Mini Crewmate Kills JoJo's Characters - Part #2 | Among Us

The Red Over Heaven....!!

Song - There is an impostor Among Us! (Remix by CohexBruh)

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  • Yamileth Valverde
    Yamileth Valverde2 ore fa

    the fun part abaut Damn Sec that everything is relatable and the jokes make sense and the Fstoon mkaes horrible animation and the jokes are eh bad

  • lhen francisco
    lhen francisco8 ore fa

    wow big among us stand

  • milzeh
    milzeh8 ore fa

    0:43 Rip giorno T3T

  • AlexDog
    AlexDog8 ore fa

    I think you should do something about this

  • Nancy Molina
    Nancy Molina9 ore fa

    I like your videos, I saw all of them

  • Feitan
    Feitan20 ore fa

    wats song did u use for the red crewmate buff? i like it can u please tell me the name?thank u

  • Jose Alexandre Dos Santos Silva
    Jose Alexandre Dos Santos SilvaGiorno fa

    What About okuyasu -,?

  • Asmita tamang
    Asmita tamangGiorno fa

    You can't do it to a requrem

  • spongya fiú
    spongya fiúGiorno fa

    Doesn't requiem reset all abilities of stands turning them back to 0

  • Prafulla Chandra Sahu
    Prafulla Chandra SahuGiorno fa

    Ola sai Dora

  • Itsyaboi Drip goku
    Itsyaboi Drip gokuGiorno fa

    Me: crying because my mom hit me* Also my mom when I’m crying: 0:21

  • 천양 cheon yang
    천양 cheon yang2 giorni fa

    5부모르나보넼ㅋㅋㅋ(걍 화살만맞고진화면 디아블로가먼저함 ㅋㅋ)

    FIRE ATTACKER2 giorni fa

    0:49 Playing hardcore for a year be like

  • KittyFice
    KittyFice3 giorni fa


  • Kyle mark Caton
    Kyle mark Caton3 giorni fa

    The mini crew mate turn into Dora and boots

  • Thomas The Soul Taker #Thomas
    Thomas The Soul Taker #Thomas3 giorni fa

    She doesn't remember asking for Your opinion.

  • ༒ᗠ3ᛗᱛNᛙᙅ𒋦༒ᘜᘮᛙ ᭄
    ༒ᗠ3ᛗᱛNᛙᙅ𒋦༒ᘜᘮᛙ ᭄3 giorni fa

    I dont liked it >:( sorry but i love jojo >:(

  • K.G.V
    K.G.V3 giorni fa


  • ArtyTru
    ArtyTru3 giorni fa

    Korega, red sus requiem

  • Heru Amazon
    Heru Amazon3 giorni fa

    0:45 cann explain this ??

  • TOB TH
    TOB TH3 giorni fa


  • Jago_gaming @254#
    Jago_gaming @254#3 giorni fa


  • Frederico assuncao
    Frederico assuncao3 giorni fa

    que bosta

  • Jonathan zeppeli zeppeli
    Jonathan zeppeli zeppeli3 giorni fa

    NOO you can’t just keeping killing jojo :mini crew mate : haha kill go brrrrr

  • Alan Gabriel Condori Mamani
    Alan Gabriel Condori Mamani4 giorni fa

    among us murdering other characters is too ridiculous

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff4 giorni fa

    0:43 thats not requiem works

  • FlatEarth
    FlatEarth4 giorni fa

    0:01 JosukeStand

  • Darth vader Ali Ibrahim
    Darth vader Ali Ibrahim4 giorni fa

    0:53 epic moments

  • Jonvargonline
    Jonvargonline4 giorni fa

    0:36 WOW BRO SO GOOD

  • SunJunYT
    SunJunYT4 giorni fa

    i am Kira but am Kira death note

  • Artem Moski
    Artem Moski4 giorni fa

    Not all stands can have requiem

  • Toxic Dude

    Toxic Dude

    4 giorni fa

    Not all video follow serious logic.

