Richard Hammond Crashes A $1 Million Rimac Concept One | The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond takes the Rimac Concept One offroad while competing in a hill-climb trail in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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  • The Grand Tour
    The Grand Tour2 mesi fa

    So... who won the race?

  • Nongbet Reuben

    Nongbet Reuben

    2 giorni fa

    The house won cause it didn't get damaged

  • channel51


    8 giorni fa

    Hammond, he got also the heli escort

  • tio4n


    9 giorni fa

    god damnit, the swiss medical team?

  • Racing person

    Racing person

    9 giorni fa

    Hammond won the race.

  • Eddie Simataa

    Eddie Simataa

    10 giorni fa

    Am actually looking foward for Hammond driving the nevera

  • Hank Fionn
    Hank FionnOra fa

    The sour limit grossly peck because conga unlikely level following a three botany. careless, violet maple

  • Wet P L A N T
    Wet P L A N TGiorno fa

    Clarkson and May ate their food like Americans

  • Mayank Maximum
    Mayank Maximum2 giorni fa

    One cost millions one costs 5coroe one cost 2 core and one that beat them cost 50k

  • Snudedude
    Snudedude2 giorni fa

    Old video. The crash is from 10 June 2017. I had to look it up because my first thought was like "is he on a coin or a stamp now?"

  • Nongbet Reuben
    Nongbet Reuben2 giorni fa

    The house won the race it did not get damaged

  • JingoLoBa57
    JingoLoBa572 giorni fa

    Where’s Part II the hospital recovery story?

  • winnie wiglet
    winnie wiglet3 giorni fa

    That's why I don't like petrol cars they set on fire,diesel rules😎

  • Tuna


    2 giorni fa

    That was an Electric car lol.

  • army gantz
    army gantz4 giorni fa

    The spiritual panda contemporaneously radiate because cyclone consquentially exist concerning a marked reduction. nappy, unequaled bassoon

  • ryan games Voss
    ryan games Voss5 giorni fa

    Is he alricht

  • Dis Count
    Dis Count5 giorni fa

    hammond is now on a coin ..........with his crutches

  • How to be weird 101
    How to be weird 1015 giorni fa

    I hope he is ok

  • RR
    RR6 giorni fa

    Jeremy to Hammond: The whole of Croatia is watching this knowing that you're gonna do it for them

  • Shaun
    Shaun7 giorni fa

    This is one of those rare videos on ITwindow where the title understates the event that is going to occur.

  • Anton Karlsson
    Anton Karlsson7 giorni fa

    Why didnt he close his window all the way up? most have been awful racing with a gap there

  • Jorge II. Gonzalez
    Jorge II. Gonzalez7 giorni fa

    I know what the issue was: Hammond said „Watch this“. That got it

  • Beau Plaisance
    Beau Plaisance7 giorni fa

    I hope Hammond makes a great recovery.

  • Ross Cheese
    Ross Cheese8 giorni fa

    Is this real

  • headhunter82a
    headhunter82a8 giorni fa

    Pasa la línea de meta y se pega la piña?no entiendo nada

  • Toma Hawk
    Toma Hawk9 giorni fa

    OMG! You've been a Good Man Hammond , & it's really nice knowing you! R.I.P. Brave Man Hammond! May Good God Blessed Hammond to a Better World & Realm! 🕯🌷🌿🌏

  • Johnpaul Escosura
    Johnpaul Escosura9 giorni fa

    I don't know what is the reaction of the owner or the manufacturer they be like:damn bro I bet yo rich

  • Tim de Winter
    Tim de Winter9 giorni fa

    So how is Hammond? I only see people joking about it... even grand tour themselfs...

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas9 giorni fa

    The delirious skill increasingly trick because insurance reassembly admit through a statuesque burglar. overrated, exotic grain

  • Davor Buklijas
    Davor Buklijas9 giorni fa

    Rimac made a new car called Nevera, much faster than this one. Is Hammond crazy enough to try Nevera?

