Glass Playstation 4!! Custom Hand Built!


We hand built a CUSTOM see-through Playstation 4 console!
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  • RinN
    RinN32 minuti fa

    plss ps4 fat

  • Osvaldo Loide
    Osvaldo Loide2 ore fa

    He should work for SONY

  • Playstation Egypt
    Playstation Egypt4 ore fa follow my channel playstation gameplay

  • Alex. Dallev
    Alex. Dallev4 ore fa

    This is very practical btw... especially now we know the CMOS battery bomb which turns the PS consoles into a bricks.

  • General Mars
    General Mars6 ore fa

    I will be happy to pay

  • General Mars
    General Mars6 ore fa

    Can you make me a ps5 case?

  • Jose Angel
    Jose Angel7 ore fa

    Nadie absolutamente nadie: Yo: Saben que no ví? Las rejillas de salida de calor, está sellado•-•

  • Karolux
    Karolux11 ore fa

    now its time for ps 5

  • Kozu- -Lucifer
    Kozu- -Lucifer11 ore fa

    Now I can see my airplane engine

  • Achwan Restu
    Achwan Restu14 ore fa

    I don’t see you’re making holes for heat dispose

  • ِعلي فؤاد فالح A4
    ِعلي فؤاد فالح A421 ora fa

    Now you can see how much dust inside

  • Paulo Marcelino
    Paulo MarcelinoGiorno fa

    Edição limitada .... nice.

  • Chars Velez Rosales
    Chars Velez RosalesGiorno fa

    muy bonito y todo pero como diablos va a darle mantenimiento a la consola despues y de paso pego el procesador al disipador de calor con pegamento jajajajaj esta bien loco eso ya queda solo para exhibición pero no para jugar

  • V.a Rc
    V.a RcGiorno fa

    Do it on ps5

  • Stamatis Loukas
    Stamatis LoukasGiorno fa

    I think you meant plastic ps4

  • Douglas
    DouglasGiorno fa

    O cara simplesmente jogou o sistema de refrigeração no lixo kkkkkkkkkk Vai aguentar nem 10min ligado.

  • Manuel Carrus
    Manuel CarrusGiorno fa

    You are crazy my friend ahaha 🤣 perfect glass ps4 wtf , you try with ps5 ???

  • ihatejay
    ihatejayGiorno fa

    Out of every PlayStation, the PS4 had the cleanest shape/built

  • ihatejay
    ihatejayGiorno fa

    He’s lucky cause if it was me with my Luck a little piece would’ve fallen off and yea yu kno the rest

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew EvansGiorno fa

    To bad you didn't make it practical. That was just a complete waste of time in my eyes

  • Era 16 Bits
    Era 16 BitsGiorno fa

    We only needed to show that it was working with a LOL game, there was a camera cut

  • Allan Majewski
    Allan Majewski2 giorni fa

    F for the PS4 temperature.

  • Rcroone
    Rcroone2 giorni fa

    Costume airflow I see

  • S0LYD2
    S0LYD22 giorni fa

    Thats acrylic not glass

  • Jonas Soares Rodrigues
    Jonas Soares Rodrigues2 giorni fa


  • Nikolai
    Nikolai2 giorni fa

    Жаль только что на ней играть нельзя

  • Hansel
    Hansel2 giorni fa

    Edition limited.

  • Nathan Sosababy
    Nathan Sosababy2 giorni fa

    All it’s missing is some rgb lights bro

  • - Freqsheux -
    - Freqsheux -2 giorni fa

    Yeah..if you're reading this before you get to 5:15..don't be wearing headphones at fullblast.

  • colin ahoy
    colin ahoy2 giorni fa

    karens be like i will trade you 500 hundred dollars for that really cool ps4

  • Waleed Gudah
    Waleed Gudah2 giorni fa

    isss so beautiful

  • Yisus Games
    Yisus Games2 giorni fa

    Yo: Bueno debo irme a dormir ITwindow: quieres ver una playstation 4 de cristal? Yo: obvio

  • 6_Dawid_6 Calix
    6_Dawid_6 Calix2 giorni fa

    Un crack

  • rene igor
    rene igor3 giorni fa

    Lindo demais 😻

  • Trey Baldacchino
    Trey Baldacchino3 giorni fa

    Not worth it tbh with all them glue marks

  • Mauro Joaquín 1
    Mauro Joaquín 13 giorni fa

    no airflow ;( but great video!

  • Everton 404
    Everton 4043 giorni fa


  • heck no • 15 years ago
    heck no • 15 years ago3 giorni fa

    LMAO that thing’s gonna fuckin’ explode 😂

  • Prodbyynw
    Prodbyynw3 giorni fa


  • Prodbyynw
    Prodbyynw3 giorni fa

    I dont know if this dumbass notice the he threw out some stuff the he actually needed 🤣

  • Seyi
    Seyi3 giorni fa


  • DEL Bait
    DEL Bait3 giorni fa

    nice now it's a disposable playstation 4 version 😂

  • alumno unlam
    alumno unlam3 giorni fa

    Song 19:55 ?????

  • Angel Rosario
    Angel Rosario4 giorni fa

    nice, next pyoyect will be xbox x o ps5??? ill be waiting that one.....

  • Nitro Coffee
    Nitro Coffee4 giorni fa

    Good luck with replacing the cr battery 😁

  • Diego Perez
    Diego Perez4 giorni fa

    How much to customize me one

  • Koroblue
    Koroblue4 giorni fa

    Hi, do you sell This PS4?

  • Nyzham Osman
    Nyzham Osman4 giorni fa

    So you can't take the top off for cleaning?

  • Nishant Nirwal
    Nishant Nirwal4 giorni fa

    The only way to repair this is to break the whole case.

