Ferrari 812 Superfast 320 km/h on Autobahn! - ORGASMIC SOUND!


  • Jonnie Jo
    Jonnie Jo14 ore fa

    If you want to race go on the Nürnbergring and not on the Autobahn where you can harm other people dumb head!

  • Garemge
    GaremgeGiorno fa

    I hope you get arrested i see that isnt closed and i know that if you are that germany has 120 kmph speed limit hope to see you arrested or a warning isnt enougdh

  • Mateus Alves
    Mateus Alves4 giorni fa

    Famoso bateu morreu

  • コメント欄監視中
    コメント欄監視中6 giorni fa

    As soon as I ask him to shop, he will buy it.

  • Dk Mlynarčíková
    Dk Mlynarčíková7 giorni fa

    dream job

  • Human Being
    Human Being7 giorni fa

    It'll be quick death if any mishap take place, thank to myself for not having farrari.

  • Θεοδωρος Γιαννοπουλος
    Θεοδωρος Γιαννοπουλος7 giorni fa

    the passenger seat comes with toilet paper installed...

  • Roberto Iacovetti
    Roberto Iacovetti7 giorni fa

    Disse niderland Hai preso Nu razzo 😁

  • Roberto Iacovetti
    Roberto Iacovetti7 giorni fa

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Recht Rechte Piede Alles Runta drei mal Zwei ohnen Richta Salutami Germano Tanto tanto Sole e Ferrari ❤️

  • Ishanfort 1234
    Ishanfort 12348 giorni fa

    The Guy literally steps on the gas and goes flying! Amazing car!

  • oscillatine
    oscillatine10 giorni fa

    Boring, compared to 412i.

  • Nenad G
    Nenad G11 giorni fa

    Your car is faster than my internet

  • Jordan Darby
    Jordan Darby12 giorni fa

    He does not need a rear view mirror.

  • Rafal Malota
    Rafal Malota13 giorni fa

    It could easly end up with several dead people and for what

  • Onkel Keule
    Onkel Keule13 giorni fa

    The Autobahn is not a racetrack, it is only a normal motorway. I hope the general speed limit will come as soon as possible.

  • Sp1kerPistol
    Sp1kerPistol16 giorni fa

    Meanwhile in Norway... the max speed limit is 80 km/h and only a few roads allow 110 km/h. There are talks about allowing 120 km/h on a selected few stretches

  • Bzb Skskd
    Bzb Skskd17 giorni fa

    Plz inform us your source of income to buy such bionic car. What an achievement.

  • Bruce Len
    Bruce Len19 giorni fa


  • Eswari Lekhya Jarajapu
    Eswari Lekhya Jarajapu19 giorni fa

    There’s a video of tesla car. But that ain’t this bumpy

  • kinggamer2.000
    kinggamer2.00020 giorni fa

    The other cars would be so scared😬😬😬

  • MrTfuzz
    MrTfuzz20 giorni fa

    Ya that's not scary at all

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar21 giorno fa

    rip bro

  • BmzSuperNerd Bmz
    BmzSuperNerd Bmz22 giorni fa

    I would a decent amount of money to even be on the same highway to see this fly past me

  • Weird People
    Weird People22 giorni fa

    Me o and my bestie on are way to see Draco 🥶🥶

  • Navjot singh
    Navjot singh25 giorni fa

    Plot twist: the person sitting with him is a dummy

  • Terrence Milton
    Terrence Milton27 giorni fa

    It’s legal on that highway.

  • Pepic
    Pepic27 giorni fa

    It's all fun till you become one with the road

  • Repti Lev
    Repti Lev28 giorni fa

    This car at 320 kmh has less vibrations and feels safer than my car at 90

  • Dreaklock
    DreaklockMese fa

    This is unreal! People sitting in the fast lane ACTUALLY MOVE OVER when you come up behind them. That's not really a thing in the States.

  • Fafa Nana
    Fafa NanaMese fa

    Everyone who did dislike God bless you

  • Martwo
    MartwoMese fa

    I hate being poor

  • Sg- 38
    Sg- 38Mese fa

    Get out of my Land! Youre Not German you don’t know how To Drive fast..

