Electric Chainsaw VS Pocket Bike? 🪚

Watch us put an electric chainsaw into an Amazon pocket bike here! itwindow.info/door/video/aIGMZrGWtai4lds.html


  • Tohiri Anwar
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  • RX_ SIMO07
    RX_ SIMO07Mese fa

    Io ce lo Ma lo ho diverso

  • Сергей Петровских
    Сергей ПетровскихMese fa

    Ребёнок будет в восторге..!

  • علي احمد اكتر علي علي
    علي احمد اكتر علي عليMese fa


  • László Zoárd Zagyi-Musa
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    Fiús!. 🤗

  • László Zoárd Zagyi-Musa
    László Zoárd Zagyi-MusaMese fa


  • killer Ghost
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    I thought I saw Ewan Mcgrrgor for a momebt

  • Thanh tien
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  • Andy Alarcón
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    De esas tiene mi hermano😂😂😂

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    Que guapoooo😔😜🤙💞💟👍💝😍💖❤🥰💖💟😜💞🤙💝😍👍

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    Woow! 👍

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    Bang beli di mana bang

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  • Ahmet vs Muhammet
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  • GPX- Szymon
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    Przerabianie wszystkiego co spalinowe na elektryczne jest słabe.

  • Gabriel BASSON
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    Tu na pas honte

  • monkey brains
    monkey brainsMese fa

    If electric chainsaws didn't scream pu sissy already

    VINCENZOMese fa

    i have it in red and blue same like this

  • PD Tech
    PD TechMese fa

    Electric chainsaw sounds better!👍😎

  • Alfin Eka
    Alfin EkaMese fa

    S SD BBQ be fed 😅😄😄😅😍

  • King Lol
    King LolMese fa

    Lol I have on but red

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel HernandezMese fa

    Get one that got a engine

  • Justin Ward
    Justin WardMese fa

    I got the picket quad i put a 52cc Amazon racing motor with the bigger bore n longwr stroke n it does 40 with me 190 pounds n bout 47 with my 80 pound 11 year old daughter was only 130 bux

  • Dutch2sMoked
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  • Patrick Jackman
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    Cool but not your color

  • Jim Morell
    Jim MorellMese fa

    Tell me where I can buy a pocket bike like that

  • scott mm
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    Thats gotta happen

  • Sound Money
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    He just edited the audio there is nl chainsaw motor installed

  • 나무
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  • ItzGriSiN
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    Maybe a swap? lmao

  • どどすこまる
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  • Louis Edwards
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    Dog : I want a pink bike too poppy. !

  • minecraftkaas
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    We all tought you was going to destroy the bike

  • Luiz
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  • Thomas May

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  • twosavage22
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    That's actually pretty cool.

  • Deddrick Smith
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    Nice.. loved the doggy to..

  • Jayp Raw
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    Legendary shit

  • 魚顔メンズ
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  • Michael S
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    I'm going to have to go with the electric chainsaw!

  • Dk69id
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    Have fun telling your wife

  • Bruce Thomas Wayne
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    Now ride the chainsaw.

    AMAR ALIMese fa

    Hii how do you do that 🙂☺😊???!!

  • Thomas May

    Thomas May

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    🍼 baby hahaaaaaaaaaa!🤮

  • Kayla Shoemaker
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  • Haste And Fury
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    Yo dude, get a treadmill motor... it’s better....

  • Lukáš Barina
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    Haha 😂 you are legends broo

  • miko viza
    miko vizaMese fa

    Basically the same principle. The blade's and the wheels.

  • Max Private
    Max PrivateMese fa

    Sturgis or Bust...

  • Mahamed liban Tuse
    Mahamed liban TuseMese fa

    Fnny ad crzy

  • kayla _playz rblx
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    I have one it takes gas

  • I love Christ
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  • Diaw Mamadou
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  • Jack Andrew
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    At first I thought u was gunna saw it in half 🤣🤣

  • Zinzano Kuhn

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  • Zinzano Kuhn

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  • Darkane1990


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    Me too. Dislike!

  • paul venter

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    Linus ther computer guy is this man's brother lol you guys look so alike

  • Mick Carson
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    LOL. Looking at the beautiful dog.

  • first name last name :D
    first name last name :DMese fa

    dat doggo lmao

  • Nathan Ross
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    Fucking amazing

  • Revnick Lolo
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    "hooman lemme try"

  • everywhere.local
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    yeah! 👍

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  • everywhere.local
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    great video 🤘

  • Elvis Walkes
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    Man, w.t.f., could'nt find 'sump'tin' with 'sense'! (dude)

  • Matt Johnson
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  • David Cutter
    David CutterMese fa

    Ohhhh that's not a choice, keep the bike! lol 😂

  • Tanja Jovanovic
    Tanja JovanovicMese fa

    Dont your dare giwe me it

  • williams caamaño
    williams caamañoMese fa

    OMG. please god 🙏 help me with this

  • Dax Carr
    Dax CarrMese fa

    For as many months as the pink electric minibike is hung on the garage wall it’s good to see it’s getting some use hope you Sam and Edwin we’re having an excellent day

  • Lailah


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    @Dax Carr t3y3u

  • planeta dos bebé 💋❤

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  • planeta dos bebé 💋❤

    planeta dos bebé 💋❤

    Mese fa


  • Gabriel BASSON

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    Be quiet

  • Muhammad Muhammad

    Muhammad Muhammad

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    55 ют б

  • Peter Driedger
    Peter DriedgerMese fa

    Put a 125cc dirt bike engine into it

  • walter whitr

    walter whitr

    Mese fa

    a 125cc 2 stroke engine is more than half the size of that bike

  • M.V.
    M.V.Mese fa

    Minimoto/sega 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇮🇹🖐️

  • Everett Scarbrough
    Everett ScarbroughMese fa

    SX 65 two stroke

  • Lucas Truesdale
    Lucas TruesdaleMese fa

    put a yz65 or something and a stunt cage to learn how to stunt

  • Louis Edwards

    Louis Edwards

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