Gordon's Quick & Simple Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay


Here are some quick and fun recipes to try out for dinner.
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – po.st/REpVfP
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  • Pete
    PeteOra fa

    “1 tbsp of olive oil only” *proceeds to put in way more than a tablespoon*

  • Pablo
    PabloOra fa

    The recipes gave me massive poops for 5 days with random explosiveness on day 3

  • Gurtaj Hundal
    Gurtaj Hundal10 ore fa

    How garilc execution is 1:25

  • 08戴天萃
    08戴天萃13 ore fa


  • CamelGamingPro
    CamelGamingPro13 ore fa

    A tablespoon of olive oil, proceeds to empty the bottle on to the pan.

  • Lutong Bahay by NAJ
    Lutong Bahay by NAJ14 ore fa

    Full support here from Philippines 🇵🇭 I have also a cooking channel hope you visit thank you

  • Tridho W. P_
    Tridho W. P_17 ore fa

    imagine being Gordon’s grandchild

  • swampcracker
    swampcracker19 ore fa

    It's like 40 bucks at most for these meals y'all are wild

  • Kym H
    Kym HGiorno fa

    "Have a taste." Eats raw eggs from quiche batter. And I got e coli in salmonella from watching. Other than that it looked fantastic!

  • Travis Gotts
    Travis GottsGiorno fa

    Did I hear fresh frozen?

  • Romain
    RomainGiorno fa

    Faut vraiment que tu pense à aller pisser avant de faire tes vidéos Gordon....

  • Samy Perfex
    Samy PerfexGiorno fa

    But theres no one for him to scream at

  • Nano Haus
    Nano Haus2 giorni fa

    Thank you Chef!

  • Jessica Bailey
    Jessica Bailey2 giorni fa

    That quiche! My, my...

  • Jessica Bailey
    Jessica Bailey2 giorni fa

    Another great recipe to try.

  • Joan Rath
    Joan Rath2 giorni fa

    I've made his potatoes gratin daphanie..simple ,easy an delicious.

  • Joan Rath
    Joan Rath2 giorni fa

    Awesome recipes but in his baking grams for us have to convert entire recipe in that case.

  • Risa USA
    Risa USA2 giorni fa


  • Susan de Sousa
    Susan de Sousa2 giorni fa

    Love Gordon Ramsey’s cooking, easy to watch, listen and follow. He makes everything seem so easy. Keep his videos coming. Delicious food. Thank you!

  • Blue Nation
    Blue Nation2 giorni fa

    0:39 Table spoon of olive oil... *A tAbLe spOon OnLY*

  • Justin Woo

    Justin Woo

    2 giorni fa

    Yes so true. He put way more than tABle SpOoN

  • The Logical Informer
    The Logical Informer2 giorni fa

    He is just an over-rated chef. nothing else.. the world has thousands of chefs who cook 100 times better than him..

  • Yoel Alejandro
    Yoel Alejandro2 giorni fa

    Quick and simple? Is this the right video?

  • Lily Cherkaoui
    Lily Cherkaoui3 giorni fa

    His cooking is seductive.

  • Void Odin
    Void Odin3 giorni fa

    Did he say we could freeze extra meatballs.. Kitchen nightmares PTSD ensues

  • Charles
    Charles3 giorni fa

    Just as good cooked from frozen omg Gordon how can frozen be just as good? what happens to a meat ball that you freeze and then you defrost it? 😂

  • Mr. Vn
    Mr. Vn3 giorni fa

    quá ít cơm :Đ

  • Hafiz Akbar
    Hafiz Akbar3 giorni fa

    "a little -touch- flood of olive oil"

  • natalia sanchez
    natalia sanchez4 giorni fa

    I'm sorry is no one gonna talk about how when he made the quiche and he tried the filling he literally just consumed raw egg like I love you father Gordon but chill

  • ថា កក្កដា
    ថា កក្កដា4 giorni fa

    I got recommended at morning 🤣

  • Mary K Spharler
    Mary K Spharler4 giorni fa

    i think i can make this :) thanks for the help, blessings mary k

  • Bluu Nemeyer Zman
    Bluu Nemeyer Zman4 giorni fa

    Curry meat balls..? Wow Gordon.l mixed up are we? Lol good try.. love you but.. seriously........I’m a little confused my boy.. lol

  • Laynee Zacapala
    Laynee Zacapala4 giorni fa

    He sliced sooo thin

  • Anton Boludo
    Anton Boludo5 giorni fa

    Neither quick nor simple, but tasty.

