Koenigsegg Agera RS 457 km/h


  • Louis Philippe
    Louis Philippe51 minuto fa

    What tyres for that speed...? :-O

  • Superbracey
    Superbracey12 ore fa

    My current car is slower from 0-60 than that thing is from 180-240. It's hard to comprehend how that kind of acceleration must feel.

    REMBO FEDEROV17 ore fa

    дома сотку оставил, а рядом жена

  • shotiCko
    shotiCko21 ora fa

    So this is not the one they faked? its real?

  • Super Vetura

    Super Vetura

    12 ore fa

    yes its real

  • yes
    yes22 ore fa

    That was fun

  • Mr. soolo
    Mr. sooloGiorno fa

    The crew 2 devrait prendre exemple sur l'effet de vitesse car dans le jeux on a l'impression que même 500km/h bah que sa n'avance pas !

  • Peter 117 b
    Peter 117 bGiorno fa

    Where the f did they find that road?

  • Super Vetura

    Super Vetura

    12 ore fa


  • William Sara
    William SaraGiorno fa

    Good old days of drag racing my street car purple lc torana 350 Chevy supercharged ,gas the lot. A quarter miler in 8.25.at 178 mph ...that was many years ago good old days..the ultimate adrenalin

  • William Sara
    William SaraGiorno fa

    Wasn't that fun

  • Steve Gregory
    Steve GregoryGiorno fa


  • Flodio Sornsen
    Flodio SornsenGiorno fa


  • Positive Vibes
    Positive VibesGiorno fa

    457+kmph ? GOD DAMMED !! i just skipped to the last part to see the landing but it diddnt ? What the heck Koinigsegg am dissapointed

  • Петр Выпов
    Петр ВыповGiorno fa

    Шин на одну такую поездку хватает?

  • Teflon -Von
    Teflon -VonGiorno fa

    Someone did a good job paving that road!

  • Mansur M5
    Mansur M5Giorno fa

    His 260km/h looks like normal cruising speed of other cars lmao

  • Злобный карлик
    Злобный карликGiorno fa

    В помойной россии путина даже одной такой дороги не существует

  • Бодя Піскун
    Бодя ПіскунGiorno fa


  • iTGF
    iTGFGiorno fa

    Miles per hour is so stupid

  • AtomicBoy
    AtomicBoyGiorno fa

    Mais il y a pas que la vitesse La Chiron est bien mieux

  • A J
    A JGiorno fa

    Damn, i would love to be overtaken by this

  • Seyit Gök
    Seyit GökGiorno fa


  • Jeremy Stuber
    Jeremy StuberGiorno fa

    Must be LS swapped

  • 超絶シノン大好きな人
    超絶シノン大好きな人Giorno fa

    Holy shit......

  • Stanley Ford
    Stanley FordGiorno fa


  • Пакистанский Енот
    Пакистанский ЕнотGiorno fa

    На дачу едет ?

  • Jon Doh
    Jon Doh2 giorni fa

    They use a chicken cannon to test the windshields on aircraft. A bird strike could kill the pilot.

  • Enrique Ramos
    Enrique Ramos2 giorni fa

    One small turtle on the road and it would of been a wrap for this guy....

  • mohammed jamal
    mohammed jamal2 giorni fa

    1:43 when you feel 320kph is a slow speed

  • mocskoskukorica
    mocskoskukorica2 giorni fa

    this is bullshit...... i tuned my civic to 385km/h......

  • Madison Scott
    Madison Scott2 giorni fa

    Faster than the speed of light

  • Diego S. R.
    Diego S. R.2 giorni fa

    I'm feeling like: 200kmh - Check 300 kmh - V1 350 kmh - rotate 400 kmh - V2

  • SkateBoarding101
    SkateBoarding1012 giorni fa


  • Kamil Nowak
    Kamil Nowak2 giorni fa

    Ja bym przy 450 jedynke wrzucił :D >.

  • LuKe
    LuKe2 giorni fa

    imagine if he pulls the handbrake

  • Максим Талалаев
    Максим Талалаев2 giorni fa

    300 км/ч так медленно кажется...

  • Kdee.036
    Kdee.0362 giorni fa

    and just like that, over 7 miles in 2 and a half minutes. unbelievable.

