Making a Solenoid Boxer 4 Engine

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In this video I'm making a 4 cylinder solenoid boxer engine.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!
00:00 making the Cylinder
01:34 making the Pistons
02:59 winding the Copper wire
03:10 testing the Solenoid
03:24 making the Crankshaft
06:26 making the Connecting rod
08:37 making the Engine frame
10:24 installing the Bearing by the press fit
12:03 making the Back Flywheel
14:03 making the Front Flywheel
15:27 making the Wood base
16:32 assembling the parts
18:37 showing the finished engine
19:36 checking the rpm

Thank you for watching :)
If you have any questions, please leave them on the comments below!
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  • Maker B
    Maker BAnno fa

    Big thank you for your wonderful and supportive comments!! ------- Tools & Machines I used in the project & Timestamps ------- Sherline Lathe: Sherline Milling: SKIL 9-Inch Band Saw: Dykem blue: Lathe Mill CENTER DRILL : 00:00 making the Cylinder 01:34 making the Pistons 02:59 winding the Copper wire 03:10 testing the Solenoid 03:24 making the Crankshaft 06:26 making the Connecting rod 08:37 making the Engine frame 10:24 installing the Bearing by the press fit 12:03 making the Back Flywheel 14:03 making the Front Flywheel 15:27 making the Wood base 16:32 assembling the parts 18:37 showing the finished engine 19:36 checking the rpm Again, thank you for watching this video :)

  • Oussama CHRIHA

    Oussama CHRIHA

    22 giorni fa

  • william woods

    william woods

    23 giorni fa

    Now you just need to build a small Subaru to put it into

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    Cason Kyle

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  • Till Vogelsang

    Till Vogelsang

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    Can you link the engines u use?

  • Ronald 'RV' Van Hook
    Ronald 'RV' Van HookGiorno fa

    Well done. Clearly you're no amateur.

  • Roland3pont
    Roland3pontGiorno fa

    Coool!!! Very thank you: )

  • Flesz
    Flesz3 giorni fa

    Machinery is amazing

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    Out class

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    Amazing project!

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    Делал на станках а каленвал бъёт как говно в проруби. Если руки из жопы станки бессильны.

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    Cuzin dave 4206 giorni fa

    So amazing to watch this type of machining. Beautiful ! 👍👍

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    The fly wheel came out beautifully..

  • R C
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    iiiiit's wooooorkinnng!!!!!!

  • Balthazar Naylor
    Balthazar Naylor9 giorni fa

    what lathe do you have?

    KAMRAN HYDER9 giorni fa

    Very hard work

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    More power!!!!!!! 🤣

    LAVA TV THAI11 giorni fa

    Electric cars should adopt this system.

  • Jam John Ordillano
    Jam John Ordillano11 giorni fa

    Just like machine plane mustang P51

  • Benni Jalamena
    Benni Jalamena12 giorni fa

    Wow... I think that says it all. Great work bro, it's rare you see a video where all the comments are positive ones. That pretty much speaks for itself. Bravo.

  • Zahir Zellagui
    Zahir Zellagui12 giorni fa

    Bon travail, merci, reste juste les bobinages des elctroaimants qui devraient être réguliers, pour augmenter l'efficacité

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    wow that turned out wobbly..

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    Patrick Ryckman14 giorni fa

    How does the efficiency of thos compare to a regular electric moto

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  • J-Seven
    J-Seven17 giorni fa

    can you try to run it without the fly whee?

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    very cool

  • Banjer Ism
    Banjer Ism17 giorni fa

    Can you make a laser gun?

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    Lars Frogner17 giorni fa

    This is the nerdiest thing I've ever watched and I watched it till the end. Dude, that was great!

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    You are special sir mam

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    People can be smart but folks are fucking stupid from the time of birth till death kinda sad

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    Not gonna lie, this video just started autoplaying on the tv while i was cleaning and i was super interested trying to figure out what this was supposed to be 😂

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    vPooch Perfect

  • President Oxford
    President Oxford18 giorni fa

    With that amount of engineering he could've made the real thing + chassis.

  • M.M
    M.M18 giorni fa

    any plans for any motor companies to build this? it seems like a simple CLEAN effcient way to drive a crankshaft

  • Макс Бубаренко
    Макс Бубаренко18 giorni fa

    У этого парня славянские корни, всё точил на станке, а цилиндры для упрощения конструкции приклеил)))

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    Complimenti un lavoro di pura bellezza e precisione,l'ingegno umano unito a macchine di precisioni può creare qualsiasi cosa .

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    Lovely work! Now Scale it up and put it in a Subaru :D

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  • charles stein
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    What evil, dark magic is this? Just kidding! I was just fascinated by the machines making the parts. Looks like a multi million dollar workshop for NASA.

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    bro if i may...what maker is your lathe machine?

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    Wonderful work, very cool project. I wish I had access to the machinery to do this sort of thing, I've been wanting to build engines for a long time,

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  • 김태헌
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    Hello, I am a 22-year-old student in engineering college. While my team was looking for something to make with this project, I watched your video on ITwindow and was inspired to make it. So, if it's not an excuse, can you tell me the dimensions of the parts in the video?

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