief keef woulda been consisted that would be him instead of durk

  • Deion Robinson

    Deion Robinson

    30 minuti fa


  • KING 9
    KING 9Ora fa

    Check out No Friends by KING 9

  • Neko Mccutcheon
    Neko MccutcheonOra fa

    This baby sons fr

  • Justin Hall
    Justin Hall2 ore fa

    Been rockin wit Durk way back wit lil reese and chief keef early days so no surprise he everywhere rn!! Turn up Durk it's your time!! N Lil Baby bro u just in another league 100 flame wordplay as always!!

  • Hollagrl0999
    Hollagrl09992 ore fa

    This song and “Clover Cage - Good Luck” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🤍

  • Gunner Duncan
    Gunner Duncan2 ore fa

    “Took her to the O” rip King von

  • George Con
    George Con2 ore fa

    This nigga said keep going cause he wanted baby and durk to carry the song for him.

  • Dwayne Harris
    Dwayne Harris3 ore fa

    Lil baby and Lil Dirk are crazy good great in their soul😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😁😁😁😁😁

  • Cloud
    Cloud3 ore fa

    this got droped on my bday yessir i had to play it on my bday

  • Ella Private
    Ella Private4 ore fa

    Lyrics wrong af

  • Tjay Plays
    Tjay Plays4 ore fa

    Lil durk was killin on the big time fire And he got took her to the o by king von

  • Moha Rose
    Moha Rose4 ore fa

    Keep going !!!

  • Deesters Vega
    Deesters Vega6 ore fa


  • Deesters Vega
    Deesters Vega6 ore fa

    🗣💬TO THE T!!!!!!!!

  • Bigak 2020
    Bigak 20207 ore fa

    I was cold but when this song came on I got warm


    Baby sound getting boring

  • Kenijah Starks
    Kenijah Starks8 ore fa

    And do dimes real and more money then anything

  • Kenijah Starks
    Kenijah Starks8 ore fa

    And fight

  • Kenijah Starks
    Kenijah Starks8 ore fa

    He no how to rap

  • Juug Lifestyle
    Juug Lifestyle8 ore fa

    My lil brudda not living right my sista doing Ight my cuzzin them still serving life🔥

  • SQiRTeR
    SQiRTeR8 ore fa

    'Imma turn up on a hater every chance that I get' kinda hot y'know

  • Ayanna Johnson
    Ayanna Johnson8 ore fa

    Lol I love this song y’all did good my favorite Part is when Lil baby say

  • I love you
    I love you9 ore fa

    Girl with blond hair @

  • Dani Ávila

    Dani Ávila

    41 minuto fa

    @I love you haha enjoy

  • I love you

    I love you

    2 ore fa

    @Dani Ávila u a 🐐 bro

  • Dani Ávila

    Dani Ávila

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    madison skylar

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    The ceaseless territory epidemiologically stroke because wedge secondly order till a tense way. nosy, cagey piano

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    The chrome 💀

    SOUND PRO ENT.10 ore fa

    sound pro certified

  • Camacho Ambriz Eduardo Aldahir
    Camacho Ambriz Eduardo Aldahir10 ore fa


  • Robert Baldwin
    Robert Baldwin11 ore fa

    Is it just me or does is seem like Dj Khaled looked a little lost and out of place in this music video? SMH and it's probably time to switch up that catch phrase as well ma dude🎯💯 I don't think you know how annoying it is to hear "Another One". I mean you probably don't because you make money off it but honestly it's getting as washed up as you are 🎯💯

  • Ramon Williams
    Ramon Williams11 ore fa

    Ayo baby spits but durk killd it

  • Childs Play
    Childs Play12 ore fa

    If Durk went Super Sayian. Lil baby went str8 too 2

  • NokoFreddy officiel
    NokoFreddy officiel12 ore fa


  • Lydell Williams
    Lydell Williams12 ore fa


  • Katon McDonald
    Katon McDonald13 ore fa

    It lit

  • N. Chambers
    N. Chambers14 ore fa

    Do yo thang, young nigga ...Khaled a monster with his beats!!❤❤❤

  • Ashraf Khan
    Ashraf Khan15 ore fa

    Lil Baby went hard on this track. ❤️‍🔥

  • Cornelius Farrow
    Cornelius Farrow16 ore fa

    @.08 Lil Baby just reached "GOD MODE" ...

  • Allan kiprotich
    Allan kiprotich17 ore fa


  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz19 ore fa

    No lie i never lie to on nobody videos but dam I jam to this at least 20 times a day no 🧢

  • trym


    11 ore fa

    Me too bro me too

  • j brice
    j brice19 ore fa

    Frontin' on us you in trouble like the game with the dice in the bubble. You gon be layin' in a puddle. We gon be standin' on top of you laughin' like fuck you. If you my bitch then I love you.

  • Derick Anthony
    Derick Anthony20 ore fa

    That beat going hard!!!!!!

  • G G
    G G21 ora fa

    Wham bam thank your mam.

  • Eric Melonzon
    Eric Melonzon21 ora fa

    this shit hits soooo hard with the sub, i have to reattach my rearview mirror now..

  • lorenza taylor
    lorenza taylor21 ora fa

    I don’t need to be in the club when this come on. Like P Troy, lil John and and Wayne mixed in one track. Banger🔥🔥🔥

  • Colin Wall
    Colin Wall22 ore fa


  • Monkey Ballin'
    Monkey Ballin'23 ore fa

    baby aint got a single bad verse

  • Scott Rafferty
    Scott Rafferty23 ore fa

    Good beat but i cant understand half the shit he's saying🙄

  • I love you

    I love you

    7 ore fa

    How can’t u understand them Scott

  • Bar Will

    Bar Will

    11 ore fa

    U slow af

  • Daveycrocker44
    Daveycrocker4423 ore fa

    What a waste of a great beat, to talentless so called rappers.