  • ILovePeace


    16 ore fa


  • Pilon
    Pilon2 giorni fa

    no one gonna mention how steady the driver kept the car i mean that thing didnt move much at all over the road

  • Joshua Hooks
    Joshua Hooks2 giorni fa

    Imagine walking the desert with amnesia and severe dehydration just walk onto the road and getting hit at 457kmh

  • matteo teo
    matteo teo2 giorni fa

    Prepare for takeoff

  • kaffi GgHouse
    kaffi GgHouse3 giorni fa

    Flyby on this video would be great somewhere a camera recorder

  • kaffi GgHouse
    kaffi GgHouse3 giorni fa

    380kmh ….change the gear ehm wow ooooohhh yeahhh holllyyy molly Respect

  • Projection(fun)tastic
    Projection(fun)tastic3 giorni fa

    da 290 km/h in poi delirio!!! Un mostro di potenza assurdo!

  • Yasin Yıldız
    Yasin Yıldız3 giorni fa

    Ayinggg 😱

  • JF Composition
    JF Composition3 giorni fa

    1:19 how will it cost if you get flashed with 284 mph 😅😅😅

  • Jose Konovchuk
    Jose Konovchuk3 giorni fa


  • phobiazzzero
    phobiazzzero3 giorni fa

    the 300 to 400 kmph acceleration is insane fast

  • Roberto Marcelino
    Roberto Marcelino3 giorni fa

    Bugatti wins

  • sp royals
    sp royals3 giorni fa

    Hmm it doesn't sound very fast, then you ser its doing 220mph and still rapidly increasing speed wtf

  • Walter Sparbier
    Walter Sparbier3 giorni fa

    Fake Fuck....

  • Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
    Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus3 giorni fa

    Imagine hitting a rock at 450kmh The car would make a trip to space

  • Jay B
    Jay B3 giorni fa

    Sigh this is okay. 😕 Won't beat the 2021 SSC with a top speed of 330+ mph. It's being made near Seattle WA.

  • Da Cat
    Da Cat3 giorni fa

    What if a coyote jumped in front of it at that speed ... ?

  • Koolops CSM
    Koolops CSM3 giorni fa

    You're not supposed to fly that close to the ground... You need to recalibrate the Avionics Warning system ... pull up pull up pull up.... 🤪

  • Prince FrankieVince
    Prince FrankieVince3 giorni fa

    When u realize through 140 it was under light acceleration lol

  • DM M
    DM M3 giorni fa

    I am very glad to see the road shut down for this so no one's lives were put in danger. Thank you ! ! !

  • Mr.Lincoln's Brute'sGroot'sRoot's
    Mr.Lincoln's Brute'sGroot'sRoot's3 giorni fa

    He only went 144mph give or take 10 mph faster than me...given my car can only go 140...pffft!!! WHERE MAH ROCKET!!!....you "biastard" person, who ever you are...you should get few drones kok boi....position them down the road and test ur little buggy out then! bahaha fukn love it!

  • SKrawn
    SKrawn3 giorni fa

    Eat your heart out Veyron!!🖕🏻😂😂😂

  • Prites Bas
    Prites Bas3 giorni fa

    None talking about the bad Ass road

  • Daily driveway
    Daily driveway3 giorni fa

    Bro the pull from 200mph was nuts!! It flew past 225mph! If it had 1 more gear, it would hit 300mph no doubt!

  • MrYoklmn
    MrYoklmn3 giorni fa

    Original video. itwindow.info/door/video/fHRrYr10nKWZitM.html

  • Brad Schuh
    Brad Schuh4 giorni fa

    It’s how well you drive fast, not how fast you drive 🤪😜

  • MIR Ahmed
    MIR Ahmed4 giorni fa

    300km/h becomes a child play

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly4 giorni fa

    Driver got some steel to pull that off on public road. Here in pa the roads would have either ripped the muffler or wheels from axels or worse, leave him spun out from vehicle fluids or lazy traffic patrol and penn dot.

  • Hiden Biden
    Hiden Biden4 giorni fa

    Accelerating from the start seems rather subdued. Did the vehicle in this video have the stock gears? Is there a reason for this?

  • Joe Lombardi

    Joe Lombardi

    4 giorni fa

    When you can do 300 mph there is no need for hard start or banging the gears ya idjit

  • sai kiran
    sai kiran4 giorni fa

    At top speed imagine a slight tilt of steering wheel..

  • sai kiran

    sai kiran

    2 giorni fa


  • Pilon


    2 giorni fa

    Incredible how steady the driver kept that thing

  • Jonathan vaughn
    Jonathan vaughn4 giorni fa


  • Fiksuuu
    Fiksuuu4 giorni fa

    Wow I have just realized that he started to accelerate seriously at 290km/h.

