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☕ About Cafe Music BGM channel
We are making Cafe music for relaxation, for work, for study, etc.
All music in this video \u0026 in this channel is original music by us.
We are playing all the songs.

📜 What is BGMC?
Gentle light that shines through the blinds
One glass of water after waking up
The tender breeze from the window that we feel with all our body

These things are too ordinary in everyday life to be conscious.
But we can't live even if one of them is missing.
"BGMC - BGM channel" has been providing music, hoping to be like them.

Though it is colorless and transparent, we want to make the listener's daily life as colorful as possible.
That is the essence of the music we deliver.

Light, water, wind, and BGMC
A new value for music.

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    Great music to listen to during a nice dinner.

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    Close your eyes, and imagine your just on your couch, a cup of coffee by your side, the temperature is the perfect degree, the blanket covering you, your cat sleeping on your lap, and the sun setting in front of you.

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    This music is phenomenal 💖 Thank you so much for sharing it. It helps me quite a lot 🙌🏼

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    I have trouble sleeping but this knocks me out cold I am so glad this is so relaxing

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    I love jazz

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    My dog and I always loved listening to this. 😥

  • Cafe Music BGM channel

    Cafe Music BGM channel

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    Good to hear that!


    i love dis mudic

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    WORK JAZZ3 giorni fa


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    your music is very good

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    Great content! I recently lost my job because of the pandemic so I decided to start a youtube channel.

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    I've been listening to this at my desk when I go to work. It helps me concentrate and makes the time go by faster 😁

  • Cafe Music BGM channel

    Cafe Music BGM channel

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    48:45 sounds like PATD’s death of a bachelor

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    I would like to know the instruments used to make this music. I love it so much

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    lolz boiii5 giorni fa

    It's been 4 years since I first heard it. I used to listen to this while studying, during covid as well. When I first heard this I was at my lowest, now I've got a scholarship paying for my college (which I prepared for listening to this!) and I have come back just to say a big thank you and for everyone out having a hard time it cannot last forever.

  • lolz boiii

    lolz boiii

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    Cosmo YT

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    Loved this!... listening now and it really helps me feel relaxed with a fully charged functional brain despite all these workloads that are brain-wrecking! :-) Thanks

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  • Cafe Music BGM channel

    Cafe Music BGM channel

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    Cafe Music BGM channel

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    Cafe Music BGM channel

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    Dwell on the beauty of life...PIERCING INSTINCTS...Brian :)

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  • Cafe Music BGM channel

    Cafe Music BGM channel

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  • Cafe Music BGM channel

    Cafe Music BGM channel

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