  • bthebest
    bthebestMese fa

    Das how you do it bro.. Good job. Its exactly what those cars are for.. Exellent!!

  • dbd boy
    dbd boyMese fa

    And is introducing mcskillit

  • Bao
    BaoMese fa

    Pornografia MADE IN ITALY 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Charles Williamson
    Charles WilliamsonMese fa


  • david luiz
    david luizMese fa

    I wonder that there wasn't any Audi or BMW flashing you from behind when you slow down to 200.

  • sadham hussain
    sadham hussainMese fa

    Girlfriend: I am alone in my home Me: ...... 😂


    Eso tiene que ser Alemania🇩🇪 no ? Porque si no valla mulata te cae amigo

  • Troy Berry
    Troy BerryMese fa

    Gorgeous girl

  • Liam
    LiamMese fa

    Lol makes my 195 km/h driving with a Suzuki in Croatia feel like nothing😅

  • King Monkey XVI
    King Monkey XVIMese fa

    And Americans say their country is a car paradise. Heh...

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin SmithMese fa

    flex up plus this video.....omg

  • こ秀樹
    こ秀樹Mese fa

    Japanese Miracle Twin Laferrari !!! Necessary Video!!!#コマTV

  • Muhammad Efendi
    Muhammad EfendiMese fa

    Naiwiiueyybsiga uiii shduiaiaid Hauieifuf suduiwiwiwiiwiwnuangoaiand Xjdjdudjfjfjidiwqgialalka fkujanhucaiwufjfogog

  • Mateus Oliveira soares
    Mateus Oliveira soaresMese fa

    Aqui é o Brasil senti a pressão neném

  • William BROWN
    William BROWNMese fa

    Why they put on a seat belt? If they crash a seat belt won't save them for sure

  • Ted Vreden
    Ted VredenMese fa

    Untill a animal crosses the highway. I have seen an BMW M3 passing me with at least 200 km/hour, then suddenly a swine came out of the midlle green. The BMW took a frontal hit and crashed. Then he went even faster with the helicopter towards the hospital. I have been with him for like 30-40 minutes. It was horrible!

  • Patrick
    PatrickMese fa

    Nur ein paar Meter über 300kmh....langweilig

  • PETE Huda
    PETE HudaMese fa

    Niederländer sind die besten Nachbarn ❤️

  • Hootan S.
    Hootan S.Mese fa

    Meanwhile Tesla Roadster won't even make a beep and passes any car nicely quietly without even giving an adrenaline rush.They won't even know when Tesla passes any car. Silent professional modest.

  • Roger Yang
    Roger Yang2 mesi fa

    Why is he driving an Italian car on the Autobahn?

  • Bruno Lima

    Bruno Lima

    Mese fa

    Cuz there's no speed limit there.

  • Bullet_shorts
    Bullet_shorts2 mesi fa

    Fun fact :- this car have done 100k kilometres. Owner uses it at his daily basis.

  • Gül Mehmet
    Gül Mehmet2 mesi fa

    Left lane onley for Ferrari Cars

  • Mgm GranTT
    Mgm GranTT2 mesi fa

    When your doing 280kmh and still have a gear left

  • autumn raine
    autumn raine2 mesi fa

    it looks like a timelapse hes going so fast

  • IrishUwould
    IrishUwould2 mesi fa

    Imagine if somebody moves in his lane at the last minute

  • Isaac P.
    Isaac P.2 mesi fa

    I just imagine the other drivers getting flown by wondering what's that red thing passing by

  • Ammar Abbasi
    Ammar Abbasi2 mesi fa

    hahhaaa shit

  • StickFiguresMaster
    StickFiguresMaster2 mesi fa

    guy hits 319 *troublesome music happens as Doc just barely has time to plug in the cord from the clock tower* before video ends doc plugs in the cord *car leaves flames on the ground and the back of the body erases the front of the of the car into a mist of dust* at 4:40 (when video stops) Marty McFly is sent back to the future.

  • Meizind
    Meizind2 mesi fa

    I'm too afraid to ask how much your petrol costs

  • Bang Olufsen
    Bang Olufsen2 mesi fa

    good for you, in America roads really suck, so there is no much use for a nice car, we are not even talking about a performant one !!!

