HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders

May 8, 2021 -- Canelo vs. Saunders from AT\u0026T Stadium in Arlington, Texas

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  • James Lake
    James Lake47 minuti fa

    What about booboos belt?

  • James Lake
    James Lake51 minuto fa

    Stopped too early. He finished the round with the injury- i do think he could have continued tbh.

  • James Lake
    James Lake54 minuti fa

    BJS boxed like he canelo was the challenger coming to take his belts. Canelo boxed like a challenger coming to take the title

  • Truong Truong
    Truong TruongOra fa

    Handed him so many belts I lost count😭

  • Pato Smith
    Pato SmithOra fa

    canelo will eventually lose, that's what happens when a guy fights 4Xs a year ... and at that moment canelo haters will say, i told you he was all hype

  • ry
    ry2 ore fa

    Canelo short asf but the saddest part is he’s a few centimeters taller than me 🤣🤣 Spain 😞

  • Adolfo Lopez
    Adolfo Lopez4 ore fa

    Lol 68-65 Saunders.??? Worse than mma judging.

  • Lita martinez
    Lita martinez9 ore fa

    Canelo is the man!!! ☝️💯

  • Straight Shooter
    Straight Shooter11 ore fa

    Mayweather hold my beer !

  • Franz
    Franz13 ore fa

    Canelo is not the same fighter 3 or 4 years ago, he's ripened. Poor Billy was game but too much inactivity hurt him. Canelo knows how to pick you when you're not ready.

  • Falcodave Morales
    Falcodave Morales14 ore fa

    main event of the egning

  • R C
    R C15 ore fa

    over 200 countries around the world? too bad there are only 193.

  • Onli9 Phoenix
    Onli9 Phoenix15 ore fa

    who's here after the Deji and KSI reunion

  • Fahad -
    Fahad -16 ore fa

    Canelo better watch out, big gibber is coming

  • Chi111y
    Chi111y16 ore fa

    Meh… not that impressed tbh

  • Ramzi Shaarani
    Ramzi Shaarani18 ore fa

    Saunders was up on the scorecards lol ,that commentator must be smoking some heavy fairy dust great work by Canelo respect👊

  • Daniel Rosales
    Daniel Rosales21 ora fa

    Se casó Canelo ya se lo llevó la berga.

  • l0ve you
    l0ve you21 ora fa

    Y’all saw Gordon Ramsey trip out on @9:46 right side crowd? 😂

  • X V
    X VGiorno fa

    Canelo destroyed this clown

  • Saul Rodriguez
    Saul RodriguezGiorno fa

    Canelo was hitting more than Saunders. Dummies..

  • Saul Rodriguez
    Saul RodriguezGiorno fa

    If those announcers call hugging n grabbing hits,, they don't know boxing

  • benjaminc1850
    benjaminc1850Giorno fa

    saunders is a crown bigger ring?? come on haha

  • Xhino Coku
    Xhino CokuGiorno fa

    viva Mexico

  • pi didi
    pi didiGiorno fa

    BJ hasn't come out of his caravan since he quit

  • Ihor Martsynyak
    Ihor MartsynyakGiorno fa

    It's insane how fast and precise Canelos punches. The dude finds his range and starts beating them all up, awesome fight

  • Box Anytime
    Box AnytimeGiorno fa

    Billy the bully.... couldn't wait to get out.

  • Dell Amen
    Dell AmenGiorno fa

    In fact I cannot stop watching this fight. Canelo you are the real BEAST. I want to finish Caleb Plant at round 7 with fracture in the ribs. Thumbs up.

    VADELMASOSE7307Giorno fa


  • MarkoTiano
    MarkoTianoGiorno fa

    Spectacular fighter Canelo is.

    JB CBBAGiorno fa

    cleansing my eyes, after watching Logan Paul fight, ewww 🤮. now lets get back to the sweet science😎💪.

