Inmotion V11 Review: Air Suspension!

A comprehensive review of the Inmotion V11 -the first self balancing wheel to have a suspension! Possibly the best electric unicycle with a seat?
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  • Weitugo
    Weitugo14 ore fa

    I loved riding with it when it worked, but I had so many issues with it since I bought it in January 2021, at which point I believe it was the 3rd batch. I made a video about it here:

  • noe huang
    noe huang5 giorni fa


  • noe huang
    noe huang5 giorni fa


  • noe huang
    noe huang5 giorni fa


  • noe huang
    noe huang5 giorni fa

    Wow amazing your skill

  • simone guedes da silva
    simone guedes da silva6 giorni fa

    Genius wheel! And the songs in this video are fantastic as well!

  • Edward Fenn
    Edward Fenn6 giorni fa

    this is crazy. it seems like a much better deal than e scooters.

  • FlyByGy
    FlyByGy6 giorni fa

    This vid made me realise how much mainstream media lies about China and the lifestyle there. Great video looking forward to owning that little contraption.

  • Gus Dpi
    Gus Dpi7 giorni fa

    that thing is perfect for a cosplay like the jetsons

  • DBK 614
    DBK 6148 giorni fa

    Am I just high... or is that the coolest thing I've ever seen 🤔

  • Frank Sierra
    Frank Sierra13 giorni fa

    Love your helmet, can you please tell me the model?

  • HDBeamy
    HDBeamy14 giorni fa

    Don’t suppose you fancy sending it to me?.... can’t afford one

  • King David
    King David15 giorni fa

    I got my v11 and the app sucks....I’ve only been able to connect to it once with Bluetooth.

  • Jorge García
    Jorge García19 giorni fa

    Nice video! I'm wondering what would happen if you came across a normal stone on your path at 15 mph . Would the wheel drive over it or would you fall down? I'm thinking of getting one or an electric scooter. I can't make up my mind, to be honest. Anyway, due to the fact that I'm newbie, I considered the Ninebot ES2 or the Inmotion V5F. Could you give me your opinion about them? Thanks!

  • DIY Tool Reviews
    DIY Tool Reviews20 giorni fa

    I don't think most people realize how much work went into this video. You certainly made it look easy. Kudos to you for an incredibly good review with those amazing camera angles. Now I need to find out how the heck to get one of these in the states.

  • Ct Pham

    Ct Pham

    5 giorni fa

    yea.. notice different days.. also one scene had padding and the other scene one of the padding went off.. night scene must be another day or after he charged up. ur right.. much editing and difference cuts and scenes.. so much work

  • David Cajudo
    David Cajudo23 giorni fa

    I've seen it March 2019 in Rome near Colosseum, who commute in traffic. Parking there were very strict Carabinieri gives tickets and very aware of illegal parking. This is a must for crowded cities.

  • Des Mar
    Des Mar26 giorni fa

    It's awsome

  • Joseph Stalin Biden Socialist Sniff Lord
    Joseph Stalin Biden Socialist Sniff Lord27 giorni fa

    riding one of those in China is a death sentence

  • Joseph Stalin Biden Socialist Sniff Lord
    Joseph Stalin Biden Socialist Sniff Lord27 giorni fa

    can you hear the cool motor whizzing sound?

  • Z Up
    Z UpMese fa

    Hi there like ur jacket were can I find one?

  • Purple Alien
    Purple AlienMese fa

    this is dope to go to the park to run or somthin

  • Dozerfur
    DozerfurMese fa

    Sick!!! 👍🏻

  • Tᴜʀɴ Oɴ The lit music
    Tᴜʀɴ Oɴ The lit musicMese fa

    Hey meyn. What I've noticed is that cool shoes of yours feels comfortable as it was viben with you 🔥

  • utoobfan7
    utoobfan7Mese fa

    Mr. Rolls you are the real thing sir. I just ordered a begginer EUC, you are our inspiration. Although i doubt that i can ever go as fast as you. You are genuine, sir.

