Hellcat on Horse & Buggy Wheels goes to town and does burnouts


  • Koba
    Koba5 mesi fa

    That’s no challenger, that’s ye old adversary.

  • PipeLineBullies


    Giorno fa

    Made in Amish land

  • DocRammstein


    28 giorni fa

    @Conner G of the century

  • GammaWave Productions

    GammaWave Productions

    Mese fa


  • Krille L

    Krille L

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    I'm wheezing so hard right now

  • Christian penunuri

    Christian penunuri

    Mese fa

    Holly molly

  • Lightning maker Plotagon animations
    Lightning maker Plotagon animationsOra fa

    Why is the hellcat with horse wheels

  • Hunt, shoot, Repeat
    Hunt, shoot, Repeat9 ore fa

    Monster max on buggy wheels please

  • Krar Alla
    Krar Alla11 ore fa


  • J McCain
    J McCain14 ore fa

    Where is the hellcat now

  • DynoMatic
    DynoMatic18 ore fa

    do this with ross!!!

  • TalonOutdoors
    TalonOutdoors20 ore fa

    13:31 oh my god.. that’s a big hole 😥 1:37 *goes twice as hard, smiles like I just died and went to heaven* 14:49 *notices 💩 on 👖*

  • AgeDrain
    AgeDrain23 ore fa

    If I were Amish I would be driving a tricked out big wheel everywhere

  • Motos & caRs
    Motos & caRsGiorno fa


  • Jacob Novosel
    Jacob NovoselGiorno fa

    Video idea, Hellcat on Reaper wheels.

  • New Work
    New WorkGiorno fa

    Swagged out Mose Shrute 😂

  • Kenny steele
    Kenny steeleGiorno fa

    And it still has the tag on them Lol

  • Jon DiCsre
    Jon DiCsreGiorno fa

    That's got to be the first buggy burn-out ever.

  • Ryan Shutko18
    Ryan Shutko18Giorno fa

    You should put the buggy wheels on the general lee

  • Apollo Hotels
    Apollo Hotels2 giorni fa

    0:01 what's the background music

  • Rögnvaldr Åsbjørn
    Rögnvaldr Åsbjørn2 giorni fa

    That's an Amish vacuum cleaner. You'll pick up every piece of fluff in town.. It's a fanny magnet..

  • Diane Campbell
    Diane Campbell3 giorni fa


  • Diane Campbell
    Diane Campbell3 giorni fa


  • Jure Jukic
    Jure Jukic3 giorni fa

    What an idio

  • devin neese
    devin neese4 giorni fa

    I would love to do some work for you guys for even a piece of shit Isuzu pup

    EDGEDAZZA4 giorni fa


  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard4 giorni fa

    Was anyone else so scared that he was just going to bust those wheels at the end and destroy that beautiful car? I was terrified. Like not even for them, for the car

  • Reza Putra
    Reza Putra4 giorni fa

    Cool ! Out of the box

  • Pink Domo
    Pink Domo5 giorni fa

    The silky minute optically replace because comfort holoprosencephaly enter below a disastrous jury. spotless, godly freezer

  • Connor Michalec
    Connor Michalec5 giorni fa

    6:36 DUDE a rosscreations crossover would be an early Christmas

  • J D
    J D6 giorni fa

    1:32 for big laughs I keep watching this part.as I'm writing this it is the 9th time I've replayed that part 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Atulyateja Padival
    Atulyateja Padival6 giorni fa

    I searched for"doge challenger hell kart" and this video popped up 😂

  • Cher Ami
    Cher Ami6 giorni fa

    . That thing cuts through the concrete faster than the state highway workers. .

  • KB
    KB6 giorni fa

    @Vlog Creations

  • Si
    Si6 giorni fa

    Knew you were amish just had that feeling.

  • P Turner
    P Turner7 giorni fa

    Roll Tide

  • IRONMAN000
    IRONMAN0007 giorni fa

    Should have had a decal made up for it sayin "Amish Life"...🤣🤣🤣

  • Fábio Vieira
    Fábio Vieira7 giorni fa

    The wheels just cut the ground i thought it was just getting destroyed but they were fine

  • vishal singh katoch
    vishal singh katoch8 giorni fa

    Tata Steel

  • justin wolfe
    justin wolfe8 giorni fa

    Haha the buggy wheels just made me subscribe. But i did like when you took the truck in the ocean.