  • Looking 4 A Fight
    Looking 4 A FightGiorno fa

    Canelo belts weigh more then billy joe Saunders 💯

  • Leo Ciriaco .l.
    Leo Ciriaco .l.Giorno fa

    El que lo lle baba arriba 10 2 donde está el pendejo?😂😂😂

  • Goey Teng
    Goey TengGiorno fa

    Its more like canelo highlights

  • iDroneFilmz
    iDroneFilmzGiorno fa

    Is it me or was canelo missing on purpose in the last 45 seconds of round 8 because he didn't want to hurt Billy

  • GreatVidz
    GreatVidz2 giorni fa

    Canelo and Pacman, are going for legacy over comfort. Man! no ducking, fight for glory boxers! warriors! legends!

  • Charley Torres
    Charley Torres2 giorni fa

    Canelo will soon be the best to ever live.

  • Charley Torres
    Charley Torres2 giorni fa

    Real fighting. Real warriors

  • Wealth Essential
    Wealth Essential2 giorni fa

    He got paid off..

  • Hugo Espinoza
    Hugo Espinoza2 giorni fa

    10:07 i didnt like how BJS is reacting to the faints thats respecting canelos power

  • trendgil
    trendgil2 giorni fa

    I just gotta say these dudes rockin some sikk color scemes babie, TOMA!

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores2 giorni fa


  • DaReal Jayyskrr
    DaReal Jayyskrr2 giorni fa

    I’ll never forget Chris Mannix’s scorecard on this fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pato Smith

    Pato Smith

    Ora fa

    @B3B Parker you couldve given bj 2 rds, the rest, landing on the gloves does not count

  • Im just a Troll whos intentions are good

    Im just a Troll whos intentions are good

    15 ore fa

    Thst weak brit was definetly schooling Cinnafraud. Of course the weak brit quit after a fake Broken bone. Not even George Forman broke Bines lile that. 😂

  • B3B Parker

    B3B Parker

    22 ore fa

    Wack scorecard

  • Pato Smith

    Pato Smith

    23 ore fa

    Chris was counting shots on the gloves and calling them scoring shots ... he's an idiot ... how is he an announcer ..

  • Javier Mendez
    Javier Mendez2 giorni fa

    Just noticed how both wore the same color shorts and the fact that they almost look alike, is like watching twins go at it haha.

  • fabben
    fabben2 giorni fa

    imagine having BJ as a nickname..

  • Jesus Zendejas
    Jesus Zendejas2 giorni fa

    Now Canelo is ready for that Jake Paul fight 🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez2 giorni fa

    “These are shot the billy joe Saunders is scoring and canelo is not responding “ while billy joe missed all his shot lol

  • Makavis Wulf
    Makavis Wulf2 giorni fa

    I hope Canelo Eurotrip is over.

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter2 giorni fa

    Canelo’s bs, idk what people saying I watched the whole thing when it first happened this fight was boring 💤

  • Sir bossyyy poooo

    Sir bossyyy poooo

    2 giorni fa

    Pretty sure you only watch youtube boxing lol.

  • Tono Tono
    Tono Tono2 giorni fa

    Billy who.....????

  • JJ Medina
    JJ Medina3 giorni fa

    Ponganme al canelo 2 rounds. Para l vea lo k es un peleador callejero de tepito. Y no se ande con mamadas.

  • JJ Medina
    JJ Medina3 giorni fa

    Porque quitaron mi comentario? Ami el canelo me la pela. junto con ustedes

  • mr no_name
    mr no_name3 giorni fa

    You guys know Saunders threw this fight right?

  • Chin Gon

    Chin Gon

    Giorno fa

    Of course he did… he quit… when the tough got going, he cowardly stayed in his corner 🤣🤣🤣

  • JuanPapi 101

    JuanPapi 101

    2 giorni fa


  • Swashy893
    Swashy8933 giorni fa

    Man... Canelo was always in control. He was waiting ifor that uppercut and it came on que

  • Gary Telly
    Gary Telly3 giorni fa

    Wow! Some people have no business calling the fight! I heard the score from Chris he had Saunders ahead! He was giving his score just as Saunders was getting his face smashed! Anybody who watches and understands boxing knew exactly what was going on! Canelo was just letting him feel confident! Huh! Just like that idiot Chris thought! Ohhhhhhh boy I got this! Haha!

