Måneskin - I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE (Lyrics/Testo) Eurovision 2021


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    which country is the best? 🌍

  • Autumn Morseth

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    Mese fa


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    Mese fa


  • Jennifer Nicholls

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    Greece and england

  • sharku


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    @jokemas7er where’s that

  • sharku


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    britain bc a youtuber i like is there

  • x.Jess.x xx
    x.Jess.x xx4 ore fa

    He also made beggin

  • ♡{Sleepy Bat}♡
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    logan het is voor jou

  • Πενυ Ζ
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    The Best song. ❤️❤️❤️

  • milxyseditz
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    i cant get this song out of my head is so addicting

  • Utkarsh Thapa
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    rip those who cannot find this song

  • s_e_l_y
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    I wanna be your slave

  • s_e_l_y
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    Everyone writes one line - please I will start


    0:58 mmmm aha

  • Kernelcz
    Kernelcz8 ore fa

    This is gay as shit but damn this song is good ( dont worry im not homophobic or anything)

  • amxranthine💙💚
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    Best song ever

  • T__TV


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    Yes 👍

    THE RAYS YT!🥰10 ore fa


  • Iren Reynalda
    Iren Reynalda10 ore fa

    When the lyric vid came out 1 month ago while the official vid is 1 week ago🤣🤣

  • Alessia Richetti
    Alessia Richetti10 ore fa

    L’Italia ha vinto gli Europei e pure l’Eurovision!Forza Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

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    If you ain't from TikTok 💪

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    Fucking god

  • Samantha
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    What's one song you can't find by searching up the lyrics?

  • Skycrapper
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    Your voice is little bit of kalus mikaelson , Joseph morgan

  • Eya ben gharbia
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    أحب هذه اغنية كثر😍🤩😘

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    😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 oh shit

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    Fun fact : this video has 20M more views than the official 🤣

  • Deepak Jha
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    2021 someone ?

  • Noya theguardian
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    Imagine Hua Cheng singing this to Dianxia😳😩

  • Manuela Miličević
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  • Alenabelle Joy Nyuk
    Alenabelle Joy Nyuk15 ore fa

    help,I was thinking this voices like quakity and now I can't unheard it

  • I like brownies
    I like brownies16 ore fa

    This song holds ✨POWER✨

  • Froso Lekka
    Froso Lekka16 ore fa

    Ωραίο τραγούδι

  • Giulia & Checca
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    iuspichi igliigin

    RENAI17 ore fa


  • JoshAintSoCool
    JoshAintSoCool17 ore fa

    This song is garbage

  • h z
    h z18 ore fa

    2:03 and over. absolute perfection.

  • ¯JACKAL¯\_ シ
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    Me whos just listening to this cuz it’s my favourite song

  • _Sʜɪɴᴄʜᴀɴ_ army.
    _Sʜɪɴᴄʜᴀɴ_ army.19 ore fa

    "And if you want to use me I could be your puppet. " 😏my fav line

  • olivia reddick
    olivia reddick19 ore fa

    I dig the fuck outta this song

  • Xx
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    The song is a good uwu

  • P Oliver
    P Oliver22 ore fa

    Do not and I repeat DO NOT look up the radio edit

  • Cara
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  • Wubba_luBba_duBduB
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    I tried to stop vibing, but I couldn't

  • Idol
    IdolGiorno fa

    "I wanna be your s## toy" I hate Maneskin now

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe JonesGiorno fa

    The music vid made everyone question their sexualities

  • M.Martina G
    M.Martina GGiorno fa

    Well I got the ad of this song on this video 😂😂

  • Alma Bert
    Alma BertGiorno fa

    Als ich das Lied in meiner Klasse angemacht habe mussten beinahe alle mit singen bloß die Lehrerin hat mich etwas komisch angeschaut 🙃

  • sukisukidaisuki
    sukisukidaisukiGiorno fa

    "I wanna make you hungry and feed ya" Me: *w h a t*

  • Ariane
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    So guys think with me, Sleep Bois inc vibing to this song at 3 am in the car 😭✌️

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  • Kayln croom
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    This song is so catchy lol😂

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    This song slaps hard 😭💖

  • Cihan yaşar
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    1,25 ps ooooowww

  • julie dotson
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    Ok but listening to this song blasting outside in the middle of a storm while drenched in rain water is the best.