  • bobby bird
    bobby bird9 giorni fa

    Hammond looking like a slime ball

  • Abubakar Khalid
    Abubakar Khalid9 giorni fa

    Rip that richard AYYYEEE

    KATIE NERD GIRL10 giorni fa

    ma poteva rallentare dopo il finish

  • Ivory Culbreath
    Ivory Culbreath10 giorni fa


  • Micah White
    Micah White11 giorni fa

    Here he comes... Here comes Speed Hammond!!!

  • Khrisma Jatiajie
    Khrisma Jatiajie11 giorni fa

    The performance of the rimac is so astonishing it can defeat the petrol engine...

  • J C
    J C11 giorni fa

    The one top gear episode he was in a dragster on there test track testing the speed it flipped and crashed you can watch the video but they said if Hammond was any taller the crash would of decapitated his head.

  • And  re
    And re12 giorni fa

    Richard actually"Goes back to the future" , you didn't know that is possible for real with Rimac cars,bcz they are fully electric .😉

  • EPsiEqualsHhatPsi
    EPsiEqualsHhatPsi12 giorni fa

    I suppose people here pretend to believe this total rubbish camerawork to join in with post-truth TV ...

  • Hedeskola 2007
    Hedeskola 200713 giorni fa

    Hamond, you hidiot, this is ze fastest kar, booz, in the worl - Random driver insted of clarkson

  • x superfank
    x superfank13 giorni fa

    It looks kinda fake

  • EPsiEqualsHhatPsi


    12 giorni fa

    just a touch!

  • Clive Jefferies
    Clive Jefferies13 giorni fa

    Maybe driving isn't the job for Hammond.

  • Smart Tips
    Smart Tips13 giorni fa

    did he really crash or it was all acting ....??>?

  • shishir icequve
    shishir icequve13 giorni fa

    Not just RIMAC... they also tried to kill Tesla 😡🤬

  • Igor Filipovic
    Igor Filipovic14 giorni fa

    Scenarij ko iz najlošijih filmova sve iscenirano pitanje tko je bio kaskader?

    KAVIN KUMARASAMY14 giorni fa

    paramedics did cut his trousers on this one

  • The Call
    The Call14 giorni fa

    Still i would buy that lambo over the other cars 😂

  • Fabio Toledo
    Fabio Toledo15 giorni fa

    After that ep with the Caterham Jezza's cheeks will never be the same... lol

  • OK2020
    OK202015 giorni fa

    Ironic that this car caught fire since according to Wikipedia, Rimac’s inspiration for building an EV was because his E30’s engine blew up. That car became a test mule of sorts dubbed the e-M3 and its official stats are: 593 hp 664 lb-ft 0-60 3.3 seconds Quarter mile 11.8 Top speed 174 mph These numbers are comparable to Tesla model 3 performance I think. All this after like five updates. It ended up in FIA records back in 2013

  • ItsM3ll0_YT
    ItsM3ll0_YT16 giorni fa

    Gta 5 cyclone

  • Ryan STYX
    Ryan STYX16 giorni fa

    Please, never gets "old" three of you!

  • Iej 271
    Iej 27116 giorni fa

    Esto fue hace 4 años

  • Vitomir Milosevic
    Vitomir Milosevic16 giorni fa

    Cheapest publicity.

  • Pinto
    Pinto16 giorni fa

    From what you see in the video it was totally his own fault!

  • [LaZaR0]M.[L.nOble]..
    [LaZaR0]M.[L.nOble]..16 giorni fa

    Richardo!!!!! no00!!!!!

  • ashkot
    ashkot17 giorni fa

    He just don't know how to drive. So sad.. Fortunately he's fine

  • Thomas Saum
    Thomas Saum17 giorni fa


  • nemoguce
    nemoguce17 giorni fa

    Poor car :(

  • Mauricio Macri
    Mauricio Macri17 giorni fa

    Why only are a shitty vídeo of the accident? Where are the interior cameras footages? Why the Rimac is such in inflames althouhgt it's a eléctric car? Why Hammond crushed after the lap and no when he was racing at full speed? There are a lot of quirks here

  • DarthMaul41
    DarthMaul4117 giorni fa

    That Honda is sooooo beautiful!

