Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • Brian Marisa
    Brian MarisaMinuto fa

    I want to learn this

  • Hassan Almatroudi
    Hassan Almatroudi11 minuti fa

    very smart

  • Pun Yin Chik
    Pun Yin Chik11 minuti fa

    Will it seepage or fail under rainy season? It seems to be some hardened soil, but not as hard as rock

  • Founni Mohamed
    Founni Mohamed21 minuto fa


  • Francis Agrippa
    Francis Agrippa21 minuto fa

    How many Day to finish this project kkkk. Watching from Zimbabwe Gokwe Nembudziya ❤🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼👍

  • юрась бойко
    юрась бойко22 minuti fa

    А я пятый год сарай разобрать не могу!!

    ERANHIKKAL E.K24 minuti fa

  • Chris Dooley
    Chris Dooley27 minuti fa

    Mad skills. Guy obviously is talented at many types of construction areas. I love it so far

  • Terry Mikel
    Terry Mikel27 minuti fa

    How bad is his significant other. My gosh

  • Lucia Pou
    Lucia Pou28 minuti fa

    This is the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life 😍😁

  • Laid Amari
    Laid Amari31 minuto fa

    ذكرها ربي في القرآن منذ أكثر من 14 قرن حيث قال"وينحتون من الجبال بيوتا آمنين".

  • Denis Antivatnikov No4 Velo Photo ZP No2
    Denis Antivatnikov No4 Velo Photo ZP No233 minuti fa

    электричество от куда)

  • Johan Bosman
    Johan Bosman38 minuti fa

    3 Weeks later he die in his sleep, entire roof come down with rain storm.

  • Ronald S R
    Ronald S R39 minuti fa

    I will make a hole from the reverse side, to steal his honey.

  • J JillyRoll
    J JillyRoll48 minuti fa

    These comments are awesome funny

  • Wissem Badja
    Wissem Badja51 minuto fa

    Bravooooo 👏👏👏👏

  • KiiNG
    KiiNG52 minuti fa

    Let's be real if he did this in California it would sell for a 14 million dollar condo. EASY.

  • pan-sakura channel
    pan-sakura channel54 minuti fa

    Soo hard but beautiful, excellent

  • I_amPeter
    I_amPeter57 minuti fa

    He is pro at Maine craft

  • 최윤후
    최윤후57 minuti fa

    본인 산인가?

  • Mr Ri
    Mr RiOra fa

    Liziqi wants to find your location.

  • Anas kallayi
    Anas kallayiOra fa

    Amazing 🔥

  • WiZ khalifa
    WiZ khalifaOra fa


  • Ali Daoud
    Ali DaoudOra fa

    مدهش احلا من اي شقه حديثه

  • Imma Soldier
    Imma SoldierOra fa

    As men we'll do anything just to NOT have to spend the holidays with the Mother-in-law i tell ya. lol

  • cengiz yiğit
    cengiz yiğitOra fa

    Nekadar zaman da yaptı?

  • LinkVelvetLiza Mangubat Celestial
    LinkVelvetLiza Mangubat CelestialOra fa


  • Im Win
    Im WinOra fa

    This is an absolute Marvel of construction this guy did an amazing job and he should be commended for his attention to detail his craftsmanship and his benefit to the environment.

  • Amgha Zhimo
    Amgha ZhimoOra fa

    Mabe he played too much Minecraft

    РАШИН КОМИOra fa

    Это какой труд должен быть , чтоб такое сделать 👍👍👍👍

  • sashakrasnoyarsk
    sashakrasnoyarskOra fa

    Без очков камень пилит! Низачот!!!

  • siraaj muhammed
    siraaj muhammedOra fa


  • 9Te
    9TeOra fa

    Without a proper stake or beam, is it safe to live inside?

  • Brigit Bardot
    Brigit BardotOra fa

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. BRAAAVO!!!!

  • Beverly Eldridge
    Beverly EldridgeOra fa

    Builder, artist, electrician, carpenter, bricklayer the man got talent 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Rasil Kernov
    Rasil KernovOra fa


  • Capt Nemo
    Capt NemoOra fa

    В России такого не сделаешь. Сразу же найдется "хозяин" (местные чиновники) горы с кучей технических, санитарных и природоохранных препонов.

