Nissan 200SX on slippy Nürburgring Nordschleife S13 CA18DET 17.08.2019 日産 ニュルブルク 4K


  • Something Awesome
    Something Awesome10 ore fa

    almost 11.3 million views as I write this. About 11.1 million of the viewers probably did not possess the prerequisite knowledge to fully comprehend/understand just how amazingly impressive this was.

  • MorDor12
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  • Halftime Art
    Halftime Art19 ore fa

    Respect 💪

  • B. Son - RS Motorsports
    B. Son - RS MotorsportsGiorno fa

    helmet not needed or special day? honest question.

  • Luis Carlos Etayo
    Luis Carlos EtayoGiorno fa

    Eso en mi pueblo se le llama hacer el mongol. Q hostias se pone a frenar con el izquierdo en carretera?

  • ChiTuSai
    ChiTuSaiGiorno fa

    That rpm gauge is the most untrustable thing on earth ;)

  • Goofy Chili
    Goofy Chili2 giorni fa

    I like it how on the way there he was driving nice and slow, but once he got onto the track the mood and mindset completely changed

    PANDA MAN2 giorni fa

    circuit idiot

  • HunterQc
    HunterQc3 giorni fa

    that was 14:15 of pure pleasure to watch!

  • Mo
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  • 佐
    4 giorni fa

    14:10 wink wink

  • Jaqen h'ghar
    Jaqen h'ghar4 giorni fa

    awesomee driving skill

  • Andrew Tashtandinow
    Andrew Tashtandinow4 giorni fa

    Швыряет то нехило, как он её ловит... и не ссыт. У чувака титановые яйца))))

  • Jerine Prakash
    Jerine Prakash4 giorni fa

    Many bus drivers in India can drive faster than this dude

  • Nick J
    Nick J5 giorni fa

    can someone explain the swift little foot movement at 1:39 ?

  • Dadaista
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  • Ruben Gardiner
    Ruben Gardiner5 giorni fa

    5:40 that was actually scary asf

  • Abdul Rauf
    Abdul Rauf7 giorni fa

    This is the best video on ITwindow and nobody can change my mind

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez7 giorni fa

    el tanque de gasolina se va llenando conforme avansa el video jaja lol

  • Artem Solovjev
    Artem Solovjev8 giorni fa

    7:51 Bye bye Evo))

  • Toshi K
    Toshi K8 giorni fa

    You the fastest on the track. Badass

  • Xennon Pubgm
    Xennon Pubgm8 giorni fa

    13:26 lol the miata

  • Cano Castillo Gustavo Emilio
    Cano Castillo Gustavo Emilio8 giorni fa

    I love Ame tus videos están genial espero conducir uno alguien día y como tu lo haces

  • Joe
    Joe8 giorni fa


  • Mustang FORD
    Mustang FORD9 giorni fa


    KID ELEGANT9 giorni fa

    'some sketchy little slides' at 250km/h xD

  • juan Kupiec
    juan Kupiec9 giorni fa

    Envía tu video a la escudería de hamilton

  • Mohamed_027
    Mohamed_02710 giorni fa

    I literally had adrenaline rush just watching you lol

  • Night Lock
    Night Lock10 giorni fa

    watching you cruise your way through town is honestly relaxing tbh

  • Kit Vasco
    Kit Vasco10 giorni fa

    Prty nice dude

  • Antonio Quirino
    Antonio Quirino10 giorni fa

    Alguém mais notou o corsa no fim do vídeo?

  • J De la perla
    J De la perla10 giorni fa

    The real brian💯

  • Andreas Muller
    Andreas Muller11 giorni fa

    Min 5.10

  • Pavel D.
    Pavel D.12 giorni fa

    Die Turbine des Piloten bläst bis zu 1 bar.

  • Pavel D.
    Pavel D.12 giorni fa

    Как же классно что есть такие трассы как нёрбургринг. Toll, dass es Strecken wie den Nürburgring gibt.

  • d3nkata_mnogo_igrai
    d3nkata_mnogo_igrai13 giorni fa

    7:21 evo

  • Dennis Rivas
    Dennis Rivas13 giorni fa

    Nice ride bro greetings from Costa Rica

  • Sebas 530
    Sebas 53014 giorni fa

    11:44 me after a good round with my girlfriend 😏

  • Svenn31
    Svenn3114 giorni fa

    this man is a fking beast

  • Lwazi Morris
    Lwazi Morris14 giorni fa

    the friendly pat at the end 🥺❤️

  • Mevrek Musik
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  • Mevrek Musik
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  • Фентифлюшкин
    Фентифлюшкин15 giorni fa

    Чисто съездил на трек, вздрочнул и домой. Вот молотки

  • Zero Cap
    Zero Cap15 giorni fa

    علي بالحرام شوط معلم ✌🏻

  • ozcoffee
    ozcoffee17 giorni fa

    I always wonder if he will open that can of soft drink straight after he finish driving around the Burg. I can also see it spray everywhere .....

  • 本田伝説
    本田伝説17 giorni fa


  • ifeelit
    ifeelit17 giorni fa

    I thought passing on turns wasn't aloud on the nurburgring

  • Povilas Siurblys
    Povilas Siurblys17 giorni fa

    My english is to poor to describe,what level of skill was this...that slide on 240+km/h...talent i must say and big cojones i guess...

