The least expected most ambitious ITwindow cross over event the world has ever seen.
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  • JJ Olatunji
    JJ Olatunji9 giorni fa


  • Kipidap


    3 giorni fa

    Hello jj

  • Alihan Salmenov

    Alihan Salmenov

    7 giorni fa

    @Xioano L

  • Alihan Salmenov

    Alihan Salmenov

    7 giorni fa

    @Xioano I can tell u come from TikTok 💀

  • X


    7 giorni fa

    What does ksi stand for? Kiss Simon immedieatly?

  • Yg._ oh

    Yg._ oh

    7 giorni fa

    shut up neek

  • Jewish Prisoner
    Jewish Prisoner3 ore fa

    6:04 why did he kinda remind me of adam sandler?

  • Mohammed ali
    Mohammed ali4 ore fa


  • Anchal Jain
    Anchal Jain4 ore fa

    George giving a vibing like he is trying to flatter logan

  • Teddy Day
    Teddy Day4 ore fa

    Why is the camera man wearing a bike helmey🤣

  • Tom van Bergen
    Tom van Bergen4 ore fa

    34:48 That smile from JJ hahaha

  • Rap Lyrics officinado
    Rap Lyrics officinado4 ore fa

    14 mil and counting dubs keep coming

  • Conrad Olive
    Conrad Olive4 ore fa

    Bunch funny dudes fishing I’m into it

  • sally
    sally5 ore fa

    Ok hear me out. Frenemies but it’s KSI and Logan

  • Mazda Rx7
    Mazda Rx75 ore fa

    11:00 green water?

  • Vyzerionce
    Vyzerionce5 ore fa

    I think there better working together then fighting each other there hilarious together

  • Leslie Lopez
    Leslie Lopez5 ore fa

    JJs face when Harry ate the worm😭

  • Justin Dohnson
    Justin Dohnson5 ore fa

    Ya’ll shoulda come to Florida to fish

  • Harvey Walker
    Harvey Walker5 ore fa

    Is no one gonna talk about the camera man wearing a bike helmet?? Tf

  • Dylan Hart
    Dylan Hart5 ore fa

    I hope George apologizes for that blatant homophobia.

  • Ste Edwell
    Ste Edwell5 ore fa

    I liked it when the hate was there. Let us down jj.

  • ahmad massud
    ahmad massud5 ore fa

    The poor crabs

  • The Navigation
    The Navigation6 ore fa

    yo do another collab

  • Master PvP
    Master PvP6 ore fa

    hello ksi

  • dude
    dude6 ore fa

    Boys day out be like :

  • Borimbo
    Borimbo7 ore fa

    That water look dirty asf

  • Siempre Bajoloche
    Siempre Bajoloche7 ore fa


  • Eddie Fernandez
    Eddie Fernandez7 ore fa

    Vikk saying some random things Ksi:exactly

  • PMA
    PMA7 ore fa

    side chicks 😂

  • Franky B
    Franky B7 ore fa

    Harry is my spirit animal.

  • yusuf duple
    yusuf duple8 ore fa

    Big up George for being epic in this entire video..

  • ZaZi
    ZaZi8 ore fa

    Jj : They're putting the fish back !! So they're just catching the same fish 🤷‍♂️😂 A dumb fish

  • Vedox Gamer
    Vedox Gamer8 ore fa

    why do I feel like jj an logan are best friends

  • Monty Burrows
    Monty Burrows8 ore fa

    U caught an epaulet shark that can breath out of water for 5 mins

  • Monty Burrows
    Monty Burrows8 ore fa

    U caught an epaulet shark that can breath out of water for 5 mins

  • Connor Davis
    Connor Davis9 ore fa

    I used to dislike Logan but I now love him

  • zeerak
    zeerak9 ore fa

    George is hilarious

    JAE FIZZ9 ore fa

    I really love these two linking up having a good time. So fuckin awesome to see

  • Noah Shaw
    Noah Shaw10 ore fa

    Jesus christ I'm a fisherman tighten down your drag

  • Kills vs Games
    Kills vs Games10 ore fa

    Logan said Fishes! 🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • HannahsAdventures
    HannahsAdventures10 ore fa

    Been baiting my own hook since 7 years old 🙌🏼

  • Snowworries
    Snowworries11 ore fa

    Simon shoulda stayed home

  • Rust_God G
    Rust_God G11 ore fa

    Yes we need more Logan colabs

  • T-B_ Alpha
    T-B_ Alpha12 ore fa

    Josh turned in to tommy t

  • Arthur Knight
    Arthur Knight12 ore fa

    Such a sick vid

  • Frances Dale Angulo
    Frances Dale Angulo12 ore fa

    "They're buying these fish" "Please be living" Hahahhaahhaah xD

    FUNNY_FOOTBALL12 ore fa

    the guy with the black beard is just not funny

  • House of leaves
    House of leaves13 ore fa

    Legit everyone here would die of starvation if they were stranded at sea woth bait and and fishing poles lmao jesus christ

  • B S
    B S13 ore fa

    Seeing Logan and ksi as a duo would be kinda sick ngl. some real rival to friend relationship that I think many might enjoy seeing.

