I Raced Across The Ocean

Me \u0026 Nihachu raced Tubbo \u0026 Wilbur Soot across the ocean! This was CRAZY!!

The rules are simple: we race in teams of two across the channel and to the Isle of Wight (France). Whoever loses has to throw something they care about into the ocean and lose it FOREVER!!

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Edited by: @Wheatskins

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  • You can't see me in dark mode
    You can't see me in dark mode2 ore fa

    "I raced across the ocean" Me: How did you surivive

  • Møøn_Ąlpĥâ
    Møøn_Ąlpĥâ2 ore fa

    Niki and jack doing the titanic move : :D Me : now all we need is an ice mountain :)

  • Valentina Dimichele
    Valentina Dimichele2 ore fa

    10:09 hahshahsh i love this wilbur looks so intimidating lol

  • Honesty wilson
    Honesty wilson2 ore fa


  • The Potato Queen
    The Potato Queen2 ore fa

    I cant this is so funny

  • DIY Crafts
    DIY Crafts2 ore fa

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  • Grace Millington
    Grace Millington2 ore fa

    Will saving Niki from being thrown into the ocean was such a Wilbur thing to do 😂

  • Get it ig
    Get it ig2 ore fa

    3:43 *looks at my poster and crys

  • KNkirby
    KNkirby2 ore fa

    Wilbur always finds a cunning way to just make everything crazy. It sounds of like me :D

  • Tubbo my bff
    Tubbo my bff2 ore fa

    Is it bad I simp for tubbo 👉👈

  • Amer Iqbal
    Amer Iqbal2 ore fa

    They just remade titanic at 7:05

  • Diamond Bailey
    Diamond Bailey2 ore fa

    He really said get off my boat *yoik*😭

  • Gracie Lee
    Gracie Lee2 ore fa

    Jack mani-drown

  • Alectricity
    Alectricity3 ore fa

    I have honestly never heard Niki swear...

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout3 ore fa

    Jack: "you know what happened to Freddie Mercury?" My brain " his final words were "pp" "

  • Voila
    Voila3 ore fa

    i have been there before

  • ii_cloudies
    ii_cloudies3 ore fa

    yooo but 6:35 was such a vibe

  • friendly_. cos
    friendly_. cos3 ore fa

    i’m only a few minutes in and…tubbo is just so cute in that captains outfit! 😭🥺

  • x_bear_x
    x_bear_x3 ore fa

    Wilbur protecting niki

  • x_bear_x


    2 ore fa

    @misolou fout who has fuckin hair?

  • misolou fout

    misolou fout

    2 ore fa


  • Nothing Special
    Nothing Special3 ore fa

    Catholics? Oh dear ;n;

  • Grace Millington
    Grace Millington3 ore fa

    “Yours is the east as mine is the west” *Fucketh off*

  • Patricia wulff
    Patricia wulff3 ore fa

    1:09 that was german...

  • ClearlyySav
    ClearlyySav3 ore fa


  • Riku Kato
    Riku Kato3 ore fa


  • Krasnoe Yabloko
    Krasnoe Yabloko3 ore fa

    People who drive boats are just looking at them and laughing.

  • vasiliki
    vasiliki3 ore fa

    Wilbur just made his son's , Fundy, dream true. " ... Jack Mani *drown* "

  • Echo Sta maria
    Echo Sta maria3 ore fa

    he almost “Jackmanidrowned”

  • Tweezy
    Tweezy3 ore fa

    4:30 is going in the compilation

  • Jacobb
    Jacobb3 ore fa


  • MoonRose 06
    MoonRose 063 ore fa

    6:20 Wilbur and Tubbo just singing and jamming give me life 6:35 Wonderful

  • Reagan
    Reagan3 ore fa


  • Your Local Anime Simp
    Your Local Anime Simp3 ore fa

    The summery of the story, Tubbo is drinking sea water There’s a big sing And there is a boat which could ram the people over, and finally Someone jumped in

  • angie
    angie3 ore fa


  • Leaf Witch Hazel
    Leaf Witch Hazel3 ore fa

    Boat race: exist *sharks joinedthe game

  • Alex Coloa
    Alex Coloa3 ore fa

    I raced across the ocean = i am a rac*=× on the ocean

  • _nice_ cream_
    _nice_ cream_3 ore fa

    УИЛБУР ГЕЙ (простите)

  • Axiele
    Axiele3 ore fa

    The highlight for me was probably when Nikki swore, jack got thrown into the sea and wilburs smile when he saved nikki from being thrown and after he threw jack!