  • Mohubbet Murselov
    Mohubbet Murselov8 giorni fa

    Bmw x5 ? Test?

  • US Army
    US Army8 giorni fa

    This is what cars would look like if we never invented tires

  • Big4Jake
    Big4Jake8 giorni fa

    I’ve gotta ask, which key did you use?

  • Darrell Pelfrey
    Darrell Pelfrey9 giorni fa


  • DieSxfty
    DieSxfty9 giorni fa

    One of my most wanted cars is a hellcat

  • Kalle Von Brundin
    Kalle Von Brundin9 giorni fa

    Yes a collab with ross creations with this one 😂👍🏻👍🏻

  • Aday Madaday
    Aday Madaday9 giorni fa

    this guy is Samir carbreakers cousin

  • Chhom Chhim
    Chhom Chhim9 giorni fa

    Beautiful car friend.

  • Luwee Vandross
    Luwee Vandross9 giorni fa

    i've seen some stupid shit in my life not this stupid tho.

  • Luwee Vandross
    Luwee Vandross9 giorni fa

    but why??

  • センナ
    センナ10 giorni fa

    13:28 I hear a train

  • Theguywithoptions
    Theguywithoptions10 giorni fa

    damn meanwhile my run-flats tires get bubbles in them everywhere I go 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shikamaru Nara

    Shikamaru Nara

    7 giorni fa

    that’s just shitty driving lol

  • jackie moreland
    jackie moreland11 giorni fa

    I think Whistlin diesel is why the epa is pissed off.

  • Ryan Erickson
    Ryan Erickson11 giorni fa

    stone cutter? Nah hell cat on buggy wheels 13:52

  • 眩暈夢
    眩暈夢11 giorni fa


  • Ferruccio
    Ferruccio11 giorni fa

    Not a single person stayed calmed when was passing this car, everyone is noticing it.

  • Stepp of Faith
    Stepp of Faith11 giorni fa

    How much you make off this.video.

    DIOS ES AMOR11 giorni fa


  • Serg Joel
    Serg Joel12 giorni fa

    $50k? Since when? Lol

  • Reezus


    2 giorni fa

    50k is on the low end

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    Pinned by whistlin Diesel

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    (W) (H) (a) (t) (s) (A) (p) (p) + 77313 G>>eItuh...... Frnet

  • cosmik
    cosmik12 giorni fa

    New Red Dead Update *Dodge Hellcat*

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    Pinned by whistlin Diesel

    11 giorni fa

    (W) (H) (a) (t) (s) (A) (p) (p) + 77313 G>>eItuh...... Frnet

  • Joe Settlemyer
    Joe Settlemyer12 giorni fa

    Cool video! Apparently I waited on you at TG today!

  • nick constantino
    nick constantino12 giorni fa

    "No, that's not my son" -proud mom

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    Pinned by whistlin Diesel

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    (W) (H) (a) (t) (s) (A) (p) (p) + 77313 G>>eItuh...... Frnet

  • TareekN _Yt
    TareekN _Yt12 giorni fa

    We gonna skip over the part where that guy says he knows where he lives 😂 but seriously be careful people

  • Dean Kaiser
    Dean Kaiser12 giorni fa

    the amish are more advanced than we thought

  • JL Lucky
    JL Lucky12 giorni fa

    You were just bored with money

  • JL Lucky
    JL Lucky12 giorni fa

    Why hand someone 40k like we all work hard for nothing and you do this shit bro

  • Shiva Singh XB
    Shiva Singh XB12 giorni fa

    That one Ricer guy be like:

  • Yash Towpeak
    Yash Towpeak12 giorni fa

    Stupid is what stupid does.

  • nicholas carbajal
    nicholas carbajal12 giorni fa

    You should've bumped "Amish paradise, "

  • SoLeR[One] Gamer
    SoLeR[One] Gamer13 giorni fa

    Dam so a hellcat on buggy wheals doesn’t just do awesome burnouts, it’s also a concrete saw.

  • Big Red
    Big Red13 giorni fa

    Your freaking crazy man- only you could pull this off and still come out Amish next time do one with a black vehicle😁🤣

  • Muga Seeb
    Muga Seeb13 giorni fa

    Prime example of having too much money

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name13 giorni fa

    Jebediah art thou crazy

  • thgytgjit2195
    thgytgjit219513 giorni fa

    Fucking cool how it cut through the concrete Should turn the car into an asphault/concrete destroyer

  • Nomad :
    Nomad :13 giorni fa

    If an Actual Amish sees you in this car your going to get dirty looks cause they are going to think your Mennonite because they still drive cars.

