Guide: What to do AFTER building your computer...

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Everyone always shows you HOW to build a computer... but here is what you do AFTER its built!
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  • Sylvethter
    SylvethterAnno fa

    am i the only one experiencing nvidia control panel not coming with the driver and having to download it from the windows app store these days?



    4 giorni fa

    @JayzTwoCents k

  • Ryan


    5 giorni fa

    I actually noticed that sometimes if you right click it's in there for some reason. I still can't search for it but it's in my right click options. Try checking there

  • PXLE Santi

    PXLE Santi

    21 giorno fa

    @Quietly Digital Jjjj

  • Don Daniel YT

    Don Daniel YT

    24 giorni fa

    Hey Jay, Please help. I have i5 760 but no gpu. please help me. i want to play games like GTA V. I just need gpu even if it is low end or high end, it is okay to me. here in philippines i can buy a gpu worth 2500 pesos (50$) Please help me guys. Sorry for my bad english. I just want to have a gpu that can help me to play games. Please. :(

  • VR Geeo

    VR Geeo

    24 giorni fa


  • xLadyJade
    xLadyJade11 ore fa

    My brain still doesn't understand anything but I just watch this and learn all the colors without knowing the story of the art ;-;

  • Suchit M
    Suchit M21 ora fa

    Hi,I have a screen resolution problem it doesn't show recommended resolution supported by my monitor. Can you make a video on it...

  • Sébastien Vaillancourt
    Sébastien Vaillancourt21 ora fa

    What I do when I build a computer: Install Debian.

  • Robert Halverson
    Robert HalversonGiorno fa

    Thank GOD for Jay for giving a 101 - I was about to give up on a refurbished motherboard just purchased. I thought - well I’ve done this a bunch of times - evidently not so SMRT - I failed over and over again. Lets see what Jay would do. Yea Jay!

  • Impounded Smurf
    Impounded SmurfGiorno fa

    I can’t get into the bios and I’ve tried different keyboards and all that but I still can’t open the bios it’s just sitting on the screen that says press f2 or delete keys and it won’t react

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    Giorno fa

    Have you tried a simple USB keyboard? I have found that sometimes the fancy gaming keyboards may not always work when trying to get into the BIOS. If you've tried that and it doesn't help, the next thing I would try is a clear CMOS (check the motherboard manual for instructions).

  • ghos282
    ghos2822 giorni fa

    Sit there and stare into your RGB-ified case with mouth agape like some Dazed and Bedazzled ZOMBI !!! - You interface with your computer with the Screen Display, the Keyboard, and the Mouse. - RGB Sucks, and is for Box Staring ZOMBIES!

  • DeadKing Gaming
    DeadKing Gaming2 giorni fa

    im so confused

  • Ananya
    Ananya2 giorni fa

    Idk why im here i havent even built mine yet

  • Stefanut Stefan
    Stefanut Stefan2 giorni fa

    Hz not fps... for display 🙏🏻

  • Trebor Sachs
    Trebor Sachs3 giorni fa

    I just bought a pre-built pc from NZXT, is there a way to un-install windows to then install windows without all the junk/spy, without buy a second windows program

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    2 giorni fa

    Yep. You need to make a Windows USB installer and then go through the install process which he goes over in the video.

  • WyNutt 29
    WyNutt 293 giorni fa

    Can I use an apple computer too download the windows file??

  • Lucas Lapierre
    Lucas Lapierre3 giorni fa

    is it normal if my PCH fan is running at 2880 rpm on initial startup while all my other fans are running low?

  • Neptune
    Neptune3 giorni fa

    LOL, I see most people here have some beefy cool PCs... And I have an Intel Pentium G4400, Intel HD 510 graphics, 8GB RAM; yup

  • G1ades
    G1ades3 giorni fa

    I'm having a problem with BIOS rn.After opened XMP and press F10,the pc reset but then stuck in BIOS and cannot go back to Windows desktop.Maybe becuz of my Windows version is 8.1 The case for my motherboard and other cheeky breeky things haven't been shipped to me yet but i'm managed to get into desktop somehow with a screwdriver.

  • Evy
    Evy3 giorni fa

    Took me around 35 hours to build my first ever gaming PC i was done with it this morning and now I'm here for what i actually should do after 🤗

  • Doiminic O Brannagain
    Doiminic O Brannagain3 giorni fa

    @JayzTwoCents thank you for a truly informative video. Just built a new PC for my son and it went so smooth.