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze5 giorni fa

    Quick and Simple My Ass!!! 🤯🤌😎

  • zach plays
    zach plays5 giorni fa

    it's a good recipe but I can't use the white wine because I can't have any alcohol

  • Noel roy
    Noel roy5 giorni fa

    Chicken potti therichathu recipe?

  • Predrag Milic
    Predrag Milic5 giorni fa

    You made my life feel more then alive... thank you love your way of giving the kitchen that everlasting thing :D RESPECT 1980.

  • Ella Scott
    Ella Scott5 giorni fa


  • 234
    2345 giorni fa

    British people can't cook.

  • Mystery Quee
    Mystery Quee5 giorni fa

    My hungry self watching this: “oh no that’s a tiny amount of food” 😭 But I gotta remember Gordon is of Hollywood, celebrities can’t let themselves eat that much

  • 张丽峰
    张丽峰6 giorni fa

    It's great! It's GONNA be delicious.

  • Jaeda Inks
    Jaeda Inks6 giorni fa


  • Muthana Amin
    Muthana Amin6 giorni fa

    this mans groceries bags are probably always full

  • Olga Saltykova
    Olga Saltykova6 giorni fa

    His wife is lucky

    HARRISONBERG&CO6 giorni fa


  • Taniqua Adams
    Taniqua Adams6 giorni fa

    In Trinidad we call that pelau but its a little different

  • siti khadijah
    siti khadijah6 giorni fa

    Thank you for the recipe but i dont want cook your recipe. To much work and ingredients. I prefer vegetables fried, spicy ommelette and rice as my dish

  • Emily Lee
    Emily Lee6 giorni fa

    He speaks really fast so I am watching this video over and over again

  • MzVirgo
    MzVirgo6 giorni fa

    Send me your pots wen u no longer use them

  • Martha Lucas
    Martha Lucas7 giorni fa


  • 3rdaxis
    3rdaxis7 giorni fa

    It must be such a privilege to just come home and be able to cook the most amazing meal with little to no effort.

  • Deep Pandit
    Deep Pandit7 giorni fa

    "I want the coconut milk just underneath on top of the meatballs". What do you mean by that?

    TRISTAN STOCKETT7 giorni fa

    Lets be real Gordon Ramsay is a cooking robot created by the CIA

  • Green Bird
    Green Bird7 giorni fa

    We Muslims don't eat or drink sometime prepared with mixing alcohol like wine, beer etc....

  • The Rural House
    The Rural House8 giorni fa

    Amazing Recipe And Cooking Skill

  • MrAce
    MrAce8 giorni fa

    Table spoon of olive oil only then proceeds to pour a half a cup lol gotta love gordon

  • Monika chandra
    Monika chandra8 giorni fa

    Just love the way U cook Ramsay sir . greatly inspire from your cooking skills ,learned a lot from you the interesting way of cooking ..👍

  • Aaliyah Charles
    Aaliyah Charles8 giorni fa

    lmao Gordon Ramsey just made sausage pelau

  • We are Sisters
    We are Sisters8 giorni fa


  • Dana
    Dana8 giorni fa

    I can’t believe Gordon Ramsay told us to freeze food 😱

  • Heidro
    Heidro8 giorni fa

    his definition of quick and simple is almost synonymous with five more minutes

  • swapna praveen
    swapna praveen8 giorni fa

    Did he just ask us to FREEZE the rest of the meatballs for another time!!?? 🤯🤯🤣

  • YuzVinツ
    YuzVinツ8 giorni fa


  • Autumn Ross
    Autumn Ross8 giorni fa

    *A tablespoon only* Uses like half a cup lmao

  • mudkipclove
    mudkipclove9 giorni fa

    its got that🤏 👁️👄👁️🤏softness in the middle of the meatball 🤏 👁️👄👁️🤏

  • Yureno
    Yureno9 giorni fa

    0:39 Ah yes, i too own a tablespoon like that

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business9 giorni fa

    I love Gordon Ramsey wow

  • Jerry Man
    Jerry Man9 giorni fa


  • Victory Mansions
    Victory Mansions9 giorni fa

    Gordon's tablespoon must be a ladle

  • Taffeta Jackson
    Taffeta Jackson9 giorni fa

    I made each of these recipes except the pastry and honestly they are really quick and easy. Each dish was absolutely delish!