  • Dickjoke Dandy
    Dickjoke Dandy5 giorni fa

    Nice work, but this shit will blow, man. You shoudn't took off the isolation of the power suply, and you shouldn't get rid of the metals from the heatsink...

  • GURU
    GURU5 giorni fa


  • josua f iek
    josua f iek5 giorni fa

    Nex PS 5👌

  • Guillermo G
    Guillermo G5 giorni fa

    Overheating goes brrrrrrrrrrr

  • Pierre Peray
    Pierre Peray5 giorni fa

    it's ugly

  • nate show
    nate show5 giorni fa

    Case and tampered glass sold separately.

  • Legendary Kocksman
    Legendary Kocksman5 giorni fa

    How much would you charge to do my ps5?

  • Tony Söderman
    Tony Söderman5 giorni fa

    Now put some watercooling in it ;)

  • ColdSnow69
    ColdSnow696 giorni fa

    It would be a shame if it needs to be fixed :/

  • Kirk A
    Kirk A6 giorni fa

    One huge problem no ventilation on the sides needs to be where the air comes in and out other than that it looks great

  • Alessandro Fagnani
    Alessandro Fagnani6 giorni fa

    Nice work, but it's a piece of art. Mems will not be cooled, and there are no grills to breathe cold air

  • Von frm 0
    Von frm 06 giorni fa

    Tuff 🔥💪🏽

  • Juanm Manosalva
    Juanm Manosalva6 giorni fa

    fue un gran trabajo se ve estupendo como tuvo demasiados errores como pegar el disipador de calor al igual q pegar todo y no tener por donde hacerle mantenimiento pero exelente trabajo

  • Driver Single Fighter
    Driver Single Fighter6 giorni fa

    Mantap Ngab

  • Sheckler
    Sheckler6 giorni fa

    Ну и хана памяти без охлада будет, + без отведения тепла осталось ещё несколько чипов

  • Marek Olczak
    Marek Olczak6 giorni fa

    Dobry pomysl..ciekawa propozycja

  • Orangeknight64
    Orangeknight646 giorni fa

    Yo I hope this guy knew what he was doing because there are some parts in here that are actually giving me heart attacks

  • Bob
    Bob6 giorni fa

    Should of change the thermal paste

  • JoelOsiXD
    JoelOsiXD6 giorni fa

    where he breath the console??? don't see a holes in order to what out and enter the air into turbine 🤡

  • albasil0
    albasil06 giorni fa

    my mom loves throwing my ps4 (i fix it whenever I'm alone tho) but if I had this I'd be crying by now

  • Septicall
    Septicall6 giorni fa

    Imagine you drop it......

  • xThy
    xThy6 giorni fa

    i still think about the airflow

  • Paulo Mangano
    Paulo Mangano6 giorni fa

    vai super aqueçer, pois não tem nenhuma saida e entrada de ar. só faltou isso no seu projeto.

  • Duder
    Duder6 giorni fa

    Real handyman!

  • NFS Steve
    NFS Steve7 giorni fa

    I thought Gorilla glass 6. Lmao.

  • Prham Merix
    Prham Merix7 giorni fa


  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer7 giorni fa


    QWANA THOMAS7 giorni fa

    Amazing well done.

  • Mark Ferdinand
    Mark Ferdinand7 giorni fa

    It took patience and perseverance but you managed to do it congratulations on a great job.

  • Alexandre Tessier
    Alexandre Tessier7 giorni fa

    imagine it with LED lights it would been sick

  • DM Diamond
    DM Diamond7 giorni fa

    It is beautiful but I guess you're never opening it again...

  • Jhuan Oliveira
    Jhuan Oliveira7 giorni fa

    F APU

  • Gabriel Neves
    Gabriel Neves8 giorni fa

    LINDO ♥️🇧🇷

  • Jamie Stephen
    Jamie Stephen8 giorni fa

    not glass though is it ...... much more impressive if it was

  • Etane Youne
    Etane Youne8 giorni fa

    Elle et trop bien .

  • César Pickler
    César Pickler8 giorni fa

    What a perfection, to see all machinery working ... I was afraid at the beginning of the video, after I saw calling it passed. Congratulations, excellent video!

  • Hamza Muai
    Hamza Muai8 giorni fa


  • `
    `8 giorni fa

    Can you make another video ,but Ps5 or xbox x

  • Quang Anh Nguyen Huu
    Quang Anh Nguyen Huu8 giorni fa


  • Gianni Gamer
    Gianni Gamer8 giorni fa


  • you dontknow
    you dontknow8 giorni fa

    Thats not glass its plastic

  • عمر الزهراني
    عمر الزهراني8 giorni fa

    اكو عرب بطياره🤔😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Naylen Gaming TV Gameplay
    Naylen Gaming TV Gameplay8 giorni fa

    i have that console but not glass

  • Frank tramp
    Frank tramp8 giorni fa


  • Damian Radomski
    Damian Radomski8 giorni fa

    9:05 why me

  • Damian Radomski
    Damian Radomski8 giorni fa

    7:36 among us tasks in a nutshell

  • Damian Radomski
    Damian Radomski8 giorni fa

    5:15 hey i was wearing headphones!

  • Raj Kondhia
    Raj Kondhia8 giorni fa

    Imagine that case with and RGB strip inside and in the dark. Thats would be sick

  • Avid Vlogs
    Avid Vlogs8 giorni fa

    that's cool

  • InfamouZ 07
    InfamouZ 078 giorni fa

    جدا ممتاز العمل اللي انجزته لكن .. فكر مستقبلا في تغييرك للقطع كذلك لم يتم عمل فتحات تهوية للجهاز .. و بالتوفيق

  • S2S2 _C
    S2S2 _C8 giorni fa


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