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez17 giorni fa

    Dude killed it!👌🙏💫

  • Vinicius Fonseca
    Vinicius Fonseca18 giorni fa

    O cara pilota demais! A habilidade no pedal me lembrou o Senna, o maior piloto de todos os tempos!

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill19 giorni fa

    "Good job baby" love tap at the end 😍

  • Din Verem MBGY
    Din Verem MBGY19 giorni fa

    I like this guy's mentality, risk it all for content. I'm similar

  • عمر كورد kochar
    عمر كورد kochar19 giorni fa

    لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  • Денис Шишкин
    Денис Шишкин19 giorni fa

    Perfect! I have only seen such a gear shift in "Initial D"

  • Bloom0to9
    Bloom0to919 giorni fa

    Good driving :)

  • BadWallaby
    BadWallaby20 giorni fa

    240kmh no gloves no helmet and ALL the balls in the world!

  • L Co
    L Co20 giorni fa

    Great driving mate well done, how many hp do u car have?

  • Павел Якименко
    Павел Якименко20 giorni fa

    Опасно было, но как он управляет, ещё и похлопал по панели, круто!!!

  • Emre Gökhan
    Emre Gökhan20 giorni fa

    7:23 ow shit Mitsubishi Evo focus

  • Animelover7332
    Animelover733221 giorno fa

    great x) I enjoy this vid so much :D

  • Kevin JWK
    Kevin JWK21 giorno fa

    Dude woke up and chose speed

  • Doggy Do ́
    Doggy Do ́21 giorno fa

    real pilot !!!

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson21 giorno fa

    no helmet no suit no gloves no cage this is about the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen

  • Wali Sambo
    Wali Sambo22 giorni fa

    you drive like a god

  • Declan Burns
    Declan Burns22 giorni fa

    I have just started taking driving lessons recently so this might sound stupid but I’m wondering how you can take your foot off the clutch so fast and not stall

  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves22 giorni fa

    cara manda muito slc

  • Zul Zharif Muhamad
    Zul Zharif Muhamad23 giorni fa

    never get bored to see your driving and footwork

  • Thatonebmwfan
    Thatonebmwfan23 giorni fa


  • Hoang Phuc Vo
    Hoang Phuc Vo23 giorni fa

    4pedal ???

    HITHOOM RS24 giorni fa


  • Terska
    Terska24 giorni fa


  • chad raddish
    chad raddish24 giorni fa

    I thought this was a Forza Horizon 4 gameplay.

  • djscheppy
    djscheppy24 giorni fa

    5:30 getting sketchy

  • Stephen Boag
    Stephen Boag24 giorni fa

    You have completely fu**ked with my eyes

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis25 giorni fa

    rip your shift linkage

    # UNKOWN NR25 giorni fa

    He's overtaking everyone !

  • David Ernesto Fernandez Valencia
    David Ernesto Fernandez Valencia25 giorni fa

    Elon Musk dislike this video...

  • ElShogoso Stream Archive
    ElShogoso Stream Archive26 giorni fa

    Never seen someone do rev matching while driving at 60 km/h. I should start doing that, it's probably better for the transmission's durability.

  • YoShiRiN
    YoShiRiN28 giorni fa

    3:08 beautiful double clutching

  • Matheus Fogaça
    Matheus Fogaça28 giorni fa

    05:42 se o cara não acerta era uma vez... a +240km/h mermão... muito foda!!

  • filipy


    3 giorni fa

    Foda demais!!



    3 giorni fa

    Só de assistir já dá um cagaço kkkkkk

  • Jardel Oliveira

    Jardel Oliveira

    5 giorni fa

    Skskkskskkskks vddd, quem n sabe dirigir em nurburgring é isso

  • László Molnár
    László Molnár29 giorni fa

    Te beteg allat....

  • Ariah Blazer
    Ariah Blazer29 giorni fa

    impressive driving skills

  • ___Jpeg___
    ___Jpeg___Mese fa

    so clean

  • Uli Vao
    Uli VaoMese fa

    How many laps to know the track. Nice drive.

  • Lucas Mathers
    Lucas MathersMese fa

    4:55 OHHH SHEIT

  • asian wills
    asian willsMese fa

    dream car

  • The Hash Slinging Slasher 32
    The Hash Slinging Slasher 32Mese fa

    You sir, have serious balls and serious skill. I wish I had the confidence to do what you just did

  • 山田太郎
    山田太郎Mese fa

    VS LANCER! nice over take!!

  • jason
    jasonMese fa

    3:09 what is this guy doing,

  • Mehmet SİVAS
    Mehmet SİVASMese fa

    mad driving skills respect man

  • Gren
    GrenMese fa

    great lines and comitment, you deservee a lot more power and grip to max your times !

  • Slippy
    SlippyMese fa

    That’s me!

  • Jon Pflueger
    Jon PfluegerMese fa

    If u play the video in veverse u can watch the monster can do a 180

  • Ne1ronex
    Ne1ronexMese fa

    fucking nerveous video

  • Santa Six
    Santa SixMese fa

    Passenger's got some big feet.

  • bharat indoria
    bharat indoriaMese fa

    No steering mounted controls, no fancy touch screen, manual transmission.... A perfect driving enthusiast he is.

  • Jakub Prachár
    Jakub PrachárMese fa

    I’m just impressed, i would like to race you some day 🙏

  • Artem Sergeyev
    Artem SergeyevMese fa

    Why did you sped up replay

  • Ввс Сша
    Ввс СшаMese fa

    Dude plays need for speed?

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