• Pedro Mendes
    Pedro MendesOra fa

    4:04 lmao

  • Gatis kandis
    Gatis kandis2 ore fa

    He was like is that the highest gear like he's playing forza

  • acadien unlimited subliinm,x1
    acadien unlimited subliinm,x13 ore fa

    Need one more gear in that transmition , fuck even 2 more , shell go till she fly bro ! Yeah

  • culle6 crossover
    culle6 crossoverGiorno fa

    Der hat Benzin im Blut.

  • use your brain OK?
    use your brain OK?Giorno fa

    At the end that music was shocking me as I guess that car has problem💀💀

  • Clyde Ratilla
    Clyde Ratilla2 giorni fa

    Gtr 35 is my dream car

  • Otamendy Shorts
    Otamendy Shorts2 giorni fa

    Muy muy rápido recién entro a la autopista en 10 segundos llego a los 300

  • Алексей Безфлагов
    Алексей Безфлагов2 giorni fa

    Germany : please, drive as fast as you can. Russia: speed limit is 110 (130) Cameras every 400 meters 😢🤧

  • шухрат базоров
    шухрат базоров2 giorni fa

    Bugatti veyron sport

  • SkateBoarding101
    SkateBoarding1012 giorni fa

    I Have a 2022 Dodge Hellcat With 204 MPH And i want to race the Nissan GTR- R35 where can we meet cause i’m In ScottsDale Arizona.

  • Hana G
    Hana G2 giorni fa

    It was freakin dope.

  • Роман Иванов
    Роман Иванов3 giorni fa

    Nissan ещё раз доказал всему миру что может выпускать самые быстрые и технологически продвинутые машины, спасибо за видео!

  • Pieric Samaire
    Pieric Samaire3 giorni fa

    Thanks nissan!!! Motors and car ingeniors 👍💪🌟

  • Thileepan Sandiran
    Thileepan Sandiran3 giorni fa

    Let me tell you a joke : Ford Mustang

  • Your a whore
    Your a whore3 giorni fa

    If this car had 8 gears that would be capable of hitting 400 for god sake

  • U1rich
    U1rich4 giorni fa

    What is that light at 9:08?

  • A Az
    A Az4 giorni fa

    Foo Kin Fast Hoo Lee Chit hahaha

  • A.V. Raman
    A.V. Raman5 giorni fa

    Proper wild Pov! As usual, superb driving and breathtaking speed..

  • Ari M
    Ari M5 giorni fa

    У этого Чувака платиновые яйца.😁👍

  • Daniel Max
    Daniel Max6 giorni fa

    Parabéns ótimo vídeo e é um super carro com esse som inconfundível

  • Maehara Keichi
    Maehara Keichi6 giorni fa

    Good location with wide open in front for putting the level max.

  • Jalen B
    Jalen B6 giorni fa

    How many pair of tires do you use a year?

  • CTK Network
    CTK Network6 giorni fa

    Anyone notice how the left lane is 100% empty for him to do this, would never happen in the US

  • Osman
    Osman6 giorni fa

    quarter of the fuel is gone in 10 mins :)

  • Jasper Ckv
    Jasper Ckv6 giorni fa


  • TechCrazy
    TechCrazy7 giorni fa

    Scary and what a car! Amazing.

  • Dancan Dancos
    Dancan Dancos7 giorni fa

    my man was searching for 7th gear 😂😂

  • Hasan Ekiz
    Hasan Ekiz7 giorni fa

    Er ist Super aber kleine Fehler ist das ganze Autobahn 🛣 ein Friedhof

  • Andrei Balbido
    Andrei Balbido7 giorni fa

    wow Gtr35

  • haveaniceday
    haveaniceday7 giorni fa

    Why are those cars on the left lane? So annoying.

  • Lizzbird
    Lizzbird8 giorni fa

    I wish highways were like this worldwide, but too many people don’t know how to drive

  • Kakusareta
    Kakusareta8 giorni fa

    Du muss sonntag fahren keine lkw

  • Ph Huynh
    Ph Huynh9 giorni fa

    Dangerous you are

  • PSA 207 rc cup "210"
    PSA 207 rc cup "210"10 giorni fa

    Dieser Moment wenn man bei 280 auf den Pinsel tritt und die Bude marschiert ohne zu zucken weiter nach vorne😬

  • Exterminatus
    Exterminatus10 giorni fa

    Надеюсь, скоро введут ограничение скорости на автобане. Я тоже в свое время гонял с 200+ км/ч, но это опасно. Хотите гонять - езжайте в специальные места, созданные для этого.