  • Daniel Olan
    Daniel Olan4 giorni fa

    Am I the only one having the issue where you go into disk management and there's no unallocated space? What do I do next?

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool4 giorni fa

    Hey need some help! So after completing the tasks I went to bios. Couldn’t navigate to the memory so I exited and didn’t save. I went back to my windows screen and everything was working fine when suddenly my screens froze and I got a black screen. Any advice ? Ive been told to: Press the reset on the motherboard Remove the circular battery on the motherboard and wait 5 min. Is there anything eles i can do? Thank you for your time:) Can i do anything eles?

  • Joe Cool

    Joe Cool

    4 giorni fa


  • Shohaib Multani
    Shohaib Multani4 giorni fa

    Hey guys, I'm building a budget pc for myself, I'm using my old 500gb hdd which already has windows in it. If i run it with new motherboard and cpu, does it gonna affect anything?

  • AnnoYouLater
    AnnoYouLater4 giorni fa

    why am i watching this when im broke and cant afford to buy this or a windows key lol

  • NotInIsis
    NotInIsis4 giorni fa


  • HIVE Dokki
    HIVE Dokki4 giorni fa

    man im dead look at this pc

  • Darren Clift
    Darren Clift4 giorni fa

    the one thing you need to do afte ryou build your machine, its very simple, do NOT install windows, install GNU/Linux

  • Rob Blevins
    Rob Blevins4 giorni fa

    Great guide my friend just got my Ryzen 7 up and running with lots of help from your channel 👍

  • Kumbidi OP
    Kumbidi OP4 giorni fa

    This guy is the only one who makes this sh!tty windows installation easy and also funny

  • Tuna Rollo
    Tuna Rollo5 giorni fa

    My pc is not going to the blue windows setup screen, it is just going to the bios every single time

  • Slik Mentors
    Slik Mentors5 giorni fa

    this is very helpful thank you

  • Marko Mrvić
    Marko Mrvić5 giorni fa

    13:10 when i try to update this and when is time to restart my screen just go black.

  • Yahya Elmansy
    Yahya Elmansy5 giorni fa

    @JayzTwoCents I need some help, befor I ask I’ll mention my motherboard (aorus b450m) same interface as the bios in the video, but when I come to make a boot override there are 2 USB’s to boot from, (UEFI: Sandisk) and (sandisk) now I know that UEFI of for UEFI boot and legacy is for legacy boot, but in the video there is only the option, so I was wondering if there was some setting im supposed to turn off inorder to get the same result and Elminate legacy bios and only have UEFI

  • Nokku P
    Nokku P5 giorni fa

    How long is the windows logo supposed to be there while waiting on first boot up

  • Союз Экс Ди
    Союз Экс Ди5 giorni fa

    NGL: Updating drivers and installations was the best thing to do first before browsing the webs and installing programs into it. It ate a lot of my storage (about 5 GB of update).

  • ꧁Snip-Snip Tear꧂
    ꧁Snip-Snip Tear꧂6 giorni fa

    14:50 Here is what you came for guys! tl;dr version. You're welcome!!!

  • Elliot Idzik
    Elliot Idzik6 giorni fa

    I got 2 hard drives from my friend and he said that when he formats one of them on his pc, it corrupts the boot drive. Is there a way for me to check which one is faulty or damaged without potentially corrupting my own boot drive?

  • Elliot Idzik

    Elliot Idzik

    6 giorni fa

    @Jose Javier Flores Thanks, I'll give it a try!

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    6 giorni fa

    Unplug all of your drives from the PC and just plug the suspect drive. You may use a bootable tool like Gparted or similar to format or run tests on the drive.

  • Strikeoutking2
    Strikeoutking26 giorni fa

    I just built mine and ordered a disc version of windows but I needed a usb, I took the usb disc drive that came with my 2002 dell mini and it worked, it was a glorious day

  • Elliott M
    Elliott M6 giorni fa

    This video is 10/10. Thank you so much

  • Marco
    Marco6 giorni fa

    nice refresher to watch during the building, thanks

  • Khaki
    Khaki6 giorni fa

    One more step is to run Prime95 stress test. If you get blue screen, unwanted restarts or freezing, then try a safe increase of vRAM voltage. That makes a more stable system.

  • Nomadic
    Nomadic6 giorni fa

    Jay: Be Elsa *Nobody liked that*

  • Cristal Dark
    Cristal Dark7 giorni fa

    This got in my recommended directly after i watched a video about building a pc that was also recommended from me. ITwindow is onto something

    TAPP WATERR7 giorni fa

    I can’t even get on google im on a screen that says “Reboot and click proper boot device or insert boot media and selected few device and press a key” PLEASE HELP

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    7 giorni fa

    You need to install an operating system first.

