How A Titanium Bike Is Made | Moots Factory Tour


Curious about how a custom titanium bike is made? Si was lucky enough to be invited out to Colorado to the Moots Factory to be shown how they build their distinctive and beautiful bikes.
In association with Moots.
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  • jackykong6000
    jackykong60005 giorni fa

    Now I want to buy a moot bike.

  • Timur Hafouz
    Timur Hafouz8 giorni fa

    What an absolutely fantastic video guys. Just to see all this in detail is excellent. It gives the general public the knowledge to be able too see what these guys do to make a bike. It'd be great to see more videos like this.

  • velosapien
    velosapien15 giorni fa

    17:22 box says "moots , made in china" ???

  • J
    J16 giorni fa

    So cooooool!

  • damon79
    damon7924 giorni fa

    Not bad. Still not adamantium though.

  • charlie james
    charlie james26 giorni fa

    I own a Raleigh full titanium bike which I bought in the mid 90s..still going strong. Beautiful bike for climbs, long rides and sprinting to the finish

  • so what now
    so what now28 giorni fa

    My dream bike 🥺

  • 441rider
    441riderMese fa

    I bet the Americans are buying Russian Ti and re selling it still. LOL! the SR71 had Ruskie Ti cause the US could not make or mine enough. Merlin frames are choice too,

  • adven ture
    adven tureMese fa

    It's easier to produce custom geometry with Titanium tubes than carbon molded frames which would cost thousands more. So people will need to stick with factory made models with CF.

  • Randy Moldez
    Randy MoldezMese fa

    Very nice you have extra unused bike.can you given me..

  • jorge francisco jr
    jorge francisco jrMese fa

    Wow great so beautiful and strong bike titanium, its my dream to own set bike.. Im one of the so like biker ride and any sport..

  • Giano Ti
    Giano TiMese fa

    17:18 just I wonder what’s inside that boxes "Moots U.S.A. C/NO.2 MADE IN CHINA"

  • Nguyễn Duy Phong
    Nguyễn Duy Phong2 mesi fa

    14:15 cực kỳ tinh xảo.

  • Nguyễn Duy Phong
    Nguyễn Duy Phong2 mesi fa

    11:01 ktra cực kỳ chính xác 1/1000 milimet.

  • Virgilio Kinaadman
    Virgilio Kinaadman2 mesi fa

    how i wish to have one😀

  • Yiu Tun
    Yiu Tun2 mesi fa

    Because it is last for long time, I would happy to have 1 and keep it in my garage. If my son or daughter like cycling, i would get them 1 too!

  • Andreas Wolf
    Andreas Wolf2 mesi fa

    Never saw a operator in a machine shop wear sandals before

  • Jim Langley
    Jim Langley2 mesi fa

    Great video! "If they made that out of titanium it wouldn't have rusted" Cracked me up, Si - thanks for the laugh ;-) Really enjoyed the tour - thanks very much for bringing us along!

  • argon krypton
    argon krypton2 mesi fa

    How about design?? Its looks normal and ordinary..

  • Tony galicia
    Tony galicia3 mesi fa

    I’m going to die before my TI bike,,, I rode the crap out of it and it’s just plain fun.....

  • S Gomez
    S Gomez3 mesi fa

    🤣🤣🤣 6:11 suck..😅

  • Laila Bdryh
    Laila Bdryh3 mesi fa

    Good jos gandhos. ..🚴💤💥⚡👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪😃😍🙏

  • AronHallFPV
    AronHallFPV3 mesi fa

    Damn! Now i want a Moots bike!

  • আবুবকর
    আবুবকর3 mesi fa

    head badge installed with screws? why not with aircraft titaniu rivets? weldet titanium tube frames or only 3D printed drops not longer up to date, here you see first FULL 3D printed titanium frame and it's the begining, the future is tube-in-tube frames(hydralic brake line printed inside/toghter with frame tubes) lightweight+more stiffness

  • Chandrachur Niyogi
    Chandrachur Niyogi3 mesi fa

    can they make E-MTB frames from high strength titanium & composites???