  • Jcbro109
    Jcbro1093 ore fa

    Willbur is literally Niki's guard


    Fundy: Jack manifold drowned Fundy: AAAAAAAAAAÀAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Rayyan Allawati
    Rayyan Allawati3 ore fa

    The fact that Wilbur just casually picked up jack terrifies me…

  • GeorgesStepSis
    GeorgesStepSis3 ore fa


  • Sky Kasumi
    Sky Kasumi3 ore fa

    It was so sus the way Wilbur held Jack

  • Levi [ Ackerman]Scars } Wings of freedom
    Levi [ Ackerman]Scars } Wings of freedom3 ore fa

    Jack did u bring ur TV on a boat race that's make u Jack manifoldtv

  • Grace Furtado
    Grace Furtado3 ore fa

    Imagine you’re on a cruise and you see Jack, Wilbur, Tubbo, and Nikki speeding by on boats

  • Blu Wolf
    Blu Wolf3 ore fa

    Tubbo and Wil are straight up just jamming out.

  • xCqrterr
    xCqrterr3 ore fa

    Jack: “I can’t drive” Tubbo: *I AM DA CAPTAIN NOW*

  • ༒Soldier of Jesus Christ༒
    ༒Soldier of Jesus Christ༒3 ore fa

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  • LunaStar
    LunaStar3 ore fa

    This comment section is a lot like the ocean. Filled with trash/spam.

  • Purple Toons
    Purple Toons3 ore fa

    Imagine getting pinned Yeah I know I’m not gonna get pinned shut up

  • Hedda Jönsson pihl
    Hedda Jönsson pihl3 ore fa


  • BellDaBeeMC
    BellDaBeeMC3 ore fa

    Number 6 on trending

  • • Friend The Sheep •
    • Friend The Sheep •3 ore fa

    Wilbur with Tommy: hugs and big brother vibes Wilbur with Jack: don't touch me you filthy creature

  • Dominique Foust
    Dominique Foust3 ore fa

    "fucketh off" -jack manifold

  • Jmaz
    Jmaz3 ore fa

    jack: youre going to have to throw what you brought to the sea tubbo: "ive brought an urn" jack: "ive brought niki" 💀

  • toast
    toast3 ore fa

    these guys are going everywhere, from London to Matlock to Portsmouth!

  • hana f
    hana f3 ore fa

    niki is legitimately breathtaking

  • Ryan Hanley
    Ryan Hanley3 ore fa

    Oh shit I'm Catholic

  • Dr1stA シ
    Dr1stA シ3 ore fa

    I bet those people on the cruise never knew that tubbo_ Wilbur soot jack manifold and nihachu passed them on that very day

  • Elixer BrineCorners
    Elixer BrineCorners3 ore fa

    Wah! Wilbur is so strong

  • The Dude
    The Dude3 ore fa

    Tubbos team: The weals on the boat go round and round, round and round. Tubbo: wait wa-... SCOOBY DOBY DO WHERE ARE YOU, WERE COMING OUT TO FIND YOU!!! Jacks team: I am The captain and we will win the race

  • carmen
    carmen3 ore fa


  • Max Andre Ordinario
    Max Andre Ordinario3 ore fa


    VAN AN NGUYEN NGOC3 ore fa


  • Ninja boy Ben
    Ninja boy Ben3 ore fa

    Jack missed a big opportunity to play he's a pirate when they were racing. Or did he. I don't know. If he did then please let me know

  • Alex Werner
    Alex Werner3 ore fa

    My day is better

  • Hailey Bell
    Hailey Bell3 ore fa

    Hi you are so funny

  • Tedd 43
    Tedd 433 ore fa

    this is actually wholesome

  • Adeline Takumi
    Adeline Takumi3 ore fa

    Their height different between wilbur and tubbo though..So cute💓

  • Alana Chivers (chivers fam)
    Alana Chivers (chivers fam)3 ore fa

    They were near me lmao i live on the chalk hills

  • Wafflematronic
    Wafflematronic3 ore fa

    yamaha is the brand of my saxophone, apparently they make boats to

  • i_is_a_child_ ;-;
    i_is_a_child_ ;-;3 ore fa

    wait did jack loose the go pro in the water?