  • Wayne Wilson
    Wayne Wilson10 giorni fa

    We need a 7th gear Nissan!

  • Wayne Wilson
    Wayne Wilson10 giorni fa

    I've also got a 2015 GT-R & loving it - a very very special car!

  • Wayne Wilson
    Wayne Wilson10 giorni fa

    That's definitely not stage 1 only mod - the car pulls far too strong - love it though!

  • Saber Cruiser.
    Saber Cruiser.10 giorni fa


  • Wojciech Bilewicz
    Wojciech Bilewicz11 giorni fa

    mammamia che bestia

  • Marls 13kaluz
    Marls 13kaluz11 giorni fa

    What was the total distance covered and in how many minutes?

  • Hamza Qureshi
    Hamza Qureshi11 giorni fa

    I could watch this all day !

  • Jr Ramaya
    Jr Ramaya11 giorni fa

    Esos son wevos, lo que me cuelgan son habas.

  • たんたん
    たんたん11 giorni fa


  • donnie
    donnie11 giorni fa

    This car was fckn MOVING. 🏁🏁

  • Shreyas Botre
    Shreyas Botre11 giorni fa

    Like how the title changes 😂

  • dedariga
    dedariga11 giorni fa

    wow top

  • Trxggerz
    Trxggerz11 giorni fa

    bro drivin like he got none to lose dammmmn


    If he hits a rabbit he's dead dead dead !

  • Khan Waqar
    Khan Waqar11 giorni fa

    Most satisfying engine sound 😴

  • Juan Carlos Gaytan
    Juan Carlos Gaytan11 giorni fa

    I think that it missing one or two gear

  • 高橋トシ
    高橋トシ11 giorni fa


  • Seamus Russell
    Seamus Russell12 giorni fa

    She's begging for a 7th gear

  • Pablo Hevko
    Pablo Hevko12 giorni fa


  • Lucianobonfim020 Bonfim
    Lucianobonfim020 Bonfim12 giorni fa


  • justin s.
    justin s.12 giorni fa

    Imagine this is just a stage one upgrade..

  • Faisal Kalim
    Faisal Kalim12 giorni fa

    Why do you risk it so much by driving this fast? A closed circuit is another thing. This road has traffic. Its dangerous

  • Yamakasi V
    Yamakasi V12 giorni fa

    Не устойчиво ведет себя на скорости

  • nonaka 5213
    nonaka 521312 giorni fa

    すごいスピードだな❕❕ 新幹線 並みのスピードだな

  • Олег
    Олег12 giorni fa

    Это трасса Ноябрьск-Новый Уренгой

  • Giga
    Giga12 giorni fa

    Wow !!

  • Nadeem ندیم الدیں Uddin
    Nadeem ندیم الدیں Uddin12 giorni fa

    feels like playing racing game!

  • crazy horse29
    crazy horse2912 giorni fa

    B J Baldwin Recoil Nissan sounds better imho. Some cliff reverb helps.

  • Arif demircioglu
    Arif demircioglu13 giorni fa

    I want This car

  • onlyallah1ummah
    onlyallah1ummah13 giorni fa

    Your car can beat a Bugatti oh ok wait what

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов13 giorni fa


  • 偽りのラーメン屋
    偽りのラーメン屋13 giorni fa

    Great stability at high speeds! Driving is also wonderful. I'm scared and impossible ...

  • GT-R
    GT-R14 giorni fa

    The best

  • Chandra Pratama
    Chandra Pratama14 giorni fa

    Engine: We Need 7 gear😈😈 Transmission: I'm Sorry, I Can't go much further😭😭

  • Hoten Hitonokoe
    Hoten Hitonokoe14 giorni fa


  • Iulian Budusan
    Iulian Budusan14 giorni fa

    That „typical” BMW driver! BMW drivers of the world, unite! There is no difference between an european,japanese, australian or other part of the world... BMW driver! They seems to be siamese!