  • Dominik Altheimer
    Dominik Altheimer3 mesi fa

    Guess I don’t need to watch the “Are Cyclists Strong?” video anymore ;)

  • N0b0dy 0
    N0b0dy 03 mesi fa

    2:03 isn't titanium of course, is cor ten steel, almost the same price but with that rusty finishing and last forever because the rust is the protection layer

  • George Andrew
    George Andrew4 mesi fa

    I'm thinking the 6al/4v dropout shown is someone's bong.

  • Hai Nguyen
    Hai Nguyen4 mesi fa

    Titanium rule

  • donkey baba
    donkey baba4 mesi fa

    If you Nick 2 of those tubes you can get a ps5

  • Ronnie Traba
    Ronnie Traba4 mesi fa

    I see a box written Made in China. ahahhaha.

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young4 mesi fa

    I can remember reading, in the 1970s, frame builders claiming hand filed mitered tubes were superior to machined mitered tubes. I was told by Mike Augsburger, that the best welds he has ever seen, are performed by one guy who works at Moots. Titanium is more crash resistant than carbon fiber, you can inspect it visually and then get going. Isn't titanium a material that can be repaired with no loss of strength - ie heat affected zone. Which means it can be ridden for generations. How light of a road bike can Moots build? Disc brakes add weight, is the difference between titanium and carbon fiber within that range of additional weight? Is there a titanium fork option?

  • Vittorio Lazzeri
    Vittorio Lazzeri4 mesi fa

    ...why you have subtitles in Ucrain language...and not in Italian language? 😡

  • Henning
    Henning4 mesi fa

    I have a goal in life, get one

  • basket SportsUpdates
    basket SportsUpdates4 mesi fa

    Mr,president of moots give me a 1 bike gift ill use it for my work here on the philippines,im soo amaze with this bike very cool

  • u b 3
    u b 35 mesi fa

    Si is too aero to bend titanium.

  • u b 3
    u b 35 mesi fa

    Si is too aero to bend titanium.

  • Emiel Purwana
    Emiel Purwana5 mesi fa

    I ride vamoots rsl and this bike is stunning...

  • avalon NewWay
    avalon NewWay5 mesi fa

    Titanium should replace steel in automotive industry at least

  • Vincent Honj Aquitan
    Vincent Honj Aquitan5 mesi fa

    I wish i could have that bike also. Can any one? 😁😁😁 i want to have a gravel bike. 😊😊

  • zulian 's
    zulian 's5 mesi fa

    Craftsmanship at its finest 👍🏼

  • Amii Towler
    Amii Towler5 mesi fa

    16:54 love it

  • Sirios Star
    Sirios Star5 mesi fa

    Titanium bikes are pointless unless of course you are just catering to the rich and stupid.

  • notfiveo
    notfiveo5 mesi fa

    It means Moots can make the highest priced bikes too.

  • Jamis Delsol
    Jamis Delsol5 mesi fa

    le problème avec ce genre de vidéo c' est quand tu lis la traduction tu vois pas la vidéo ça passe vite , la moitié des mots t ' échappe etc , bref tu comprends plus rien à rien sauf si tu parles bien anglais

  • dynamojoeful
    dynamojoeful5 mesi fa

    Where is the 'Carbon Fibre Capital of Asia' that's mentioned towards the beginning of the video?

  • deadtopcat
    deadtopcat5 mesi fa

    How come you never mention the weight. If it was carbon gcn wouldnt stop talkin about its weight.

  • 24 tahun yang lalu
    24 tahun yang lalu5 mesi fa

    why i saw TREK at their storage? 😂

    BAHADIR ERCAN5 mesi fa

    "SACRELIGIOUS" twosetviolin

  • Mach Fiver
    Mach Fiver5 mesi fa

    why must u pronounce titanium that way? mispronunciation of words in videos by narrators is almost as annoying as spam. And if bad enough can actually make me stop watching. And due to the sheer number of times I'm guessing you are going to say that word during this video I may have to watch something else.