  • TayTay
    TayTay3 ore fa

    when your son cant drown him the dad will do it

  • Henry Baxter
    Henry Baxter3 ore fa

    I live in Portsmouth I've been to the top of the castle in "Castle mouth"

  • Danica Torgerson
    Danica Torgerson3 ore fa

    Will is the best/worst adult friend we all love. Can't belive he just picked up Jack like a bride and yeeted him into the ocean.

  • RevFiveZ
    RevFiveZ3 ore fa

    Just imagine they vlog on Wednesday only just to prevent Content Tommyinnit to join their vlog because we all know why

  • anniesnotfound
    anniesnotfound3 ore fa

    9:19 sheesus the stare from Niki is so powerful

  • Myles Scott
    Myles Scott3 ore fa

    Actually the Isle of Wight is British but ok jack

  • Daisy Wong
    Daisy Wong3 ore fa

    Notice how even the captains that drove were also filming when Jack was thrown into the sea

  • Lilac Hollows
    Lilac Hollows3 ore fa


  • Johni
    Johni3 ore fa

    I want the rest of the Freddie mercury footage

  • Alfie De Freitas
    Alfie De Freitas3 ore fa

    Lol I live there

  • TTV Zlock3589
    TTV Zlock35893 ore fa

    It’s very nice their

  • ItzRulz
    ItzRulz3 ore fa

    Give me moneys

  • Mintus
    Mintus3 ore fa

    4:28 T-Tubbo 🥶🤓😫😎❤️😨

  • olivia norman
    olivia norman3 ore fa

    Summer vibes

  • Kyrstyn Shaw
    Kyrstyn Shaw3 ore fa

    i feel like they always force tubbo to do something weird if hes there

  • Ghost Westpoolchestershireshire
    Ghost Westpoolchestershireshire3 ore fa

    …are they going to find lonely slime island

  • Emma G
    Emma G3 ore fa

    Wilbur just forcing a child to drink sea water is hilarious and in any other situation (if we didn’t know who Wilbur was), that would be so strange. Also Wilbur and Tubbo listening to Freddie Mercury gives me so much life. They are such theater boys and I love it.

  • Description


    3 ore fa


  • Description


    3 ore fa


  • Description


    3 ore fa


  • I crave Tacos
    I crave Tacos3 ore fa

    Wilbur just effortlessly picked up jackmanifold wilbuff soot?

  • Wintersong12
    Wintersong123 ore fa

    I love all the vlogs you all are doing! Although it does make me wanna have good friends to do these kinds of things with too

  • KnightlySkye
    KnightlySkye3 ore fa


  • Spicy_Yam
    Spicy_Yam3 ore fa


  • Spicy_Yam


    3 ore fa

    It’s Portchester

  • Spicy_Yam


    3 ore fa

    That isn’t Portsmouth

  • Mr. Stupid
    Mr. Stupid3 ore fa

    Tubbo in minecraft: I'm the captain Tubbo irl: I'm the captain Tubbo in heaven: I'll always be the captain

  • Romi
    Romi3 ore fa


  • Peridot Plays
    Peridot Plays3 ore fa

    Imagine being on a cruise and seeing ur favorite youtubers on boats racing each other XD

  • Patrick Wayne Saludes
    Patrick Wayne Saludes3 ore fa

    Poor Jack 😢

  • Nohan
    Nohan3 ore fa

    im french and what i can say is that "gesundheit" is not french jack...

  • Luna 2376
    Luna 23763 ore fa

    Is no one gonna talk about how Jack and Niki are doing the Titanic holding scene? XD

  • The Music Man
    The Music Man3 ore fa

    Castaways we are castaways!

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