  • Danilo Bingham
    Danilo Bingham18 giorni fa

    Too much fire for an electric car?

  • NV TV
    NV TV18 giorni fa

    This is the fastest car *Pause* 🤣 in the world

  • Ondwela Masikhwa
    Ondwela Masikhwa18 giorni fa

    Over steer, car was too fast on the corner. I do not think its a track car either

  • sportsfan ivosevic
    sportsfan ivosevic18 giorni fa

    Hammond is a crash test dummy


    Is the rimac makers notice when Hammond crash?

  • Fred Flange
    Fred Flange19 giorni fa

    Isn’t Richard Hammond very annoying

  • Aurel Krossela
    Aurel Krossela19 giorni fa


  • Evil Inside
    Evil Inside19 giorni fa

    He won't be driving their new car.

  • Gaz Woods
    Gaz Woods19 giorni fa

    Think Hammond has more lives than an allycat, he must be down to about 6 ish ? 🇬🇧 ✊🏼

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII20 giorni fa

    *So who else is here after Rimac unveiled the Nevera?*

  • mate matić

    mate matić

    8 giorni fa


  • Hecc Sterr

    Hecc Sterr

    10 giorni fa

    me ;-; i search rimac nevara and the 4th thing i see is this

  • Asalejo Babatunde.

    Asalejo Babatunde.

    12 giorni fa

    I'm not alone 😂

  • Nick Ghyssens

    Nick Ghyssens

    13 giorni fa

    Me too

  • Mike in Colombia

    Mike in Colombia

    15 giorni fa

    Yeahhh baby

  • First Name
    First Name20 giorni fa

    'Im looking at the drops - the drops are irrelevant' Hammond

  • Andreas TW
    Andreas TW20 giorni fa

    U should let stig ride it Hammond.... 😂

    PAPA LUKE20 giorni fa

    The guy in a bath tub didn’t even crash

  • Randomnick123
    Randomnick12320 giorni fa

    “You will be on a coin" "Or a stamp.” Very same day, all over the internet..

  • Mike C
    Mike C21 giorno fa

    the only reason why he crashed was because he was carrying a huge set of balls.

  • Dustin Travis
    Dustin Travis22 giorni fa

    So uh...for future can let off the accelerator after you cross under the big banner that says "FINISH"...

  • Yuri Lakhtionov
    Yuri Lakhtionov22 giorni fa

    Hammond, you idiot... pause

  • Not all Gaming
    Not all Gaming23 giorni fa

    What an idiot! He have drive licence??? LoL

  • Not all Gaming
    Not all Gaming23 giorni fa

    11 corners? What a shit event! I prefer open traffic road, as always

  • Loris Perfetto
    Loris Perfetto23 giorni fa

    In 52 seconds time, your gonna be whatever the equivalent of the hero of the soviet Union is in modern day Croatia. True gold

  • Ollie Drap Games
    Ollie Drap Games23 giorni fa

    Poor car

  • M A R K H O R
    M A R K H O R23 giorni fa

    Hammond you ...

  • I bims
    I bims23 giorni fa

    Why did he crash? Technical issue or human fail?

  • prženi kikiriki

    prženi kikiriki

    16 giorni fa

    @I bims it is hamster we are talking about not best and smart driver hehe, there is interview with Mate rimac and Hammond about crash, it will maybe give you answer i do t remeber anymore

  • I bims

    I bims

    16 giorni fa

    @prženi kikiriki but for me it looks like he cannot break because he actually passed the finish line and why he should accelerate after the finish line? Make no sense for me.

  • prženi kikiriki

    prženi kikiriki

    17 giorni fa

    You could see he entered the corner with alot of speed so it carried the car out of the track so probably human mistake

  • Quentin Bentein
    Quentin Bentein23 giorni fa

    Not looking at the drops, drops are irrelevant. Oh Hammond you crack me up.