  • Harith_Yt
    Harith_Yt4 giorni fa

    Red The Ghost Requeriem

  • Shadow
    Shadow4 giorni fa

    ゴKorega... Crewmate Requiem...ゴ

  • skid but very spooky and holy
    skid but very spooky and holy4 giorni fa

    Nothing can beat ger so lmao that fight will destroy the multiverse

  • skid but very spooky and holy

    skid but very spooky and holy

    4 giorni fa

    Sorry im not that much of a weeb

  • Toxic Dude

    Toxic Dude

    4 giorni fa

    @skid but very spooky and holy bruh GER is a casuality manipulation and if someone is acasual ( to whom that logic of casuality doesn't effect) then they won't be able to effect by GER Featherine has the power to basically overwrite the story , she can just make Giorno with no stand Yogiri has the power of instant death And his power can kill beings to whom the concept of death doesn't apply (multiversal conceptional beings) and if Giorno tries to hurt Yogiri then it's passive will instantly kill Giorno( his power can bypass everything and even undying or immortal can't be ressurected) Ajimu has the power of switch (out of millions) and this disables others skills ,like GER RTZ will be disabled Or Giorno ability to use stand Heck Even alien x can rewrite the universe with no Giorno (like how pucci did) More over manga Sinbad, LN slime, LN accelerator , misogi and even more have the ability to take down GER

  • skid but very spooky and holy

    skid but very spooky and holy

    4 giorni fa

    @Toxic Dude bullshit, giorno does not need to be in danger for his stand to say: fak u actions go reverse

  • Toxic Dude

    Toxic Dude

    4 giorni fa

    @skid but very spooky and holy pretty sure character with plot manipulation could have a upper hand against him Like instant death , featherine, TOAA

  • Toxic Dude

    Toxic Dude

    4 giorni fa

    @skid but very spooky and holy well then kumagawa also have basically the same skill But more versatile by converting everything into nothing

  • 00J_45
    00J_454 giorni fa


  • Süleyman Adam 2012
    Süleyman Adam 20125 giorni fa

    0:36 i like this part

  • Süsan Mirzəyeva
    Süsan Mirzəyeva5 giorni fa

    Amonjo bizzarus advanture

  • Gacha_ Roxie
    Gacha_ Roxie5 giorni fa

    Damn seconds has gone so popular that people are copying his videos

  • Honniy Bunny
    Honniy Bunny5 giorni fa

    my mom when i dont want to do themes: 0:48

  • Knife_Knight
    Knife_Knight5 giorni fa

    You really did watch Jojo.

  • firedcave
    firedcave5 giorni fa

    how mini crewmate dies: shaggy finally uses 1% of his power and annihilates mine crewmate

  • Nano Ben

    Nano Ben

    2 giorni fa

    Oh duck i dont wnt meth

  • Daniels Blox

    Daniels Blox

    3 giorni fa

    Everubody here: i do Grammer

  • Eric Bautista

    Eric Bautista

    3 giorni fa

    Before he was useing 00000000.00000001 of his poqer

  • Enrico pucci
    Enrico pucci5 giorni fa

    but how did he beat giorno? RIGGED I CALL RIGGED

  • Vylyn Phamv
    Vylyn Phamv5 giorni fa

    0:45 Me: JESUS CHRIST......?!

  • pelinsu22
    pelinsu225 giorni fa

    Bruh look how Rohan smiles

  • that one s. t. m. jjba. u fan
    that one s. t. m. jjba. u fan5 giorni fa


  • - Zildjan -
    - Zildjan -5 giorni fa

    Imposter. . . . . IMPOSTER REQUIM!!

  • ȾN_Ghost Skull
    ȾN_Ghost Skull5 giorni fa

    1:06 reverse card be like

  • Nokami TV
    Nokami TV5 giorni fa

    Amogus is shit versus giorno

  • Life TV
    Life TV5 giorni fa


  • TOB TH
    TOB TH5 giorni fa

    0:45 55555

  • King crimson尺乇Ɋ凵丨乇爪
    King crimson尺乇Ɋ凵丨乇爪5 giorni fa

    (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) 0:33

  • elvinlian
    elvinlian5 giorni fa

    Why king crimson user kiss a frog

  • john glenn V. Guzman
    john glenn V. Guzman5 giorni fa


  • Jo Gi
    Jo Gi5 giorni fa

    ok so ik this is kinda r/wooooooooooosh but every single one of these except Giorno actually works.

  • Iman Iffat Abdul Rahman
    Iman Iffat Abdul Rahman6 giorni fa


    PETPO GAMING 206 giorni fa

    Hmmmm do you watch JJBA?