  • Bmike
    Bmike2 mesi fa

    Hearts beating out my chest sitting here watching from my sofa lol 😂

  • No videos No videos
    No videos No videos2 mesi fa

    Love it 😍

  • Corn flaek
    Corn flaek2 mesi fa

    He paid for the full speedometer he is gonna use the full speedometer

  • Yamir Mohamed
    Yamir Mohamed2 mesi fa


  • Steven Horner
    Steven Horner2 mesi fa

    I was clickbaited!! Only 319km/h

  • Jeren Jaack
    Jeren Jaack2 mesi fa

    Dude fck😭😭😭😭 I can't imagine going this fast

  • Ranganath BG
    Ranganath BG2 mesi fa

    Copassenger had his balls in his mouth

  • Aramis Villasmil
    Aramis Villasmil2 mesi fa

    why does 230kmh look like 330...

  • Lora Telle
    Lora Telle2 mesi fa

    Only if it’s a flying car so I’ll have options, just in case. This needs to be watched on a large screen, not a phone, to be appreciated.

  • Gabriela maria65 Turturea
    Gabriela maria65 Turturea2 mesi fa

    Io quando sono in ritardo a scuola

  • NewSystem
    NewSystem2 mesi fa

    13 million views holy shit, well deserved for this beast car

  • Sakthivel Nadar
    Sakthivel Nadar2 mesi fa

    If that Co-passenger pokes and then *What happened next??"

  • Sakthivel Nadar
    Sakthivel Nadar2 mesi fa

    Its like a personal race track

  • buggaman2009
    buggaman20092 mesi fa

    Looks unstable are u still alive

  • Paras Gehlot
    Paras Gehlot2 mesi fa

    you don't wanna see god that early!

    EMMANUEL IWUOHA2 mesi fa

    Why is the Ferrari the only one moving and every other vehicle stopped in the middle of the highway?

  • Alex Levinson
    Alex Levinson2 mesi fa

    I thin we just passed Belgium.

  • lol lol
    lol lol2 mesi fa

    4:12 Top Speed

  • Stephane Mathieu
    Stephane Mathieu2 mesi fa

    Ferrari number one in the world for always

  • Dj Kill Bill
    Dj Kill Bill2 mesi fa

    Ma quello a fianco del guidatore si sarà addormentato?

  • Michael15287
    Michael152872 mesi fa


  • Enzo Di Sciullo
    Enzo Di Sciullo2 mesi fa

    C'est etait un rendez-vous.

  • Olenka Cosméticos
    Olenka Cosméticos2 mesi fa

    Se bate até a alma dele morre

  • Nathan Hepple
    Nathan Hepple2 mesi fa

    This is like Fast & Furious film's 👍

  • Jaeden Eleam
    Jaeden Eleam2 mesi fa

    If a cop saw him he would just let him get away

  • Matt Wolf

    Matt Wolf

    Mese fa

    This is actually legal there.

  • Ray Anthony
    Ray Anthony2 mesi fa

    Hear we go

  • Willem F
    Willem F3 mesi fa

    Speed differency is dangerous

  • Alexander Weisz
    Alexander Weisz3 mesi fa

    4:06 are those cars even moving??

  • Skerblash
    Skerblash3 mesi fa

    what is the title lol

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien3 mesi fa

    Speed limits are dogshit. The autobahn proves that not having motorway speed limits works

  • baillet melanie
    baillet melanie3 mesi fa


  • Billy Cranston
    Billy Cranston3 mesi fa

    Hope no deer cross the road.

  • Niv
    Niv3 mesi fa

    when she says she's home alone :

  • Gta outfit glitches
    Gta outfit glitches3 mesi fa

    Nice car

  • Abdullah Solar Sialkot
    Abdullah Solar Sialkot3 mesi fa

    To be honest Pakistani motorways are far superior than these European roads

  • MMateen🍁
    MMateen🍁3 mesi fa

    Doh man RISKY

  • Delboyo El Mundo
    Delboyo El Mundo3 mesi fa

    Got go hv one in yellow

  • AyoDx
    AyoDx3 mesi fa

    this how im trying to be with my boys when we made it.

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