  • :P
    :P9 giorni fa

    Ah yes, Simple recipes are 20-100 ingredients very simple.

  • Rookie_Agent 47
    Rookie_Agent 479 giorni fa

    Just one of these meals equals a week worth of food for me. 💰

  • Inspire
    Inspire9 giorni fa

    What are you doing Gordon! Just make me a dish.

  • Sherry W
    Sherry W9 giorni fa

    What is that powder in the red tin can for the first dish? I don't seem to hear..

  • Harry X
    Harry X9 giorni fa

    A brand new definition for ‘simple’

  • Petr Rozsival
    Petr Rozsival9 giorni fa

    11:38 me at the restaurant when I see the waiter come out with our Food

  • Mikołaj Wojtas
    Mikołaj Wojtas9 giorni fa

    "(...) just as good, [when] cooked from frozen (...)" WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE IS GORDON!

  • Chandana Gurunath
    Chandana Gurunath9 giorni fa

    If people are too much concerned using 30 ingredients in their recipe pls drink water and go to bed.

  • Shauntae Wallace
    Shauntae Wallace10 giorni fa

    Hey I made the first dish, damn it was amazing. Straight 🔥🔥🔥. Good Looking chef 👌

  • BlueAppel
    BlueAppel10 giorni fa

    Mate that is not a tablespoon I can guarantee you that

  • Marko Stanic
    Marko Stanic10 giorni fa

    You are one of the best Chefs in the World ... Every Chef has their own cooking skills and skills but your Chefs are some of the best because you can be seen cooking with heart and soul! And with you watching you cook, I learned to cook too. Greetings from Germany 💪

  • Christopher Cabrera
    Christopher Cabrera10 giorni fa

    thanks for inspiring me to cook gordon now i 11 years old

  • Mike J
    Mike J10 giorni fa

    uh... this is not simple lmfaoo

  • Fatima
    Fatima10 giorni fa

    اكو عربي 😂😂

  • lakodahi bongkoe
    lakodahi bongkoe11 giorni fa

    Gordon moves really fast, it hurts my eyes

  • Xabrieth Morgan
    Xabrieth Morgan11 giorni fa

    11:36 Gordon Ramsay: Relax. Dog: I like your words magic man!

  • Keely Guillot
    Keely Guillot11 giorni fa

    I want to be Gordon’s family member!

  • Jimmy Hoffa
    Jimmy Hoffa11 giorni fa


  • Nomans Land
    Nomans Land11 giorni fa

    Tablespoon of oil? But he pours it for an entire min

  • blossom psycho25
    blossom psycho2511 giorni fa

    DID he just say freeze it and keep for another time 😳😂😂 smh

  • J-154
    J-15411 giorni fa

    I feel like the meatball recipe is something that he would violently murder a chef for on Kitchen Nightmares

  • Spyderskill
    Spyderskill11 giorni fa

    “Tablespoon of olive oil.” We all know that sentence is a lie. (Pours a full cup of oil)

  • Lustwaffe
    Lustwaffe11 giorni fa

    Gordons visit to South Korea revealed how much of a pretentious idiot he really is, how little he really knows about east asian cuisine, and how much of a cringeworthy sell-out he is. I mean, none these things are new or surprising, but his appearance on Korean TV were just the nails in the coffin. It was sooo embarrassing and hard to watch...🤦🏻‍♂️

  • TT
    TT12 giorni fa

    "quick and simple"

  • Dolly Hooks
    Dolly Hooks12 giorni fa

    Watching these videos have really helped me to cook even better. Thank you!

  • Jokir Joestar
    Jokir Joestar12 giorni fa

    Wait until uncle roger see's the rice

  • Jennifer Mihara
    Jennifer Mihara12 giorni fa

    que yico

  • ms
    ms12 giorni fa

    Bread with pasta......is a sin and Gordon serves it.

  • David Zalameda
    David Zalameda12 giorni fa

    its okay to freeze food in the household. but its not okay to freeze at a restaurant that says their fresh.

  • Ridwan Maulana
    Ridwan Maulana12 giorni fa

    06:40 baso goreng toh

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