  • Marina Blanche
    Marina Blanche6 giorni fa

    Hola soy dora mamadisima

  • игроман игроманович
    игроман игроманович6 giorni fa

    he could not defeat the gold experience requiem and he was not a traitor worthy of an arrow requiem so he would just die

  • Pablotito
    Pablotito6 giorni fa

    And if heavens doors write something it'll happen so even if rock Kars is here he'll still ejected

  • Pablotito
    Pablotito6 giorni fa

    1.Not funny (or for me) 2.King Crimson can't see your application so it don't work 3.requiem is immortal and the requiem isn't in his head stupid cause giorno kept the arrow in his hand

  • Toxic Dude

    Toxic Dude

    4 giorni fa

    Damm we got some serious people reacting over some parody

  • Bogdan Petrović
    Bogdan Petrović6 giorni fa

  • gokuotaku9k
    gokuotaku9k6 giorni fa

    0:35 amongus ya valiste madres

  • yuuy YUUY
    yuuy YUUY6 giorni fa


  • Jose Carlos Gutierrez Castillo
    Jose Carlos Gutierrez Castillo6 giorni fa

    0:16 Robo de identidad xd

  • • Helena Tu •
    • Helena Tu •6 giorni fa

    Baby reds dad : YONNY MOUSIN DAYDO

  • potato gamer
    potato gamer6 giorni fa

    i can tell he has never watched jojo

  • Mister Di
    Mister Di6 giorni fa

    How this impostor's stand maybe in close combat and be invulnerable?

  • Xx_komandi_xX
    Xx_komandi_xX6 giorni fa

    *this is a genius*

  • BaguetteGD
    BaguetteGD6 giorni fa

    0:48 damn i would leave the planet if i saw that

  • Gaming with Vihu
    Gaming with Vihu6 giorni fa

    0:46 you bulling kids There dad

  • LeoPRO1
    LeoPRO16 giorni fa

    When I not clean my room My mom: 0:49

  • サビねこ
    サビねこ6 giorni fa


  • noob
    noob6 giorni fa

    Im confused

  • Luis René Aguilar Castro
    Luis René Aguilar Castro6 giorni fa

    Porque Dira se volvio Chara?!?!

  • Wan Adam Mikail
    Wan Adam Mikail6 giorni fa


  • Insert Name
    Insert Name6 giorni fa

    amugus B)

  • olbod1400
    olbod14006 giorni fa

    I like how the crewmate. Have legs and the stand have arms 😂 perfect

  • Derek Leighty
    Derek Leighty7 giorni fa

    Another thing with ger since red ghost is like evil due to bein impostor the arrow will just say Lmao no when it stabs itself with it

  • DarkEnder
    DarkEnder7 giorni fa

    0:34 Niga niga niga niga niga niga

  • FlatEarth
    FlatEarth7 giorni fa

    0:36 best Jojo musics

  • STOP R34D1NG M3
    STOP R34D1NG M37 giorni fa

    Amogus can't beat the gold, you know that?

  • Davi Santos
    Davi Santos7 giorni fa

    Waiting for a part 3

  • Andrew Carlson
    Andrew Carlson7 giorni fa

    What's his stand called

  • Saca Marica
    Saca Marica7 giorni fa

    Cant wait part 3

  • Lucky AndStreamy
    Lucky AndStreamy7 giorni fa

    0:48 WHAT THE

  • dink tenedero
    dink tenedero7 giorni fa

    among jojo us

  • John Prince Pobar
    John Prince Pobar7 giorni fa

    Your next line is pinned comment

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus7 giorni fa

    0:43 Nope that wont work :)

  • Zaidenawe458
    Zaidenawe4587 giorni fa

    He never watch Jojo because u can’t take the sand Arrow andin spec your sand to get stronger

  • ᴇɴᴅ ᴍᴇ
    ᴇɴᴅ ᴍᴇ7 giorni fa

    Impostor requiem is the ultimate stand.

  • ᴇɴᴅ ᴍᴇ
    ᴇɴᴅ ᴍᴇ7 giorni fa

    Impostor requiem is the ultimate stand.

  • William Chong
    William Chong7 giorni fa


  • Samuel
    Samuel7 giorni fa

    I want part 3

  • サビねこ
    サビねこ7 giorni fa

    正直勝ってほしかった ジョジョキャラ

  • Mary Sandy Rhue
    Mary Sandy Rhue7 giorni fa

    Doppio:Trurururuurruururururururururuururururururururururururuurururururuurururururuurururururururururur........ *cough* I'm tired

  • Myrrh Uy
    Myrrh Uy7 giorni fa

    bro i like the ger part

  • Galaxy RBLX
    Galaxy RBLX7 giorni fa

    0:46 I realized that the mini red dance Is perfect to the beat

  • Alberto24 X890
    Alberto24 X8907 giorni fa

    Ñ 😈

  • Tegan Modica
    Tegan Modica8 giorni fa

    Part 3 when

  • Z € N $ W I F T O
    Z € N $ W I F T O8 giorni fa

    The kira yoshikage was funny

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