  • Mach Fiver

    Mach Fiver

    5 mesi fa

    yep i'm gone i cannot take that pronunciation. If it was just you mispronouncing it wouldn't drive me as nuts but so many narrators do so it's become so infuriating that I'd rather leave

  • ATango
    ATango6 mesi fa

    I love my Moots - great video about this wonderful company.

  • kevin buja
    kevin buja6 mesi fa

    When we used to weld, titanium, zirconium, and tantalum for the weld bead was “bright is right.” Meaning the bead is bright and shiny, any other color the weld is contaminated. 1) The “tube” around the tungsten is called the “cup”. And there are different size cups and well as different size torches. 2) A “straw color” weld generally means the weld a little hot. 3) All the welds have to be “back purged”, meaning gas is on the back side, or the side opposite where the torch is.

  • thrill_seeker
    thrill_seeker6 mesi fa

    Can we know what this bikes average weight is?

  • Ethan Wells
    Ethan Wells6 mesi fa

    I like how he goes into the blasting room with a respirator and ear muffs but doesn’t wear eye protection.

  • Dichotomy & Balance
    Dichotomy & Balance6 mesi fa

    USA USA USA!!!

  • cliff cox
    cliff cox6 mesi fa

    The spokes are even Be-Spoke!

  • Leo_inter_Hyaenaem
    Leo_inter_Hyaenaem6 mesi fa

    I'd like to see every GCNer introduce his bike collection and tell us which bike is their favourite (and, conversely, which isn't) and why.

  • Александр Липовский
    Александр Липовский6 mesi fa

    About subtitles: it's Vanadium. Not "benadium". UPD: timecode is 3:18

  • André Cornu
    André Cornu7 mesi fa

    Génial la philosophie. 👍 Mais qu elle est la différence entre Litespeed et Moots. Deux grand fabricant de cadre en titane ?

  • Liên Quân Mobile
    Liên Quân Mobile7 mesi fa

    17:07 beautiful

  • b b
    b b7 mesi fa

    I am an American but I try not to buy any high end US made items. US manufacturing QC went downhill a long time ago. I have been disappointed with so many US made items that are over priced and non existent QC.

  • Francisco Indradjaja
    Francisco Indradjaja7 mesi fa

    336 people who dislike this video never ridden a Moots before. Proud Moots RSL rim brake owner here ! got it in 2013 and still rides smooth as ever!

    THE EXECUTIONER7 mesi fa

    Good chanel

  • marc almazan
    marc almazan7 mesi fa

    Wow so awesome mtb my dream fream bike graet graet 😍😍😍

  • Wayne Juntunen
    Wayne Juntunen7 mesi fa


  • Wayne Juntunen
    Wayne Juntunen7 mesi fa

    Tig my friend

  • eduardo pinto
    eduardo pinto7 mesi fa

    Amigo você e um bom mecânico. Perfeita montagem projeto bem elaborado Du bist ein genie Sehr gut bicycles prost.. Mein bruder

  • P Bailey
    P Bailey8 mesi fa

    good piece - 10/10

  • Strange Brew
    Strange Brew8 mesi fa

    Litespeed is better. Some of their work is sitting on the moon.

  • Wilson wang
    Wilson wang8 mesi fa

    I m doing same job , producing Titanium bike parts and sell it .

  • Carlos Mario Perea Jaramillo
    Carlos Mario Perea Jaramillo8 mesi fa

    Que horquilla es o tenedor es... 🙄 ¿No la fabrican?

  • Carlos Mario Perea Jaramillo
    Carlos Mario Perea Jaramillo8 mesi fa

    En español por favor

  • Flozya Creative
    Flozya Creative8 mesi fa

    Fantastic video

  • zacharycat
    zacharycat8 mesi fa

    Fork is carbon right? How about bars and seatpost?

  • David Duran
    David Duran8 mesi fa

    Quality work GCN. Keep it up.

  • Gergő Ollé
    Gergő Ollé8 mesi fa

    Seems so much better and live then the creation of carbon fiber.

