S8 Back Glass Glue Is Stronger Than the Hulk #Shorts

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Repairing this S8 front and back. This one's been through it all.
Thank you for watching!
Tools Used: amzn.to/3r9gibN
My Blue Mat: amzn.to/37vGW6V
Heat Gun: amzn.to/2WqDi84
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  • Mad Cat
    Mad CatGiorno fa


  • melanie sill
    melanie sill2 giorni fa

    I have the asact same phone

  • Seth Wheeler
    Seth Wheeler4 giorni fa

    I saw the negative 2° on the phone screen and I was like nope

  • 4rsh1
    4rsh15 giorni fa

    My dad has an S8+ and the screen is cracked and where I live (iran) they tell us it takes like half the price of an S8+ to get a new screen. And it's my dads work phone so there's no way we can ship it to somewhere else and also it'll be expensive, wish I knew how to do it myself.....

  • Jessy Parker
    Jessy Parker9 giorni fa

    I don't understand a lick of what happens, but these videos are really satisfying

  • MattRobloxYT
    MattRobloxYT12 giorni fa

    Nice video sir

  • Huda Journey
    Huda Journey13 giorni fa

    Wait in every repair video how do you open the electronics

  • Junioristhegang Goljok
    Junioristhegang Goljok13 giorni fa

    0:43 MINUS 2 DEGREES??.

  • Evil Goblin
    Evil Goblin15 giorni fa

    He accidentally called motherboard logic board

  • Alexander the Praying mantisツ
    Alexander the Praying mantisツ15 giorni fa


  • Vanessa & Viola
    Vanessa & Viola16 giorni fa

    My iPad I more damaged than that

  • Sucrose
    Sucrose16 giorni fa

    Hi, I am commenting this on my S8

  • Gus Jermaine
    Gus Jermaine16 giorni fa

    I'd been repaired my s8 twice in authorized service center and they says that my phone didn't have ip68 anymore after repaired, so can i bring that feature back?

  • lenard mangilog
    lenard mangilog16 giorni fa

    What is those things you put after you repaired it? What is their function? Just curios heuhe

  • Martin Konečný
    Martin Konečný18 giorni fa

    people r really still using s8? Actually tried it for a wekk. With updated software glitchy device af

  • Douglas D. Mathews
    Douglas D. Mathews19 giorni fa

    where can we get good price of phone part..link please

  • AshKingTheFirst
    AshKingTheFirst20 giorni fa

    Question do you leave the clamps on forever

  • Yo chochomil 800
    Yo chochomil 80020 giorni fa

    Así lo traía un compa alch 🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam Ohm
    Liam Ohm21 giorno fa

    With my old phone you can take the battery out with no tools

  • Inky GamerDemon
    Inky GamerDemon21 giorno fa

    What does it to cook it up

  • Silent
    Silent22 giorni fa

    Ok, i think the glue is trash. I havent touched my back glass and it started coming off. But i have had it for 3 years

  • Nayeli Flores
    Nayeli Flores22 giorni fa

    My dad has been through 5 phones and he doesn’t bother to fix it he just buys a new one 😩 like is it that hard to get it fixed instead of buying a whole new phone??

  • Callum LFC Waugh
    Callum LFC Waugh22 giorni fa

    always sad to see an S8 on here. most enjoyable phone I've ever used...

  • tharaan t
    tharaan t22 giorni fa

    Yo man do they even pay u

  • Daniel V gaming and rc
    Daniel V gaming and rc24 giorni fa

    Where r u where it’s negative 2 lol

  • Sylvie Karr
    Sylvie Karr24 giorni fa

    He dropped the phone at the beginning... and did he shame Apple-

  • Sophia GaChA!
    Sophia GaChA!24 giorni fa

    Do you fix ZTE phones??

  • Lexi Winter
    Lexi Winter25 giorni fa

    Did anyone else see that the temp was -2 degrees?