  • San Marcos
    San Marcos3 giorni fa

    The ripe ashtray radiologically correct because candle ultrascructurally worry during a smiling christmas. fancy, spiritual processing

  • Gusto Piv
    Gusto Piv3 giorni fa

    Canelo can beat the shyte out of bivol and beterbiev with these techniques like how he showed vs saunders

  • gpinchurrientos
    gpinchurrientos3 giorni fa

    I wonder if Sanders will ever dare again to try to crash another canelo post fight conference requesting a rematch.

  • Seif Marwan
    Seif Marwan3 giorni fa

    How is there a crowd?? I need an answer please

  • bananaslol1


    Giorno fa

    The state of texas had opened the state for full capacity crowds at events and no more mask mandate. Recently they passed legislation to fine businesses 1000 dollars everytime if they want to require you to wear a mask in their premises. Thats texas for you! I was at the even live and didnt wear a mask myself

  • Andy Niavez
    Andy Niavez3 giorni fa

    Big bad norte

  • Raheel Nasir
    Raheel Nasir3 giorni fa

    14m views cheeeeeeez

  • The Man Of Marseille Treize Genovese
    The Man Of Marseille Treize Genovese3 giorni fa

    Canelo is Thanos

  • SoloAlex2005
    SoloAlex20053 giorni fa

    I usually respect the boxers who lost after a fight, but after all the trash talk from billy I have no respect for him.

  • Alberto de Martini
    Alberto de Martini3 giorni fa

    Carl Froch is a joker, he aways watch other fights, he is never right about score cards or predictions

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans4 giorni fa

    9:28 hype button

  • Jonathan Valdovinos
    Jonathan Valdovinos4 giorni fa

    Should Chris Mannix still have a job after this?

  • Hinoa[MHR]
    Hinoa[MHR]4 giorni fa

    Question for my fellow Mexicans, what it the name of the song that plays in the stadium after Canelo stops Saunders? I've heard it but I can't remember the name of that song.

  • D Smith

    D Smith

    3 giorni fa

    If you don't know the name of the song, then you're not a mexican

  • AnimeEpicAdventure
    AnimeEpicAdventure4 giorni fa

    either canelo is losing his touch or he was messing around this whole fight.

  • Fester MP

    Fester MP

    4 giorni fa

    Watch real carefully

  • duke one
    duke one4 giorni fa

    Only if billy didn't get hurt i thought it was a pretty even fight up until the injury.

  • Juan Pérez
    Juan Pérez4 giorni fa

    mohamed ali tenia cintos y dinero y termino con alsaimer, saul ten buena coneccion con los que te siguen no seas altivo, aunque ayudes, deja ese orgullo un dia te lo llevas a la tumba tambien, neta

  • tDs IS
    tDs IS4 giorni fa

    Eddy Reynoso on BJS: I don't have to tell you what Canelo is gonna do in the ring but i think he is going to knock BJS out. Eddy Reynoso on GGG: Don't try to knock him out cabron. He is too strong for you to knock him out. Be smart and don't exchange punches cabron.

  • Yaqub
    Yaqub4 giorni fa

    4:17 Dayuuum cannelo on demon time his head movement is crazy he dogded all of that like it was easy

  • Fester MP

    Fester MP

    4 giorni fa

    Then gave him the short uppercut 💪🏽

  • Gabriel Alonso
    Gabriel Alonso4 giorni fa

    Time for my guy wilder to take out the rest of the trash... 🗑

  • D Smith

    D Smith

    3 giorni fa

    It's a bad day when you're hating on boxers from gypsy backgrounds Gabriel

  • Gabriel Alonso
    Gabriel Alonso4 giorni fa

    Those commentators can't wait for the day 😭🤣

  • jmb
    jmb4 giorni fa

    Saunders said hed rather die than not continue fighting.. 🤣🤣 what a goof.

  • Jose Casares
    Jose Casares4 giorni fa

    Eso para que no siga metiéndose los uantes en los huevos jajajaja viva México

  • Pranav Koduri
    Pranav Koduri4 giorni fa

    Sanders great match

  • Jorge Ernesto Correa Niño
    Jorge Ernesto Correa Niño4 giorni fa

    6:28 Saunders tongue out... 9:47 Saunders eye out! Hahahahaha

  • Ranny Anny
    Ranny Anny4 giorni fa

    The awake string simultaneously pass because waiter mainly observe towards a holistic pike. dazzling, cautious star

  • Nun Rebo
    Nun Rebo5 giorni fa

    Billy fighting like Logan Paul😂😂

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez5 giorni fa

    What do all those belts even mean?