  • Beverly Eldridge
    Beverly EldridgeOra fa

    Flint stone Mansion 🙌🙌🙌

  • Dave A Driffield
    Dave A DriffieldOra fa

    Ruining the natural environment. This is how housing estates start.

  • Steel Daemon
    Steel DaemonOra fa

    With silicosis, deafness and hand-arm vibration syndrome, but with its own cave. Genius.

  • Dave A Driffield
    Dave A DriffieldOra fa


  • jewelfewel
    jewelfewelOra fa

    Thanks for building for 2 years giving me something to watch while I sit in my bed eating cheetos


    His hard work became a 20M views video for a popular youtube channel.

  • Sharath s
    Sharath sOra fa

    I hope that mountain is stable and last for long.. otherwise all his hard work gonna be waste after an earthquake...

  • NJ R
    NJ ROra fa

    And they wonder why China has to open up new power-plants all the time.

  • J S
    J SOra fa

    GET SOME EAR PROTECTION (shouting because he's on his way to being deaf)

  • mata kucing
    mata kucingOra fa


  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher MillerOra fa

    He deaf now? Can’t imagine lack of eye or ear protection did him any favors.

  • Леонид Лактионов
    Леонид Лактионов2 ore fa

    Китайский самоделкин

  • NAIL Boy
    NAIL Boy2 ore fa

    The answer is, NO. How many drill bits.... Nevermind

  • Евгений Султанбаев
    Евгений Султанбаев2 ore fa


  • XoXiDe 101
    XoXiDe 1012 ore fa

    pretty amazing.. for me.. its something i would love to do.. we all built in snow and beaches.. this guy made a childhood dream into an adult passion.

  • Михаил Карпов
    Михаил Карпов2 ore fa

    n Siberia it, where the freezing of the ground, not less than 1700 mm, there such housing in the first winter will become a place of detention of Kai, and no Gerda will not help, Siberia, there even a snow korroleva does not live, in Greenland run away

  • Alfarisi
    Alfarisi2 ore fa

    Me make a house in Minecraft SMP, But there is no vacant land left:

  • Ken Rhutso
    Ken Rhutso2 ore fa

    I see you're a caveman of culture as well.

  • miss ladybug
    miss ladybug2 ore fa

    I wonder if Thelma will be happy...

  • Meri Pederson
    Meri Pederson2 ore fa


  • rain city
    rain city2 ore fa

    Pembuat video aslinya menangis melihat views videonya di channel ini

  • Mike Matters
    Mike Matters2 ore fa

    In the USA one would be hard pressed to get approval from building Departments for this type of Construction, unfortunately.

  • CyberiusT


    Ora fa

    You assume he had, or even applied for, approval.

  • Shaine
    Shaine2 ore fa

    Gives the phrase "Location Location Location" a whole new meaning.

  • Traveler
    Traveler2 ore fa

    I expected better house

  • kurzor0007
    kurzor00072 ore fa

    Well Petra was built inside a mountain

  • Adeseun Adeniran
    Adeseun Adeniran2 ore fa

    Just wait until the next mudslide then he's gonna get stuck forever

  • Mike Matters
    Mike Matters2 ore fa

    With lots of work, I have the knowledge and the equipment, yes I could do this.

  • Andrew


    26 minuti fa

    Grab yourself a cookie for everything you are smart enough to do but will never do

  • Vic Pitman-Jones
    Vic Pitman-Jones2 ore fa

    That happens all of the time in the opal fields of Australia.

  • Rashim Rai
    Rashim Rai2 ore fa

    Best idea for homeless people

  • CyberiusT


    Ora fa

    Best idea for homeless people is "caretaker rent" - let people live in all those empty rental properties, on the condition that they maintain and clean it and they have no lease so they can be evicted on minimal notice. Their costs to all are nil, the benefit to the homeless is obvious, and the benefit to the owner is they get a free maintenance person. Assuming everyone does what they're supposed to, of course.