  • Tucha
    Tucha8 mesi fa

    Is this just me or the voice is shifted a little bit? Interesting video anyway, more of such tours please :)

  • Joseph Bingham
    Joseph Bingham8 mesi fa

    The SR-71 Blackbird utilized titanium. At that time the USSR was the world's main supplier. A shell company was set up for purchasing so the Soviets would not know the titanium was for the U.S. military. It was discovered the chlorine in tap water had a corrosive effect on titanium require the aircraft had to be washed with Distilled Water only.

  • Rolly Reyes
    Rolly Reyes8 mesi fa

    in gods will & hope i have my own bike like this i pray..

  • Si Harry
    Si Harry8 mesi fa

    Ahhh, makes me even more content wirh my moots....

  • Tim mi
    Tim mi9 mesi fa

    Your tires are looking very soft and mooshy at the end there.

  • Harshith A.J
    Harshith A.J9 mesi fa

    It's a beautiful bike.😍😍

  • Khiel Jerusalem
    Khiel Jerusalem9 mesi fa

    Wow bike, bike is part of my life here in the philippines specially this time when transportation is so pricesy, Bike help the pilipino a lot hope have one of that, Thanks for the vids.

  • Fred Senterre
    Fred Senterre9 mesi fa

    In love with this brand now! Thanks

  • yuli dno
    yuli dno9 mesi fa

    I want

  • Mridul Kumar Borah
    Mridul Kumar Borah9 mesi fa

    Please mentioned it's verious price like in India.

  • kolby broussard
    kolby broussard9 mesi fa

    Dang you were 2hrs from me I would have loved a selfie with a gcn member

  • Zukz World
    Zukz World9 mesi fa

    Great video! Love to see Lynskey tour too!

  • Chuck Stark
    Chuck Stark9 mesi fa

    The staff should all be in company uniforms and lab coats with their names on them.

  • BeiGeRei
    BeiGeRei9 mesi fa

    Why do the Moot boxes at 7:40 say "Made in China"? I just watched the whole bike being made in Colorado.

  • john blecker
    john blecker9 mesi fa

    Except when your off road pushing your frame flex to its maximum limits does the the word titanium get used. So many times while talking to bikers in NYC were they brought up the fact that titanium was so light weight it made a difference while in fact it is a heavy metal which can machined down to a light weight and a strong part. You craftsmanship shows and you should build and sell a few basic custom motorcycle fames.

  • TheAnimaster
    TheAnimaster9 mesi fa

    Heard the music and immediately thought “MINIAC???” :P

  • aboassam2244 Ano
    aboassam2244 Ano10 mesi fa

    كم سعرها

  • Edmon Bautista
    Edmon Bautista10 mesi fa

    what a nice bike, but it would be a "dream only" for me to have this kind of bike. its so expensive that it will cost like a full year food suply. nice bike anyway. 👍👍👍

  • Robert Farnsworth

    Robert Farnsworth

    6 mesi fa

    Spa in the UK do a very highly thought of Ti Audax for £700. Frame only.

  • Doug Trapp

    Doug Trapp

    6 mesi fa

    Watch for used Ti bikes. I bought a very good condition Seven Cycles road bike in the spring for a fraction of the retail price. That’s the beauty of Ti (vs carbon): it’s difficult to damage the frames.

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S10 mesi fa

    Moots means something completely different in Australia 🇦🇺😂 lol (urban dictionary) 😉

  • david kelly
    david kelly10 mesi fa

    thanks 4 showing all that...tomorrow i am going to set up one the same........

  • Andrew Ahn
    Andrew Ahn10 mesi fa

    my dream frame...

  • Nick Vledder
    Nick Vledder10 mesi fa

    Very good choice for titanium instead of carbon! And... personally I like a-typical life-cycles.

  • J.t.R. JP
    J.t.R. JP10 mesi fa

    is titanium stronger than carbon fiber? lasts longer than carbon fiber? is it lighter than carbon fiber? cheaper or more expensive than carbon fiber?

  • ant n
    ant n10 mesi fa

    I am sure a Moots bike is nice, but they are way overpriced.

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