  • Cash Athletes
    Cash AthletesMese fa

    doing this uber eats in big city is epic

  • Cash Athletes
    Cash AthletesMese fa

    so dirty i want one

  • Andrei A.
    Andrei A.Mese fa

    u cant even ride it ur destroying it in 1 hour

  • Cristian Romero
    Cristian RomeroMese fa

    Excelente máquina

  • ROM MEL The Desert Fox
    ROM MEL The Desert FoxMese fa

    Confuse. On what to get. If im going. To have it long ride. What should. I. Choose... Im eyeing on the be good v1w or the begode. Rs hs If i have to buy one time. Can yiu five. Me an advised kuji

  • ROM MEL The Desert Fox

    ROM MEL The Desert Fox

    Mese fa


  • ROM MEL The Desert Fox

    ROM MEL The Desert Fox

    Mese fa


  • Jonathan Davies
    Jonathan DaviesMese fa

    You should do a braking test video and one on what you want to see from the manufacturers to make it better

  • Jonathan Davies
    Jonathan DaviesMese fa

    Do you think they'd ever be able to incorporate a physical brake of any kind just as a backup for the electric motor should anything fail and you have no way to stop?

  • Jonathan Davies
    Jonathan DaviesMese fa

    They should realistically do more research into wheel size and make one a universal standard. 16 inch for example across the board would make for universal replacement of inner tubes and tyres and who knows might be the goldilocks size in terms of small enough for quick acceleration and agility and still big enough for covering alot of ground and dealing with potholes and curbs. What's your thoughts on this? Could put it into a video? Thanks

  • Crimson
    CrimsonMese fa

    You make these so well! You deserve more views and subscribers

  • bonfalex
    bonfalexMese fa

    you're a pro man!!!

  • Wildman Warehouse
    Wildman WarehouseMese fa

    Great vid as always dude!!

  • Roger Rennenger
    Roger Rennenger2 mesi fa

    im torn between this or the zero 10x scoot

  • Jeff Card
    Jeff Card2 mesi fa

    I'm getting a rush just watching you ride at these speeds, I SO need one of these!

  • El verga Larga
    El verga Larga2 mesi fa

    Umm x el casco q se pone debe de ser bien pendejo manejar esa cosa... 😲😲😲😲💦 Ta piola 👍👍 👏👏

  • Don Berry
    Don Berry2 mesi fa

    I upgraded to a v8f 6 month ago now i want suspension, is this next?

  • stratgibson
    stratgibson2 mesi fa

    Lookin at all the reviews, this is probably the best, Kuji rides it like he stole it,the focus on the wheel & performance, Im waitin on my RS19(s)

  • TheKnowledgeThurst
    TheKnowledgeThurst2 mesi fa

    Made me want one

    BLANK BLANK2 mesi fa

    You got the best videos!

  • Antoine Convert
    Antoine Convert2 mesi fa

    What is your helmet please ?

  • Trip4 Des
    Trip4 Des2 mesi fa

    I need one of those. How can I get a sponsorship?

  • Jackball Johnson
    Jackball Johnson2 mesi fa

    It's a beautiful wheel, but it has a MAJOR design flaw. You can't get to the top chamber without taking off 4 saddle screws. They're hard to get to and even harder to put back in once the chamber is pressurized. It's been an hour for me so far using their poor tools, I advise anyone getting this wheel to have power tools with the right bits to reach these saddle screws. This is a huge disappointment because having to access this chamber even once a month will be a HUGE hassle. Ugh. What a huge bummer, I wanted to get out and roll today. If anyone at Inmotion is listening, I AM NOT HAVING ANY FUN.

  • michael kendall
    michael kendall2 mesi fa

    VESA mounted foot pegs 😂

  • Herbert Werner
    Herbert Werner2 mesi fa

    Love your review, you really show how that wheel works in many terrains. And you look good doing it.

  • ֆքɛǟӄɨռɢ ȶʀʊȶɦ
    ֆքɛǟӄɨռɢ ȶʀʊȶɦ2 mesi fa

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  • shearonj58
    shearonj582 mesi fa

    What is the max weight that thing can haul around?

  • 멘토르석사
    멘토르석사2 mesi fa

    dude can you test it in canadian winter conditions?

  • Santiago Paz
    Santiago Paz2 mesi fa

    Dónde la consigo

  • Santiago Paz
    Santiago Paz2 mesi fa

    Cuanto cuesta

  • Lando Cycle
    Lando Cycle2 mesi fa

    It's so pretty!