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez5 giorni fa

    Technically Canelo never lost. His one lost is mayweather

  • Ethan Perham

    Ethan Perham

    4 giorni fa

    So therefore he did lose

  • Austin McGee
    Austin McGee5 giorni fa

    Ross creations

  • kevin Gonzalez
    kevin Gonzalez5 giorni fa

    This is the third time that I'm GONNA look at this

  • 1rider3 Bluee
    1rider3 Bluee5 giorni fa

    This was a great boxing fight till canelo landed that bomb . Masters of the head movement these 2

  • Oscar H
    Oscar H5 giorni fa

    Very big Canelo fan but I think people need to give more credit to BJS. Rounds 4-7 he was out boxing Canelo making him miss like crazy. Even after he took the lethal uppercut in rd 8 Canelo was having a hard time landing clean shots. I do think if the fight wasn’t stopped Canelo would’ve KO’d him tho. Both fighters did great. Plant should be a lot easier than BJS and I’m excited to see that fight next 🇲🇽

  • nick diaz
    nick diaz5 giorni fa

    hey floyd stop hiding, canelo is waiting for a rematch that is ,is if your not hiding from him now is the time to give him a rematch stop fighting chumps fight the real fight CHUMP

  • JourneyToTheWestSide


    5 giorni fa

    Floyds 44 years old, he has nothing to prove lol

  • smokey
    smokey5 giorni fa

    Saunders is just another British paper champion. Too bad that Saunders could not deliver. Saunders knew that the upper cut is one of Canelo's favorite punches. Caleb Plant is the last paper champion. " I am coming for you my friend".

  • Stone Saathoff
    Stone Saathoff5 giorni fa

    Props to Billy Joe Saunders for putting on a show. One of the best fights of the year.

  • Stone Doco
    Stone Doco5 giorni fa

    Silly joe baunders

  • Marvin Tindle
    Marvin Tindle5 giorni fa

    Canelo is horribly predictable. He is only effective, if his opponent is flat-footed, so If he fights Charlo, he will LOSE.

  • Enrique Bautista

    Enrique Bautista

    4 giorni fa

    @Marvin Tindle charlo is not even a champion in Canelo’s weight (168) , do you want him to fight in any other division just to see him lose? cmon man

  • Marvin Tindle

    Marvin Tindle

    5 giorni fa

    @Enrique Bautista I'm sure that is the reason his ex-Productions Boss Dela Hoya said he was ducking a Charlo. Its baffling to see so many people praise this kid like he's elite, when he is far from it. Lol.

  • Enrique Bautista

    Enrique Bautista

    5 giorni fa

    Charlo has no comparation with Canelo, my friend, maybe in 5 years but rn Canelo would smash him

  • Christian Carranza
    Christian Carranza5 giorni fa

    Mayweather Jr : "easy work" Canleo : "easy money" 😂🤣🙊

    SIMP POLICE5 giorni fa


  • Rick A
    Rick A5 giorni fa

    Great fight, but horrible horrible latino commentator!

  • Vin diesel Leo
    Vin diesel Leo5 giorni fa


  • Vin diesel Leo
    Vin diesel Leo5 giorni fa


  • Jordy Palma

    Jordy Palma

    3 giorni fa

    Yes sir that’s why afterwards he stated that he knew he’d broken his orbital bone and wouldn’t be able to continue

  • Andrew crate
    Andrew crate6 giorni fa

    Still crazy his only loss is to mayweather

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia6 giorni fa

    Canelo is smoking

  • Rob B
    Rob B6 giorni fa

    could the announcers have been more wrong?????? not sure what fight they were watching, Saul rocked this guy for 8 rounds

  • VMG Lifestyle
    VMG Lifestyle6 giorni fa

    Canelo don't come to fight...he comes to tear off your head.

  • Chin Gon
    Chin Gon6 giorni fa

    BJS just QUIT… what a pathetic display of cowardice…

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