  • Sabatrol
    Sabatrol25 giorni fa

    Where did you order the S8 Display i need to replace mine

  • Kyezxid
    Kyezxid26 giorni fa

    Mine looks exactly the same with the cracks etc

  • Arghyadeep Das
    Arghyadeep Das26 giorni fa

    Can you fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I have been using it for 8 years

  • Arghyadeep Das

    Arghyadeep Das

    26 giorni fa

    Sorry for my English because it's not that very good

  • Arghyadeep Das

    Arghyadeep Das

    26 giorni fa

    Can you tell me what can I do to fix it in my budget

  • Arghyadeep Das

    Arghyadeep Das

    26 giorni fa

    The screen has craked and the battery depletes less than 3-7hours and the speaker sounds get consistently lows over the years passes

  • Avatar Helmy
    Avatar Helmy26 giorni fa

    For anyone wondering the background music is “Thikning bout you” by “Project Ryxn” ik they’re spelled wrong but thats how it’s written lol

  • hyperbeast3974 3974
    hyperbeast3974 397427 giorni fa

    This guy is build diff i sware😤 like any haters???

  • Alaia
    Alaia27 giorni fa

    Pues dile visto darle el América ah que yo sepa iPhone 6 iPhone es que no We’re el Apple Pay supone que vive Because Mike o unas que no es Reik Broken ah ah cómo estás vos Sex iPhone guau que Judas mí eso pro Max Air Air One Home Mike Text mi colaborador Starbucks y de Break que traen hoy es mi Please Write a Ny o que hay Old Old gouache Period ay Love

    SANS THE GUY27 giorni fa




    27 giorni fa

    Too Bad. I’m Banning you

  • boop beep
    boop beep28 giorni fa

    I used to have this old phone I would be able to open it and close it and then also take out the battery since all I had to do it use my nail to take the battery 👁👄👁

  • Zhe yu Khor
    Zhe yu Khor28 giorni fa

    my phone

  • Doesn't Reply To Lames.
    Doesn't Reply To Lames.28 giorni fa

    If I sent a broken item to you and paid you would you fix it for me? I don't have any broken electronics rn just wondering

  • UhTM
    UhTM29 giorni fa

    Yoo, thats the same glitches my old s8 used to have

  • o_0 O_o
    o_0 O_o29 giorni fa

    Hulk:WHY WONT THE F&;£;£:&: PHONE JUST OPEN THEN I TAKE OUT BATTERY -phone shatters- Guru:EZ

  • Reece Duncan
    Reece Duncan29 giorni fa

    Why do you always heat up Samsung phones and iPads but not iPhones

  • Royal Gaming
    Royal Gaming29 giorni fa

    I have the same phone lmao but i down graded from a A10 cuz he got broke

  • My chin have a mind of his own
    My chin have a mind of his own29 giorni fa

    Poor Samsung.

  • Bebi Beba
    Bebi BebaMese fa

    Honestly, you should start a. Business just fixing electronics

  • Midnight
    MidnightMese fa

    Looks like how all my phones end up after I get caught knew one

  • Happy!
    Happy!Mese fa

    0:09 His blue pick Kinda reminds me of my guitar pick that i dropped in the abyss of the sound hole of my guitar....... That i never saw again

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel GarciaMese fa

    I have a Galaxy J2 core and I can take out my battery when ever I want to

  • twin omg n
    twin omg nMese fa

    I have a s8 and it is cranked like a lot

  • Dávid Jakab
    Dávid JakabMese fa

    Why do you have to heat up the phone?

  • Ty Kip
    Ty KipMese fa

    But is still wrecks

  • Ty Kip
    Ty KipMese fa

    My iPad is shattered

  • More Hog
    More HogMese fa

    Ngl i think that might be my old phone the cracks are at the same place I sold in like December

  • xPREDTz
    xPREDTzMese fa

    "Logic board"

  • Dyla
    DylaMese fa

    Can i send my s8 screen is crack

  • The Oni
    The OniMese fa

    Mine broke after dropping 6 feet, and the front glass broke when I accidentally punched it

  • Seth Redondo
    Seth RedondoMese fa

    That's the exact phone that I need fixed but like 100 times worse

  • Willow Lackett
    Willow LackettMese fa

    Samsungs just look way better inside than Apples lol

  • kingofdirtbikes33
    kingofdirtbikes33Mese fa

    I'm rocking my s8+

  • Note
    NoteMese fa

    I have the same phone (but of course don't use cuz it's broken) and I cant fix it up my self

  • Drunken Burro
    Drunken BurroMese fa

    Can you fix my samsung Galaxy s7 edge and how much would it be my friend. Both sides are smashed

  • abhinav thella
    abhinav thellaMese fa

    Wat is the cost

  • Ella Swartz
    Ella SwartzMese fa

    can you pls do my samson galxey s8

  • GamesBeat
    GamesBeatMese fa

    Hey were is the face reveal!!!!