  • Sky High
    Sky High3 mesi fa

    Can you show me where you get your helmet?

  • Ronin Ryder
    Ronin Ryder3 mesi fa

    Excellent video!

  • Rafi Nilhan
    Rafi Nilhan3 mesi fa

    One thing grinds my gear. Why do you keep getting kicked out of places. U obviously didnt learn your lesson. Stop annoying the local authorities man. Don't be that asshole

  • Rafael Lima
    Rafael Lima3 mesi fa

    Kuji seems to be pretty comfortable confronting authorities, be careful dude, wrong place to do it.

  • Nombre Apellido
    Nombre Apellido3 mesi fa

    Good review sir!

  • Nombre Apellido
    Nombre Apellido3 mesi fa

    First time seeing this. Very cool! I think of the comic "BC" ! Lol!

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana3 mesi fa

    Camera work is amazing great videos

  • Ful4Nito. PR
    Ful4Nito. PR3 mesi fa

    Great vid Dude hey I got Q for you can you recommend this wheel for a beginner Thanks 👍

  • Strawberries
    Strawberries3 mesi fa

    Guys I'm flying international from LAX to the middle east through turkish airlines I wanna know if I can bring in my ewheel through my checking bag under the plane!? If not than Can I take out the battery if its removable ? I can ship it for less than shipping it as a whole rn it cost 968 to ship it coz its 50lbs! And that's one way shipping. Plz let me know

  • Pacific NorthWest
    Pacific NorthWest3 mesi fa

    Excellent review. I have seen several reviews of this wheel, and you had by far the best angles and shots. My favorite was the under the pedal gopro perspective!

  • Kees Verhagen
    Kees Verhagen3 mesi fa

    Dude, try to be safe !! When you fall flat on your face these kind of helmets will turn your neck quit quicly a 90 degrees or more due to chinpeak sticking out!!!! Such an abrupt turning of the neck can give you problems for the rest of your live. Buy a helmet that has a rounder chin protection. If you crash with 30 miles per hour or with more speed you will fall on your hands first because you will spread your hands and arm forward. But because of the kinetic speed you have you will still keep on going forward very quicly resulting in your head kissing the ground. This you can not stop from happening. You will also break one of your wrists if you do not wear gloves with wristprotection. They snap instantly. And probably giving multifracture. It won't be pretty. 8 weeks with titanium pins sticking in your bones. Please think logical about this and please be safe. Or at least try to minimise the damage. Elbows, knees, hips and wirst are really great when functioning. Hard carbon or plastic at the outside of the protection aerias so you keep sliding and not stop abrubtly.

  • Tucson Mclean
    Tucson Mclean3 mesi fa

    Wow... watching this..... looking at everything...u make a good reviews on all the products....u cover the speed... balance... mobility...... different landscape.... different weather conditions if ur lucky...night riding is important.....u give an overall review on everything.... thanks for the hard work man...and I really like the music ...

    WJ KANG3 mesi fa


  • Krapka Kolo
    Krapka Kolo3 mesi fa

    If you are interested in what is inside this kid, I invite you to watch the video

    CADE BRAZIL3 mesi fa

    Where are you bro??? Come back!

  • Revo Lucion
    Revo Lucion3 mesi fa

    Apb on kuji! He must be found, we need more content!

  • Miguel Branch

    Miguel Branch

    3 mesi fa

    he just did the RS review

  • MegaHowtoMan
    MegaHowtoMan3 mesi fa

    How much is it? When is v11 release?

  • net shaman
    net shaman3 mesi fa

    "You are not allowed to do this !" ( in a safe place ) But you can do this on public ways ! ( A lot way safer you know ! ) Hypocrisy or stupidity ?

  • Your Customer Service Sucks
    Your Customer Service Sucks3 mesi fa

    That face you make when you do your speed tests 😂

  • Carl Zorro
    Carl Zorro4 mesi fa

    with a seat yes, i'll ride one :)

  • Carl Zorro
    Carl Zorro4 mesi fa

    If i were in my 20's , heck yeahhhhhhhhhhh , how the heck you stop or motion to stop?