  • Christian Gonzolaz
    Christian Gonzolaz2 ore fa

    As we grow with technology we tend to go backwards to see how far we can live with out intelect but keep our advance technology. There was a quote out there like that. Not hatin this is awesome but made me think that. Lol

  • Relief karya seni
    Relief karya seni2 ore fa

    sya orang indonesia andai aku di ajak para pengukir / pahat batu karena aku juga bisa me relief dan ide,,sangat kuat ini orang seniman adi pasuruan indonesia ini batu,, cadas jdi enak di ukir gk sbrapa keras

  • Meire Silva
    Meire Silva2 ore fa

    E muito engenhoso,, tem criatividade e coragem

  • Armand Zuleger
    Armand Zuleger2 ore fa

    Alles mit Akkuschrauber, das Kabel ist nur Tarnung im besonders hartem Fels...

  • Meire Silva
    Meire Silva2 ore fa

    Muito corajoso,

  • Callise Allysea Angelique
    Callise Allysea Angelique2 ore fa


  • johnny lema
    johnny lema2 ore fa

    The knotty certification superiorly undress because permission developmentally moor underneath a bashful particle. royal, cuddly shoemaker

  • Mark Frederick
    Mark Frederick3 ore fa

    That took a lot of effort to make such a shitty house!

    ROOSHAN3 ore fa

    What in the Minecraft is this?

  • supri pml
    supri pml3 ore fa

    Bagi dong rumah nya 😂😁

  • Алла Титова
    Алла Титова3 ore fa

    Какой трудолюбивый и упорный человек. Да и инженерные способности большие. Удачи и счастья тебе! 🤝

  • Rhino 159
    Rhino 1593 ore fa

    Nothing short of awesome! What determination, skill, artistry just awesome

  • Steve Bly
    Steve Bly3 ore fa

    Just outstanding super job I would love to call that home ! Keep up the great work will be waiting for your next building ! Thank you for let us see your new home !

  • Debra Wolley
    Debra Wolley3 ore fa

    This is called recycling. Is this guy an engineer. This is an awesome job. Were is the power coming from?

  • ryu akame
    ryu akame3 ore fa

    Que wuapo

  • Samira Haslet
    Samira Haslet3 ore fa

    Did your govt allow you to build this? Will you keep it?

  • Zaw Zaw
    Zaw Zaw3 ore fa


  • Anthony Tay
    Anthony Tay3 ore fa

    This guy is a 3rd degree Master Mason.

  • D Perez
    D Perez3 ore fa

    All compliments to him. Obviously very talented in the ways of construction. But this was not hard stone it was a softer clay type material. He couldn't have cut and chiseled his way so easily if it was hard stone.

  • arian E
    arian E3 ore fa

    Is that mountain made od dirt?

  • Pam Sharp
    Pam Sharp3 ore fa

    Wow amazing!! And don't even use safety glasses😲😎

  • Nessa haq
    Nessa haq3 ore fa

  • Ю. Ю.
    Ю. Ю.3 ore fa

    Я так понимаю, это не скальная порода, а что-то мягкое. Очень стрёмно - может обрушиться...

  • Tori Bluth
    Tori Bluth3 ore fa

    Apartment? Is there more than one unit?

  • Serigala Art
    Serigala Art3 ore fa

    Dedication : 100% Discipline : 100% Talent : 100% Solo work : 100% End result : 100000000% What a badass

  • janaki durgamalleswari
    janaki durgamalleswari3 ore fa

    A man can achieve anything with hard work he is an example for it .he really did a hard with technic of working

  • T5C2 Studio
    T5C2 Studio3 ore fa

    When a person is determined enough and work towards achieving the dream, with patients and hardship it becomes Reality...👍

  • Gau
    Gau3 ore fa

    2:03 nice merc foregrip

  • Kong Kingkong
    Kong Kingkong3 ore fa

    If I ever live there I’d hire him to build me one that’s 3x bigger with up stairs bedroom lol .

  • Robin Fryer
    Robin Fryer3 ore fa

    I’d be interested to know what sort of rock that is. Sandstone? Limestone?

  • Chinmay Mahindrakar
    Chinmay Mahindrakar3 ore fa

    This is real minecraft😅😁

  • 릴리
    릴리3 ore fa

    마인크래프트를 실제로하시네

  • Сергей Василенко
    Сергей Василенко3 ore fa

    Гора из песка что ли? Или почему так легко обрабатывается?

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