  • nurse.
    nurse.Mese fa

    My friend had a heavily cracked phone for years so i gave her an old iphone 4. next time i saw her she already cracked it XD

  • Pepsimastr89 U
    Pepsimastr89 UMese fa

    Is He Canadian? That was 2- C

  • Yamil Romero
    Yamil RomeroMese fa

    I am watching this on a s8- also I'm on my dad's account

  • Aabel's Gaming YT
    Aabel's Gaming YTMese fa

    We found a secret that he plays among us.

  • Pritthiraj Basu
    Pritthiraj BasuMese fa

    Yo yur wether while recording this was -2 😮 and here we have to spend thousands to INR to get snow 😭

  • Srey POV
    Srey POVMese fa


  • TheWhiteObama
    TheWhiteObamaMese fa

    What's the background music

  • Shadown
    ShadownMese fa

    I'm on S8...

  • Monke
    MonkeMese fa

    Gorilla glue girl left the chat

  • Gorilla Boy
    Gorilla BoyMese fa

    If you planing on buying an s8 screen just buy a brand new s8 phone and remove the screen and place it on your broken phone it is wayyyy cheaper

  • Ian Englert
    Ian EnglertMese fa

    Phone guru how much and can you repair my galaxy s7?

  • Tyrion
    TyrionMese fa

    That’s why you don’t get Samsung because even IPHONES of all things are simpler to repair (it got A LOT harder with the S10 and S20)

  • Manav Lakhani
    Manav LakhaniMese fa

    Everytime he says "WE have an iPhone/ipad/whatever" communism intensifies

  • lil h thekidd
    lil h thekiddMese fa

    How much to fix a phone

  • Edison
    EdisonMese fa

    I used to use my dad's old S8 which had a broken screen bc pc fell on it while he doing wiring stuff and ngl was a pretty good phone 2 black holes on d screen and insensitive


    Am I the only one who is curious how does this poeple damage their Phone!😂

  • FIJI Games
    FIJI GamesMese fa

    Bro i had a ZTE phone that I could take the battery out so easy like why do people make it so hard to take it out plz tell me

  • Amy Michels
    Amy MichelsMese fa

    Uhm... R.I.P Samsu- WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAA.

  • kwame
    kwameMese fa

    Can u fix mine

  • Minix Playz
    Minix PlayzMese fa

    I also have a s8+ with a broken screen

  • op jeed
    op jeedMese fa


  • op jeed
    op jeedMese fa

    Can you do Soni

  • Todeskille r
    Todeskille rMese fa

    How much it cost to let you rapair a phone

  • Willian
    WillianMese fa

    The world is missing more people like you, i know places where people cant even exchange a damn broken glass like tf yall open for ? 🙄 last time i tried to find someone to fix i came back with a phone worst than mine because they messed up with the one i gave them. Lol

  • Trouble dubn
    Trouble dubnMese fa

    It's been to war

  • Maria Francisco
    Maria FranciscoMese fa

    Where do I send my s8 and how much is it

  • He Hy
    He HyMese fa

    I love it that he just droos it and throws the pieces with Samsung but when fixing apple hes so careful with iphones

  • Wolfu Games
    Wolfu GamesMese fa

    Never Mess With Samsung

  • dhruv m
    dhruv mMese fa

    I have an s8 my dad did a DIY battery 🔋 repair

  • Sunny Account
    Sunny AccountMese fa

    You are simply the best 😌

  • Shane Mcfarlane
    Shane McfarlaneMese fa

    The glue on the battery’s of these phones is enough to hold a elephant to the roof

  • Olivia Cullen
    Olivia CullenMese fa

    Im waching on a Samsung s8

  • idonotlook ugly
    idonotlook uglyMese fa

    -2 degrees?

  • Stxrmy Skies
    Stxrmy SkiesMese fa

    Totally not me feeling like my phone is gonna crack open and spill all of its metal guts because of this-

  • Summit Beast
    Summit BeastMese fa

    Can you find a Samsung Galaxy a71

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž BohincMese fa

    bent battery. good job Just change the battery if you're inside the phone...

  • Spring Trap
    Spring TrapMese fa

    My phone is brocken I should send it to you

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