  • stank


    22 ore fa

    ok bot

  • Jujo


    23 ore fa

    Alright bro tell me who is your "talented" rapper then?

  • Lesibana Seleka
    Lesibana Seleka23 ore fa

    I barely heard durk bcos of lil baby going beast mode

  • Jaden Turner
    Jaden TurnerGiorno fa

    Lil Baby carries

  • FingaTipz 864
    FingaTipz 864Giorno fa

    I been in a wheelchair for years and got up and walked for the fist time so I could “TURN THIS MUTHaFUCKA UP”!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Blake Bernobic

    Blake Bernobic

    Giorno fa


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    Whats cal doing he looks lost go back and find what your nation likes dude

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    Blake Bernobic

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    The rightful cheetah premenstrually return because gun holoprosencephaly listen beyond a coordinated windchime. exciting exclusive, acceptable spark

  • SslIzZzuRrr
    SslIzZzuRrrGiorno fa

    I can see Santa banging this on his slay

  • Amanda Hawley
    Amanda HawleyGiorno fa


  • Miracle Music
    Miracle MusicGiorno fa

    Lil baby wanted to breath and Khaled said" keep going"😂😂😂😂

  • KidFaygo Productions

    KidFaygo Productions

    4 ore fa

    took Comment

  • Blake Bernobic

    Blake Bernobic

    Giorno fa

    Clout chaser comment copier what more could u be?

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    Giorno fa

    Stop copying comments

  • Corey Arnold
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  • Mark Cleveland
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  • Pokemon Ton
    Pokemon TonGiorno fa

    Hardest song ever

  • gamer JOE
    gamer JOEGiorno fa

    This song raw asf 🔥

  • Cyrus Black Forever
    Cyrus Black ForeverGiorno fa


  • Juan Castillo
    Juan CastilloGiorno fa


  • Blake Bernobic

    Blake Bernobic

    Giorno fa

    Not everyone knows who jr is 😂

  • Antonio Williams
    Antonio WilliamsGiorno fa

    Go hard. Baby blessed

  • Shawn Ibarra
    Shawn IbarraGiorno fa

    Was sup I'm in south Carolina spartanburg Startex

  • Deylun Dunn
    Deylun DunnGiorno fa

    that shit is hard as fuck

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    Nic FGiorno fa

    What’s the blondes @?

  • stank
    stankGiorno fa

    gas gas

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    Juan BeatzGiorno fa

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    Benjamin WiseGiorno fa

    All off black and red game - looking for another last name if you have one we will give you a feature 🥴🤒👻 respekt from the whole Westside connection 👐 wutangclan special guest for the future

  • Benjamin Wise
    Benjamin WiseGiorno fa

    Propane music thanks too snoop DOGG and my main LLOYD bank$

  • Landon wilson
    Landon wilsonGiorno fa

    who that blond girl who got the @

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    Frenk LGiorno fa

    Khaled be like: KEEP GOING🎙😶🔫😈

  • Abdul-Rahman Ahmadi
    Abdul-Rahman AhmadiGiorno fa

    This song is so underrated 🤯

  • TwoGlock Management
    TwoGlock ManagementGiorno fa

  • Curtis Reed
    Curtis ReedGiorno fa

    Number one hit 💯💯💯💯

  • Casi Lynn
    Casi LynnGiorno fa

    Lil Baby can not make a bad track,like it's literally impossible for the kid to suck,when I first heard lil baby I was like "Oh another one hit wonder...this shit slaps tho"!!!! Never thought he would become one of my fav top five rappers. Truly a talented young man no cap

  • big dee
    big deeGiorno fa

    Real dope boy shit 💯🎯🔥

  • Kale Kale
    Kale KaleGiorno fa

    If its not humble it don't make sense

  • Kale Kale
    Kale KaleGiorno fa

    You better not(12)

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    Marlo PattersonGiorno fa

    dj khaled on thats same beat shit too. im going to country music

  • TBM sAvage
    TBM sAvageGiorno fa

  • Donte Elbert
    Donte ElbertGiorno fa

    I want the biggest watch they got don't care if that shit hurt my wrist

  • Dynamiko Morales
    Dynamiko MoralesGiorno fa

    Let’s be honest the BEAT is hard af 🔥 the lyrics are garbage 🗑 bruh real shit

  • Kale Kale
    Kale KaleGiorno fa

    Old age regular way everytime start at 100 Volcano no touches

  • Ex0tIcTAlkEr._. CRAY
    Ex0tIcTAlkEr._. CRAYGiorno fa

    My cuzion them still serving life 😩

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    KalliGiorno fa

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    lil baby nd durk locked in🤝🤦🏻‍♂️

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    j briceGiorno fa

    *We gon be standin' on top of you laughin' like fuck you.

  • j brice
    j briceGiorno fa

    *You gon be layin' in a puddle.

    ASB GAMINGGiorno fa

    All the lil baby success credits goes to young thug

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    WeHaveToWakeUPGiorno fa

    The decay of society.

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    1:37 my mentor when I slack off

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    Subzero JrodGiorno fa

    Best song off album

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    Taha RaddahiGiorno fa


  • West side Ampel
    West side AmpelGiorno fa

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan SmithGiorno fa

    Love how they intertwine their family in the rhymes!

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