  • Kevin Hakamiun
    Kevin Hakamiun7 giorni fa

    @JayzTwoCents I wanted to say thank you for this video. This video gave me the confidence to start my first build. I did a ton of research and learning about the hardware, but this was the first tutorial on software installation for a beginner. I have always had laptops for school and what not but this will be my first gaming rig. Thank you again, -Kevin

  • CombativeSpynx
    CombativeSpynx7 giorni fa

    Built my pc, thought i got all the updates and drivers done right. Have no audio so here i am lol love these videos

  • Branden Baughman
    Branden Baughman7 giorni fa

    Omg this was so helpful. I'm planning on buying my own computer soon and had no idea where to go for the after build information

  • Rajnrib
    Rajnrib7 giorni fa

    Hey I'm having a problem when setting my disk as primary it saying "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks."

  • Toni Fzr
    Toni Fzr7 giorni fa

    Guide: What to do AFTER building your computer 1 - Find a GPU in stock 2 - Play board games as no gpu's are in stock 3 - Keep trying for months while gazing at your latest gen mobo and cpu slowly collecting dust 4 - Give up

  • Southern Ohio prepping
    Southern Ohio prepping8 giorni fa

    Best tips and tricks- I hadn't built a system since 3.5 floppy disks were a thing.

  • WhosPlayingNow
    WhosPlayingNow8 giorni fa

    Thank you

  • Riley P
    Riley P8 giorni fa

    Just pirate Windows 10, download Steam and download GPU drivers. First 3 things I do

  • MiNi FUN
    MiNi FUN8 giorni fa

    rewatching this video reminds me of the feeling of my first time booting up my pc, best feeling ever

  • Minter ZzZ
    Minter ZzZ8 giorni fa

    The first step is to turn it on,you forgot that one,important step tbh

  • Sarthak Raj
    Sarthak Raj8 giorni fa

    I can't chooose my A500 fan

  • k90
    k909 giorni fa

    Some things to add as of 2021: 1. It's a good idea to change the default file location for game-recording software's temporary files. For example, if you use GeForce Experience Instant Replay, it needs to constantly write lots of video data to a temporary location. By default, this is on your C drive - and constant writes to your nice expensive NVMe is a no-no. Move that temp folder to a thicc hard disk or something. 2. Go to Settings > Mouse > Additional mouse options > Pointer Options, and uncheck "Enhance pointer precisions". This is mouse pointer acceleration, and it makes FPS gaming unplayable. It is on by default. Turn dat off. 3. I like to go to "Add or remove programs" and uninstall all the bloatware I won't use. I never play Solitaire, I don't use Skype, I don't use OneDrive, etc etc etc. Begone bloatware. 4. Install HWInfo. It's a great place to see all your temps and keep tabs on component performance. Other than that, Jay was spot on.

  • Robert Linn
    Robert Linn9 giorni fa

    Dude thank you for this video this helped out so much thank you

  • Rabble Rouser
    Rabble Rouser9 giorni fa

    i wish my friends laughed like that when i make bad jokes, which is often. :(

  • Elliott M
    Elliott M9 giorni fa


  • Toma Hawk
    Toma Hawk9 giorni fa

    U know what.. Imma gonna pay extra and let expert do it 😂

  • Random Joch
    Random Joch9 giorni fa

    if I turn on my pc it says that I have no signal, Idk what to do

  • Cobbguy
    Cobbguy9 giorni fa

    I know I’m late but I just built a pc and the only other computer is a Mac, and the website won’t let me download the creation tool for some reason, it wants me to download something different

  • Cobbguy


    6 giorni fa

    It’s fine I got it installed

  • MiNi FUN

    MiNi FUN

    8 giorni fa

    I dont know the solution to your question but I suggest you go ask people on reddit youll get more assistance there

  • Cobbguy


    9 giorni fa

    So all I can really do is ask a friend who has a MS computer if I can use it?

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    9 giorni fa

    That's because IOS and MS don't play nice with each others.

  • Jono
    Jono9 giorni fa

    When Jesus says something about not having drivers???? Help

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    9 giorni fa


  • Shourya Rao
    Shourya Rao9 giorni fa

    Do I unplug my SATA SSD if I only have one storage device in total in my PC during the BIOS/windows installation stage?

