Restoring A Rare Mercedes E55 AMG Super Wagon! Satisfying 5 Week Transformation Fixing EVERYTHING!

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I love AMG and had to save a very neglected yet ultra-rare Mercedes E55 AMG wagon. Only 193 of these super wagons were imported to the U.S and this one was driven into the ground and has 232,000 miles. In this video, you'll watch a complete 5-week transformation from fixing rust holes to paintwork, mechanical repairs, transmission issues, paint correcting, and much more. Sit back, grab a pop and enjoy the show!

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  • LegitStreetCars
    LegitStreetCars2 mesi fa

    What car should I save next?

  • Matthew Reece Baaliah

    Matthew Reece Baaliah

    3 giorni fa

    @Ruhi abdulrazack we don't care

  • Data Sailor

    Data Sailor

    13 giorni fa

    I’m getting on in years and won’t be able to follow my car dreams. I have one-owner (me) 1986 300E with the rare 5-speed. The color is desert tan over palomino MBTex. The ODO died at 299k miles fifteen or more years ago. I was rear ended in December, 1997, and have never been happy with the repair that was done. I have a ton of contemporaneous documentation including an AMG catalog and a personal letter to me from the local AMG dealer with a complete price list. My plan was to upgrade the ignition to coil-per-plug and the fuel injection to sfi. I have a M104 fuel rail, a trigger disk and distributor cap replacement with Hall effect sensor, throttle position sensor. I also have a W124 limited slip kit for the diff. The roadside emergency kit has never been unwrapped. I also have a rolling parts car with 5-speed. The A/C was upgraded to the better compressor and R134 refrigerant. I’m not going to lie. There is some rust.

  • Data Sailor

    Data Sailor

    13 giorni fa

    @Michael Monahan I have a 1986 W124 parts car with 5-speed that I could contribute to the project.

  • Bruno G

    Bruno G

    14 giorni fa

    How about a SAAB?

  • Boost On Boost

    Boost On Boost

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    Bamsebrakar201115 ore fa

    Nice work, I adored the S211 too, had a very early black 2003 which I kept for 12 years. It kept very well.

  • pro az
    pro azGiorno fa

    you look like staying in Germany

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave JohnsonGiorno fa

    The Benz whisperer strikes again! Awesome job!!

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    Some of these models share the same bell housing as the Chrysler Crossfire so you can turn it into a manual.

  • Issoop Dilloo
    Issoop Dilloo3 giorni fa


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    Awesome job. Love those cars also.

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    Couldn't believe that I watched the whole thing without blinking an eye and without realizing that it was a 41-minute video! Time just flew by .. and I don't even like wagons. Awesome video. Well done!

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    Really like your channel!

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    pedro veloso8 giorni fa

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    Trystan g8 giorni fa

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    Garret C8 giorni fa

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    TRD TREK9 giorni fa

    Amazing work.

  • Jim R
    Jim R10 giorni fa

    These videos have convinced me not to buy a German car, ever. If I ever did own one, I would make sure to trade it in, a week before the warrantee expires. I used to work on German printers for my job and a printer from Japan made from some sheet metal and a lot of plastics, when made by a German has a base plate made from a 2 inch thick Aluminum casting with all sorts of machine work done by a CAD/CAM machine. I had to replace a switch in that printer which made it necessary to completely disassemble the printer. That AMG has parts which could be cast in one piece, but are assemblies of 20 parts.

  • Mick Pilsworth
    Mick Pilsworth10 giorni fa

    I love these cars! What a great job.

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    TheMan TheLegend11 giorni fa

    Biden supporters say pop.

    MISC BITS11 giorni fa

    ABS ring: heat it up to 60C in a hot box (and cool the axle) - it should just slip straight on if you're quick

  • zoran stankovic
    zoran stankovic11 giorni fa

    So no need coding after changing conductor plate to get rid of limp mode?

  • Sunand Ep
    Sunand Ep12 giorni fa

    Loved the work :) Viewer from India :P

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    Awesome transformation from what it was, lovely detail work.

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    I live next to Glenview

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    heldgop12 giorni fa

    why isnt he using some wd40 or any other low viscosity oil?

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    Somehow I got unsubscribed from your channel, not sure what happened. Love this restoration, so awesome to see a solid car kept on the road. Great job putting together 5 weeks worth of footage... seamless! What's the deal with the giveaway?

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    Really great work , you made diagnosing the faulty abs look so simple :) , I have an ML 350 and an ML 270CDI , would love to own an E55 at some point, especially an Estate (Wagon)

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    Bro, your garage looks like a garage from gTA online. Keep up the great work.

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    I would highly suggest trying Meguiars Ultimate compound and Wax. That stuff is amazing, and worked better than the “professional” compounds on the black car i used to own. Took off the scratches, oxidation, water, and sap stains from a car that sat for years under a tree in no time. I have a small toolbox filled with different compounds and that stuff worked way better, way faster, just with a wool pad. The paint was so bad i was convinced the entire car was going to need to be wet sanded.. it took EVERYTHING out. Highly recommended. For great, cheap and nice smelling dashboard cleaner that actually helps REPEL dust - instead of a bunch of silicone that just just traps and collects it - try Lemon Scent Pledge.. you’d never expect it to work so well. That wagon needs some tinted windows... if nothing else it’ll help preserve the dash and all the leather.

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