  • Music and Soul
    Music and Soul4 giorni fa

    До сотки еле едет

  • Tommaso Costa
    Tommaso Costa4 giorni fa

    Shifted in 6th gear at about 280 km/h and 7th at 360 km/h. Terrifying !!!

  • Сыктым Кутакбаев
    Сыктым Кутакбаев4 giorni fa

    switch to 144p- nice!

  • norafav
    norafav4 giorni fa

    He just cross an entite state in 2 min ...

  • Александр Сергеев
    Александр Сергеев4 giorni fa

    300км/ч выглядит так, как будто по городу едешь 60км/ч)))

  • s b
    s b4 giorni fa

    Nice being young.. when youre getting older.. somehow, there is a lot in youre mind.. more n more .." what if there is donkey crossing street.. what if there is dog crossing street.. what if the brake failed..what if..what if...what if...

  • Ketan GSW
    Ketan GSW4 giorni fa

    How I feel at 150 kmph in my M4 GT:

  • Dan Tschosik
    Dan Tschosik4 giorni fa

    going no were fast😄

  • Sam Stedman
    Sam Stedman5 giorni fa

    This car does 180-240 as fast as my car does 0-60

  • gypzino
    gypzino5 giorni fa

    Swedish power

    AARYO-DHRAVIDAN5 giorni fa

    Everyone talking about 300kmph...bruh...100 is too fast in my country.. 200 feels slow in this video... 😶🤯

  • Calibri 11
    Calibri 115 giorni fa

    When the turbos really kick in at 300 km/h is like an orgasm

  • Gabriel Santiago
    Gabriel Santiago5 giorni fa


  • maciej guzek
    maciej guzek5 giorni fa

    loud interior, especially above 350 kmh. Therefore 3 stars out of 5.

  • Anderson Bittencourt
    Anderson Bittencourt5 giorni fa

    Que reta graaaaaandeeeeee.rsrses

    FORTIS6 giorni fa

    На работу лететь норм

  • mehmet bilir
    mehmet bilir6 giorni fa

    nice cruising at 300km

  • zAlexandru
    zAlexandru6 giorni fa


  • Enzo Morf
    Enzo Morf6 giorni fa

    The acceleration beyond 300kph is unbelievable...

  • duorbe
    duorbe6 giorni fa

    Hitting a bump would be fun 😂

  • Carlos Iñiguez
    Carlos Iñiguez6 giorni fa

    Speed progression is completely unreal… fake

  • pascal Julien
    pascal Julien6 giorni fa

    😂😂😂 FAKE maximum 270 kmh

  • Black Ligtning
    Black Ligtning7 giorni fa


  • Сергей Ххх
    Сергей Ххх7 giorni fa

    За пределом заводской прочности покрышек.

  • Atle Fredrik Torkveen
    Atle Fredrik Torkveen7 giorni fa

    Swedish quality 😉

  • S Glock
    S Glock7 giorni fa

    Я ваш спорткар на приоре обойду, только 95й от лукойл залью.

  • MΛCE1337


    4 giorni fa


  • Dj GooF
    Dj GooF7 giorni fa

    А где такие дороги?

  • MrAzwan Tajudin
    MrAzwan Tajudin7 giorni fa

    autobahn say come.

    NUR SALIM7 giorni fa

    A fake speedometer

  • Oliver
    Oliver7 giorni fa

    No risk no fun

  • Aman Meena
    Aman Meena7 giorni fa

    Bugati speed501

  • Rudi 40 rudolf
    Rudi 40 rudolf8 giorni fa


  • Ottzel
    Ottzel8 giorni fa

    Everyone else: Yeah, 120 km/h seems like a reasonable max speed Germans on the Autobahn:

  • codeHawk official

    codeHawk official

    23 ore fa

    @Leepek you know the rules and so do I

  • Dimpet1925


    3 giorni fa

    In Greece we don't have Autobahns but that doesn't prevent people from flooring it

  • Leepek


    4 giorni fa

    @Jim Hawkins I know the rules, I drive quite often on German highways and I assure you that what you talk about is rare.

  • Jim Hawkins

    Jim Hawkins

    4 giorni fa

    @Leepek because "Rechtsfahrgebot" - always drive right, except you're overtaking. And with 200kph on the Autobahn: you will be overtaken too. So go the right lane ;-)

  • Leepek


    4 giorni fa

    @Daniel why not

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