  • Shourya Rao

    Shourya Rao

    9 giorni fa

    @Mr Anderson alright thanks mate

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    9 giorni fa

    No, then you won't have anything to install your OS to.

  • Anilatergaming _
    Anilatergaming _9 giorni fa

    Just built a pc with a gtx 970 today

  • Corey McDonald
    Corey McDonald10 giorni fa

    17:22 When he is doing a fresh install of the graphics card driver, there is no option for me for a "USBC Driver" as shown in the video. Should I be concerned about this at all?

  • MrGatlin98
    MrGatlin9810 giorni fa

    For very new hardware, a Bios update may be a good idea. Especially with AMD

  • michaelange727
    michaelange72710 giorni fa

    Jay my son has a 1950x and I need to buy him a new aio and I was wondering if you can point me too a good aio to buy that will cool the threadripper. Im having trouble finding one, couyld you please provide a link. Thank you.

  • Mate Kovtop
    Mate Kovtop10 giorni fa

    “What was your childood nickname? Fatty”

  • James Sanders
    James Sanders11 giorni fa

    This is a great foundation to set up a new build. How about a 102 class now? Questions I still have are: *what drive should I put things on for best performance (m.2, SSD, HDD) and how do you do that? *should I overclock my CPU? If so, how, and to what level? Is this something new should do or is this something only a professional should attempt? How safe is it? *any other tips and tricks you may have with setting up an install. The information you provided about Windows was some of the most helpful for me.

  • Todd Moon
    Todd Moon11 giorni fa

    Jay you never Format a SSD DRIVE

  • Ed What's his name
    Ed What's his name11 giorni fa

    Did not know about "disk management". Thank you..

  • Anes Smajić
    Anes Smajić11 giorni fa

    7:00 You don't need Microsoft account to install Windows, you can skip that step even if PC is connected to internet.

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry11 giorni fa

    It's not gonna notice your drive manually most of the time because this is an opportunity to subconsciously nudge the consumer in the direction of Microsoft support. An encounter with Microsoft support is potential for an up-sale. Economic slavery.

  • He Yeah
    He Yeah11 giorni fa

    Please help idk what to do I installed windows on my computer like in the vid and how I can’t even connect to internet because it’s saying I need to install network drivers and idk how to

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    11 giorni fa

    On a PC with internet access, go to the motherboard manufacturer's page and lookup your specific motherboard model. Look for the network drivers and download them. Copy them to a USB drive and transfer them to your newly built system and install them.

  • 131Leonardo 01
    131Leonardo 0111 giorni fa

    hm so in order to get the key for installing windows you need to pay for it?

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    11 giorni fa


    SURYA BT11 giorni fa

    giveaway that pc u will gain 1 sub

  • Miguel U
    Miguel U11 giorni fa

    Man, I feel dumb...

  • \
    \11 giorni fa

    What should I set my memory frequency to?

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    11 giorni fa

    To what your PC feels comfortable with i.e. working in stable condition, no BSOD etc.

  • John John
    John John11 giorni fa

    this is the most detailed thing video that I watched after building your PC wow hehehehehehehehehehehehehE

  • Usaid Shayan
    Usaid Shayan12 giorni fa

    When is someone building a pc with zero idea of what to do after?

  • Ragnarök
    Ragnarök12 giorni fa

    Thanks! I got my whole new pc built, aside from tge 3070 it was supposed to have. Ups lost it :(. But I have my 1070 in there for now

  • Papp Martin
    Papp Martin12 giorni fa

    Hello ! Im pretty newbie with building pc. I just build mine and when I turn it on ( without mouse and keyboard and not even windows installed) its runs for a couple of seconds and then its just turn off and then on again. Is it a problem or I just have to plug the periphery and install the windows ? Or I messed up something? I would be really thankful if you can help me !

  • Papp Martin

    Papp Martin

    11 giorni fa

    @Jose Javier Flores I figured out that one side of my ram wasnt properly in so that caused the boot loop. Thanks again !

  • Papp Martin

    Papp Martin

    12 giorni fa

    @Jose Javier Flores Thank you very much ! Imma go ahead and check out this POST thingy. Wish me luck !

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    12 giorni fa

    Do you get any video? If not, then that most likely means there's something wrong with the POST, or Power On Self-Test. If your PC doesn't pass POST, it may not display any video and may constantly reboot. You'll have to do some troubleshooting to figure out what's going on. I would start by double checking every single component, even if it seems trivial.