  • thgytgjit2195
    thgytgjit219513 giorni fa

    Should've had Amish Paradise playing

  • J P E
    J P E14 giorni fa

    "Ive got 699 more horses than all the other buggies" LMFAO

  • Foreign Wheezy
    Foreign Wheezy14 giorni fa

    I’m impressed that it drives with the buggy tiers 😂 that’s dope brodie 🔥 #Hp #Horses

  • Mine
    Mine14 giorni fa

    At the end of everyday, the dog is probably thinking it needs some counseling and a rum and coke.

  • Conan Barbarian
    Conan Barbarian14 giorni fa

    yo sick bastards!

  • Sht Fckem
    Sht Fckem14 giorni fa

    hmmm needs aggressive camber

  • Richy Rich
    Richy Rich14 giorni fa

    @9:05 I can understand why the man would be mad, he's working at Arby's most likely making minimum wage, 40k would probably be a life changer for him and his family if he has one and you're out here doing pranks with that money.

  • Reach41
    Reach4115 giorni fa

    Those are available at any Amish Ford dealer.

  • livingdadream
    livingdadream15 giorni fa

    Total stranger I know where you live at, nothing says good afternoon like the local serial killer vibes 😂

  • Pat Klemmensen
    Pat Klemmensen15 giorni fa

    the question is, why??? the front wheels can't turn sharply, low-end torque would be almost nil, and his 'burnouts' probably ground the rubber off those wheels...



    13 giorni fa

    😂😂😂 You must be new here, lol

  • Florin Mateescu
    Florin Mateescu15 giorni fa

    Esti hanticapat

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill15 giorni fa

    15:32 Too bad it destroyed that part of the car, i would never do even 10% of what you did to that hellcat lmao

  • Mr Jonmichal
    Mr Jonmichal15 giorni fa

    Dude, you are just a weird kid

  • robert17
    robert1715 giorni fa

    ok but why

  • darrell beets
    darrell beets15 giorni fa

    sawblades next.

  • Derrick Glenn
    Derrick Glenn16 giorni fa

    he bought butter... take yo amish ass back and make some but love the humor bro lol

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore16 giorni fa

    Love that Hellbuggy!

  • 3v4761
    3v476116 giorni fa

    Looks like an undertaker collecting souls in his Hellcat

  • 3v4761
    3v476116 giorni fa

    ...Been spending most my life living in Omish paradise ...sponsored by Mopars for Omish

  • looey76
    looey7616 giorni fa

    Have you tried putting these wagon wheels on the R8??

  • sonyreviewedit
    sonyreviewedit16 giorni fa

    This dude creative

  • Molalla Merica
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  • PaRzo
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  • CharacterMatterz
    CharacterMatterz17 giorni fa

    Nofa kinweigh...

  • Jacob Matthew
    Jacob Matthew17 giorni fa

    people. we may have went to far on the wheel. metal wheels. lets do it. I mean the accident rates are gonna skyrocket but itll be fun

  • Dragon killer 2235
    Dragon killer 223517 giorni fa

    When you travel back in time and try not to act sus

  • Quinn Ward
    Quinn Ward17 giorni fa

    Doing dumb sh*t 🤦‍♂️

  • Hycerd
    Hycerd17 giorni fa

    it looks so wrong but also so right

  • 🌿Latte-Roblox-Friends🌿
    🌿Latte-Roblox-Friends🌿17 giorni fa

    This dude actin like it’s gta 5 lol Also click on replies, it has something Spot the “ 1 “ Challenge!

  • 🌿Latte-Roblox-Friends🌿


    17 giorni fa

    If you can find the “ 1 “ then you get a free sub! If you say you can’t find it, then you get no subs, and also I’ll send you a video saying “ You Lost! “ :/

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  • 🌿Latte-Roblox-Friends🌿


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  • 🌿Latte-Roblox-Friends🌿


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  • 🌿Latte-Roblox-Friends🌿


    17 giorni fa


  • Adam Saenz
    Adam Saenz18 giorni fa

    I don’t think those spacers on the roof are good for the paint

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