  • Аня Острянина
    Аня ОстрянинаGiorno fa

    Ukraine 💛

  • cein gameing81
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    i want to be your slave

  • The roblox detectives
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    The whisper :)

  • Romina Solís ahumada
    Romina Solís ahumadaGiorno fa

    Manskin is one of the few bands bands that I identify with

  • DevotedHunt
    DevotedHuntGiorno fa

    Kinda odd how I accidentally skipped the vid I was on and am here now for the long haul xD

    NOVATO MPGiorno fa

    Rock Music!!!

  • Rimi XD
    Rimi XDGiorno fa

    Can somebody tell what type of music is this? I kinda like it Sorry bad English

  • Shamnae


    Giorno fa


  • Hallie Bailey
    Hallie BaileyGiorno fa

    my mum simply doesn't care that I listen to this song hahaha😂

  • Luka Gabelaia
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  • Hanaa Fawzi
    Hanaa FawziGiorno fa

    my class be like:she's so nice and innocent........................................................................................... me be like:I WANNA BE UR SLAVE I WANNA BE UR MASTERRRRRRRRR

  • Dylan
    DylanGiorno fa

    9.7K people must not have ears.

  • Max_is_poggers
    Max_is_poggersGiorno fa

    Omfg have you seen those one Tiktoks where it’s like “beg for me, *begs*” and then it says the part of the song where it’s like that’s fucking pathetic AHHH

  • Caitlin Jade
    Caitlin JadeGiorno fa

    his accent is what’s keeping me living

  • •° A b s o r °•
    •° A b s o r °•Giorno fa

    Not me simping for his voice

    IOLANDA ALOEGiorno fa


  • Stefiro Raul
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  • Hanna Dömötör
    Hanna DömötörGiorno fa

    Best song or begging

  • Hanna Liisa Pilden
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    My 9yrs old sis gave me this..

  • giulia miana
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    Omg his voice is sooooo satisfying I caaan diiie and listen to it all daaay!!!!!!

  • Tirami sushi者
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  • Kimberly Halter
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    I would DIE for his accent

  • -Peach.-.Rings-
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  • Digital Commercials!
    Digital Commercials!Giorno fa

    This is my song 😭

  • kat hoogzaad
    kat hoogzaadGiorno fa

    Does anyone else get Bakugo x Denki vibes from this? (no ship hate plz just a question)

  • Kirk Jackson
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    Wtf is this shit.

  • Sally face 🐸
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    0:59 users tik tok

  • Bosnian Kanny
    Bosnian Kanny2 giorni fa

    this is foucking shit.......... But I kinda like it..... :/

  • Mr.SheepGames
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    is London a country

  • Rose Coughlan

    Rose Coughlan

    Giorno fa

    It's a city in England........ You look like a clown 🤡

  • Ayat Ahmed
    Ayat Ahmed2 giorni fa

    nice song!!

  • Haters hate FACTS
    Haters hate FACTS2 giorni fa

    Been stuck in my mind for two months. Underrated song

  • Jana Gowely
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  • Ben Russ
    Ben Russ2 giorni fa

    This is my new fave song to drive to

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi2 giorni fa

    "I wanna be your slave" *Abraham Lincoln will remember that*

  • Your local disasters
    Your local disasters2 giorni fa

    This is kinda hot tho

  • Rafaela-Batata Meme
    Rafaela-Batata Meme2 giorni fa

    0:19 and 1:04

  • VideoVibes
    VideoVibes2 giorni fa

    I have to listen to this before I go out on my roller skates so I can sing it and annoy strangers by singing it around them (imagine them joining into the song tho I would be shocked)

  • Fay Decorte
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  • Elliza
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  • angelito xd :v
    angelito xd :v2 giorni fa

    I wanna ve your savle

  • Elizebeth & Evie003
    Elizebeth & Evie0032 giorni fa


  • Eyad legend _إياد اسطوري

    Eyad legend _إياد اسطوري

    2 giorni fa

    I wanna be your slaver

  • Dark Demon
    Dark Demon2 giorni fa


  • Sunshine  Playz 🌞
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  • chloe
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    if your reading this, you have a good music taste

  • Rose Coughlan

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    Giorno fa


  • nimeni_nmk 5
    nimeni_nmk 52 giorni fa

    Ai laic tis miuzic

  • Camily Potter
    Camily Potter2 giorni fa

    "Love me"?.

  • Licorice Bubble
    Licorice Bubble2 giorni fa

    If y’all thought this song alone was hot, watch the music video on their channel

  • 𝚃 𝚍 𝚍 𝚢 𝚋 𝚛
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    0:59 wowwww

  • Ilona Cepaite
    Ilona Cepaite2 giorni fa

    I love this song

  • i am nonexistent
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    without this song i am nothing

  • Segers Mauro
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