  • Nando M8
    Nando M812 giorni fa

    What do I do if it does not detect the internet connection I have a prime z490 a mobo first time builder

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    12 giorni fa

    You will most likely need to install the network card drivers for your motherboard. On a working PC with internet, go to the manufacturer's page, look up the drivers for your specific board model and download the network drivers. Transfer them to a USB drive and install them on your newly built system.

  • Ignat Kalutskyi
    Ignat Kalutskyi13 giorni fa

    mehgkjekghiejrkiy utre

  • MasterGreenS
    MasterGreenS13 giorni fa

    Hey how can I give Microsoft the uhhh “finger” and block all the spy’s if I missed that at first install?

  • MasterGreenS


    12 giorni fa

    @Jose Javier Flores I’ll give it a try. Thanks man!!!!

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    12 giorni fa

    @MasterGreenS That most likely means that you don't have the network card drivers installed. Windows 10 has a lot of generic drivers for a wide range of hardware, but sometimes it just doesn't have what you specifically need built-in. In that case, you will need to use another computer with internet to download the drivers for your network card from the motherboard's page. Transfer them to a USB drive and install them on your new system. That should get you up and running.

  • MasterGreenS


    13 giorni fa

    @Jose Javier Flores ok thanks for the reply. I’m setting up and boy I got in deep. Got $3,500 w an amd 6800 like the last one at the store. I need to get this thing running!!! I got the video working, win 10, I’m stuck on the internet...!.. keeps saying needs network adapter. Ether cord hooked up in back..... HELP!!!! Lol

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    13 giorni fa

    Settings>Privacy. You'll actually find a lot more settings here than in the initial seteup screen.

  • Stefan Mitrus
    Stefan Mitrus13 giorni fa

    Easy, if you can and have no problem with software use Linux. But Linux is not for everybody.

  • Ecliphelion
    Ecliphelion13 giorni fa

    This aged well

  • David debideen
    David debideen13 giorni fa

    Sad thing is like you 75 years old and still gaming

  • Wrusty
    Wrusty13 giorni fa

    Thanks, mate, great detailed explanation!

  • Multi Frags
    Multi Frags13 giorni fa

    the sad part of this was his bullies called him "fatty"

  • yet another username
    yet another username14 giorni fa

    When I built my computer and I was like- what now? (눈‸눈)

  • Cristian Alejandro
    Cristian Alejandro14 giorni fa

    This is actually a good video.

  • Wow That’s cool
    Wow That’s cool14 giorni fa

    I’m getting a prebuilt from pc bros it’s on there main page for 650 rn usally750 is it worth it?

  • Vice


    12 giorni fa

    hell no lol

  • Lucky Shot
    Lucky Shot14 giorni fa

    Hey guys, after the restart, instead of going to the windows media it take me back to Bios do you guys have any advice, I have a Asus Maximus Extreme Xii Z490

  • AnrayGG
    AnrayGG14 giorni fa

    Hello, hope somebody can help me. I built my first PC two days ago, I tried to do DOCP in my RAM but when I save the profile my computer dies, it turns on but it does not boot up, so I need to remove and place again the CMOS so the BIOS restart the configuration. Do anybody knows how can I properly do DOCP? My Specs: Ryzen 5 5600x Asus ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) Crucial Ballistix RGB 2x8GB DDR4-3600mhz CL16

  • AnrayGG


    13 giorni fa

    @Mr Anderson thank you I started trying that, still can't get it stable

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    14 giorni fa

    You can start by adding more voltage to your DRAM(anything below 1.5V is safe).

  • Mr Kennedy
    Mr Kennedy14 giorni fa

    this is the video we all needed

  • Derek2k
    Derek2k14 giorni fa

    Gods sake now this in my recommended. I’m Afraid to watch and find out there’s some pay wall now behind some software mentioned here. Unfortunately I’ll pass

  • Jose Javier Flores

    Jose Javier Flores

    14 giorni fa

    What are you talking about? Paywall in this video? What software are you talking about?

  • Dreiback
    Dreiback14 giorni fa

    Jay: Nobody talks about what to do after building a PC Linus: Take it appart

  • nconnell 77
    nconnell 7714 giorni fa

    What is that case

  • Thor847200
    Thor84720015 giorni fa

    Forgot to go into the Windows Power Profile and set it to High Performance Mode.

  • TV44- Alternative
    TV44- Alternative15 giorni fa

    My hdtv would not boot up my desktop and just blank screen, HDMi is not showing the computer screen

  • Minecraft Gamer Cool Kid
    Minecraft Gamer Cool Kid15 giorni fa

    I slapped bill gates every time I clicked no

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