  • Markus Baust
    Markus Baust23 giorni fa

    Oh no! Anyway...

  • 乡FlawLessFinn Designs
    乡FlawLessFinn Designs23 giorni fa

    yo he good?

  • MarkStillPlays
    MarkStillPlays24 giorni fa

    2:01 best vehicle to ever exist

  • Simon Anderson
    Simon Anderson24 giorni fa

    Hammond you idiot , stopped watching these twats years ago, all got a bit samey , I really enjoyed this

  • Julius Dela Cruz
    Julius Dela Cruz24 giorni fa

    that car belongs to the race track or wide highways.. not country roads.... fast cars are driven on farsight visible paths and curves.. i don't know what else to say.. lack of production safety planning?

  • Jason Kritzinger
    Jason Kritzinger25 giorni fa

    Who sow the TOYOTA HILUX

  • Lee Mothee
    Lee Mothee25 giorni fa

    Time to throw in the towel boys..

  • Mahdi Jalilvand
    Mahdi Jalilvand25 giorni fa

    Is he alive?

  • JACKSshowroom
    JACKSshowroom25 giorni fa


  • Tonček
    Tonček25 giorni fa

    Hammond need to be proud he make to people see how Rimac is safe car its powerfull and safe

  • Cryssie Snow
    Cryssie Snow26 giorni fa

    Just be glad he didn't die like pull waker

  • Cryssie Snow

    Cryssie Snow

    25 giorni fa


  • Ol' QWERTY Bastard
    Ol' QWERTY Bastard26 giorni fa

    So much foreshadowing. Hey, at least no ones talking about the other crash anymore.

  • Cool Blue Ice
    Cool Blue Ice26 giorni fa

    0:29 Apparently they haven't yet invented cell phones in the UK. 🤪🤪🤪

  • GrasPeD
    GrasPeD26 giorni fa

    Oh.. The acting... OK!!

  • liam rees
    liam rees26 giorni fa

    why does he keep crashing supercars and no one says anything? how is he still in a job🤦‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  • Ezequiel Hernandez
    Ezequiel Hernandez26 giorni fa

    Lmk when they put that dude on a coin 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sport Portal Online
    Sport Portal Online27 giorni fa

    The prophecy says: He came from death, to feel death again... 😱😱😱

  • MrJohn613 Budget Builds
    MrJohn613 Budget Builds27 giorni fa

    Was that 3 years ago? Edit: Glad he’s okay

  • Elliot Pickford
    Elliot Pickford27 giorni fa

    I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago,can i get person who invested with her Comment below

  • Isaac skilling

    Isaac skilling

    25 giorni fa

    Hahahahaha oh my you are one crackhead running multiple accounts... Scam

  • Marie Ryan

    Marie Ryan

    27 giorni fa

    @Elliot Pickford Thanks alot i Just sent her a message on WhatsApp and she attended to me nicely, Such a nice lady. bitcoin is bringing a different revolution into world's economy. people are optimistic, investors earn consistently, others just sit and watch

  • Elliot Pickford

    Elliot Pickford

    27 giorni fa

    @James Williams +1 6 5 7 2 7 2 7 2 8 2‬ 🇱🇷

  • Elliot Pickford

    Elliot Pickford

    27 giorni fa

    +1 6 5 7 2 7 2 7 2 8 2‬ 🇱🇷

  • Elliot Pickford

    Elliot Pickford

    27 giorni fa

    @James Williams Seeking for her WhatsApp contacts details

    RUI MANUEL27 giorni fa

    digam -me que isto e fake e alem disso se ele ficou ferido pk eu quando vi o acidente fiquei de boca aberta.. o carro parece uma tosca

  • mondialdriver1
    mondialdriver127 giorni fa

    il s'en est sorti ?

  • TheWheelMan k
    TheWheelMan k28 giorni fa

    Why didn't he slow down after the finish line? It actually looked and sounded like he throttled up.

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