  • Carl Zorro

    Carl Zorro

    3 mesi fa

    @Kristian Dentuto Imaging putting 2 of them together like a bike, lots of power

  • Kristian Dentuto

    Kristian Dentuto

    3 mesi fa

    Lean back

  • Viola G. Midi
    Viola G. Midi4 mesi fa


  • Scott Nunan
    Scott Nunan4 mesi fa

    You cannot ride here, but for 500rmb it will be ok

  • Richardo Franzie
    Richardo Franzie4 mesi fa

    WOW! I must that under camera view was AMAZING! This Kuji - know how to ROLL! I LOVE THIS - screw the electric scooter, and if I can skate and snowboard it should LOVE MY MOVES! STAIRS?

  • Dylan Furm
    Dylan Furm4 mesi fa

    Soon we will be passed by these things on the highway.

  • Captain PT
    Captain PT4 mesi fa

    What kind of Fox helmet is that? So sharp. Love the open design of it.

  • Zac Gan
    Zac Gan4 mesi fa

    s18 or v11? - probably more city driving, but a lil bit of off roading

  • Spawn 1210
    Spawn 12104 mesi fa

    holy fuck I'm so getting one

  • The Good Chad
    The Good Chad4 mesi fa

    Can you raise the pads and lean and turn sharper ?

  • OmniMike
    OmniMike4 mesi fa

    Beijing looks amazing! Cheers from Wyoming USA!

  • VIP.mahaheng 939
    VIP.mahaheng 9394 mesi fa

    Shut up and take my money !!!

  • tutu649
    tutu6495 mesi fa

    You Look like Superman when you accelerate ..... i like your videos

  • SerGey ShirinYan
    SerGey ShirinYan5 mesi fa

    Could you tell me pleas, What kind of Camera do you use for this video?

  • Jona
    Jona5 mesi fa


  • Robert Burke
    Robert Burke5 mesi fa

    11:00 you kinda hit a hole in the ground. that these things can even do any of that is freakin amazing in the first place.

  • Andrew I
    Andrew I5 mesi fa

    excuse me, I didn't understand ... this is the best unicycle, isn't it? in your opinion...

  • ngenes1
    ngenes15 mesi fa

    Wow got motion sickness, awesome vid..

  • j-sun davis
    j-sun davis5 mesi fa

    great vid, as usual!!!!

  • blacksystem12
    blacksystem125 mesi fa

    "Things have been a little better here in Beijing, that's why I feel comfortable not wearing a mask."--eyes watering cause all the smog** lol

  • Trizzy Nahhh
    Trizzy Nahhh5 mesi fa

    Question: is there an euc that comes with built in coochi pads or whatever you call them? And if not, why not? Seems like they're pretty necessary.

  • Jovan Vujicic
    Jovan Vujicic5 mesi fa

    Hello I wanted to ask you I installed the trolley handle on my Inmotion V5 and I also have the pedals from v10 / v8 and the tire pressure at 3 bar and my Inmotion V5 no longer drives as it was I no longer have as much controversial about that Cycle as before, how does it go where it wants and I feel every pebble since the pedals are big and pleasant but I lose control when driving and who I try to drive, then it wobbles extremely back and forth you know a lot about what that I suspect that it is because of the v10 pedals and that is why I lose control and the pedals are much too large, the magnet cannot hold them who they are trapped and I believe that the tire pressure is too high even at 3 bar

  • Bra Mi
    Bra Mi5 mesi fa

    Ks18S or V11 whas better you think?

  • 성난황소
    성난황소5 mesi fa

    이거 좋은가요? 사용후기 어떤가요?

  • McAND
    McAND5 mesi fa

    Not bad this one too but is more rude s18 ! I m a monowheeler too if you want see my mad video on a mountains bunker lakes my channel is that : on snow in a bunker downhill ...

  • Dong Feng
    Dong Feng5 mesi fa

    How to accelerate this thing?

  • *
    *5 mesi fa

    Whats the point of preordering? It just says you give them a deposit then you just owe the rest of the full MSRVP at release? Literally just to get one of the first ones? o.0';

  • esuohdica
    esuohdica5 mesi fa

    Been watching escooter videos, then this came on, i'm just sat here mouth open :-D and a silly grin.

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