  • Badlands Badman
    Badlands Badman15 giorni fa

    579 people sit in the passing lane blocking, causing accidents instead of passing like a normal person with a brain

  • العاب وشروحات منوعه
    العاب وشروحات منوعه15 giorni fa

    استمر ❤️

  • BB Q
    BB Q15 giorni fa

    I'ts need one more gear

  • Artem Khateev
    Artem Khateev15 giorni fa

    This speed is only for track, no for road, man. Your mistake is very expensive for you and other drivers.

  • chrissy08
    chrissy0815 giorni fa

    iI've recently seen a GTR for sale here in Melbourne Australia and its going for 80k. I really like it but i'm not sure whether the car has been crashed or stolen before as I cant see the vin so its difficult for me to tell whether it is or not. I really do like it but an alternative is a 35/70z or possibly a 400z at this rate but 80k for a GTR here in Australia is e x t r e m e l y cheap and I mean that.

  • Pavel Tsukerberg
    Pavel Tsukerberg15 giorni fa

    Он до 300 едет быстрее чем Приора до 100

  • Pine Hosseyni
    Pine Hosseyni15 giorni fa


  • Zachary Owens
    Zachary Owens15 giorni fa

    1000th comment

  • Adam Donovan
    Adam Donovan15 giorni fa

    Yeah it can do what else can it do? Not like it's the only car in Europe that can do that. Come on guys, could we ask some bigger questions besides who has the biggest willy?

  • LBR 95
    LBR 9516 giorni fa

    You can clearly see that this dude is enjoying every second of this, he's literally driving this beast of a car like he stole it. They didn't call the GTR a Godzilla for nothing, and I love how the car is begging for more gears and to go even faster. Out of all the sports cars, supersports and hypersports cars out there in the world, my one and only true love is the r35, actually all the R series.

  • LBR 95

    LBR 95

    14 giorni fa

    @Bam Bam tru, just love that car dude.

  • Bam Bam

    Bam Bam

    14 giorni fa

    You got biased in the second half, not gonna lie.

  • Alamin Hussain
    Alamin Hussain16 giorni fa

    You are an excellent driver

  • Iqbal Ardiansyah
    Iqbal Ardiansyah16 giorni fa


  • M. G. P.
    M. G. P.16 giorni fa

    Ja neee is klar! Verwerflich ist diese fahrweise schon.... wie kann man nur... GEILE KARRE! :D

  • Andre from Brazil
    Andre from Brazil17 giorni fa

    Amazing car

  • Phong Khanh Pham
    Phong Khanh Pham17 giorni fa

    6:50 like a prius try to go fast

  • キセキのミカコ
    キセキのミカコ17 giorni fa


  • Pio t3r
    Pio t3r17 giorni fa

    He: Did You drove this GTR?? I: Yes He: It's fast? I: Yes He: How fast? I: Yes

  • Linas Vaičiukynas
    Linas Vaičiukynas18 giorni fa

    Insane brakes at the end exit 9:10 ...

  • Anthony Sagar Tiwari
    Anthony Sagar Tiwari18 giorni fa

    This driver is bad shit crazy …… badass and amazing !!!

  • BorZ VU
    BorZ VU18 giorni fa


  • Hi Fi High End
    Hi Fi High End18 giorni fa

    The King of speed

  • Irvin Gonzalez
    Irvin Gonzalez18 giorni fa

    By the time the video is done he's half way across the world lol that thing moves!

  • Robert Bleilebens
    Robert Bleilebens18 giorni fa

    Megageile Karre! Super Speed! Mega awesome car! Super speed!

    KAZU KAZU18 giorni fa


  • Joerg NRW
    Joerg NRW18 giorni fa

    na imerhin keine garten-handschuhe mehr. aber um himmels willen, zieh den mist endlich AUS! 🙄🙄🙄

  • D T
    D T19 giorni fa


  • Mohammad Shahin
    Mohammad Shahin19 giorni fa

    Man ,! WTF,!

  • Pod Consultoria
    Pod Consultoria19 giorni fa

  • ugur ugur
    ugur ugur19 giorni fa

    Müziğe geri yok 👍

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