  • Onixy
    Onixy13 ore fa

    1:10 vik knew the strats from the beginning

  • Oogway
    Oogway14 ore fa

    Rematch in Ohio

  • TunaYT_Shikutozimo
    TunaYT_Shikutozimo14 ore fa

    Im scared

  • Jeremiah Wright
    Jeremiah Wright14 ore fa


  • JayJayBoi
    JayJayBoi14 ore fa

    "Water" "Water" "Water"

  • brian lawson
    brian lawson14 ore fa

    These guys are so annoying. They cackle and laugh like a bunch of women

  • Onixy


    13 ore fa

    U need some milk m8

  • Ni Ko

    Ni Ko

    13 ore fa

    God ur cringe

  • Savannah Sav
    Savannah Sav14 ore fa

    This made my day

  • Swesteve 58
    Swesteve 5814 ore fa

    dont kill sharks

  • Mase Scott
    Mase Scott14 ore fa

    Misfits did it first

  • Rio Smith
    Rio Smith14 ore fa

    good call on separating logan

  • Robby & Carina Vlogs
    Robby & Carina Vlogs14 ore fa

    They definitely need to collaborate more often!

  • Doxx
    Doxx15 ore fa

  • rnddlitty
    rnddlitty15 ore fa

    Wherrreesss your bait gone 😂😂

  • R Chai
    R Chai15 ore fa

    the thumbnail tho...

  • Tom Reynoldson
    Tom Reynoldson15 ore fa

    These fish be looking like small baby sharks

  • Shxunicas
    Shxunicas16 ore fa

    Josh is lowkey jokes

  • Elmeri Perälä
    Elmeri Perälä16 ore fa

    Wow josh was really rating salt and vinegar pringles

  • andrew Zapata
    andrew Zapata16 ore fa

    Logan Is hammered

  • Snaddy
    Snaddy16 ore fa

    Ahahaha ethan trying to bond with logan

  • deo
    deo16 ore fa

    5:35 I thought that was JJ 😭😭😭

  • Snaddy
    Snaddy16 ore fa

    0:39 AHAHAH

  • oliphericus
    oliphericus16 ore fa

    why is the cameraman on JJ's boat wearing a bicycle helmet?

  • warren Smith
    warren Smith16 ore fa

    When I was 8 I went fishing in Scotland with my grandparents and almost caught a seal

  • Everything SHORTS
    Everything SHORTS17 ore fa

    Jj: Literally sleeps and still ends up beating Logan Paul in fishing Logan: *This is rigged...*

  • Everything SHORTS
    Everything SHORTS17 ore fa

    Jj: "Wait why is the blood like red?..." "In Africa for every 60 seconds, a minute passes..." *Same Energy*

  • krishna uppal
    krishna uppal18 ore fa

    Who tf said we are collaborating with logan pual… Lets go fishing 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

  • Right X
    Right X18 ore fa

    She smiled then, her cheeks red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he might die to earn again.

  • Emir Gungor
    Emir Gungor18 ore fa

    Ethan and logan are like besties

  • Freddy Harmison
    Freddy Harmison18 ore fa

    The awesome probation initially bury because luttuce putatively strip times a alike transmission. impossible, same move

  • Joan Dipre
    Joan Dipre18 ore fa

    Who else thought this video was gonna be extremely controversial but thoroughly enjoyed it P.S George Janko carried the other boat

  • Cameron Bowles
    Cameron Bowles18 ore fa

    Vikk vs George ?

  • MarczYT
    MarczYT19 ore fa

    If Jake see's this How does it feel to see your older brother here? How the tables have turned eh?

  • steven Moskalev
    steven Moskalev19 ore fa

    Come on guys. Let's all reach into our pockets. Ask mommy and daddy and let's send these find gentlemen more money! A good rule of thumb is deposit 25 percent of your paycheck into social media stars

  • Sim
    Sim19 ore fa

    When they mentioned the US UK special relationship this is what people were talking about.

  • Death Seekks me
    Death Seekks me19 ore fa

    Yeah I don't see the comedy in george

  • Lindsey Church
    Lindsey Church19 ore fa

    my anxiety spikes everytime they hold a fish for more than 8 seconds

  • daxter hunter
    daxter hunter20 ore fa

    The toothsome tablecloth italy fry because dredger analogically own apropos a ugliest egypt. incompetent, chubby drama

  • Marabou
    Marabou20 ore fa

    i searched it up starfish is not a real fish

  • Ugnius Sadauskas
    Ugnius Sadauskas20 ore fa

    I have never seen jj and logan in One video

  • Jebus Krustt
    Jebus Krustt20 ore fa

    How did kirsty just teleport from jj’s boat to logan’s

  • Alexios of sparta
    Alexios of sparta20 ore fa

    Logan got clapped

  • Mr: mcc chicken -
    Mr: mcc chicken -20 ore fa


  • ALPHA strike
    ALPHA strike20 ore fa

    this is the definition of for the boys

  • A-a-ron the1st
    A-a-ron the1st21 ora fa

    Me: yes Sidemen: 27:09

  • Jakob Andersson
    Jakob Andersson21 ora fa

    Only the dead fish follow the stream

  • ༒♛Nikko Jenkins♛༒
    ༒♛Nikko Jenkins♛༒21 ora fa

    they friend now

  • D_xvn-
    D_xvn-21 ora fa

    Man i love how jake isn't there

  • D_xvn-
    D_xvn-21 ora fa

    man thanks for the video i relly enjoyed

  • Frank A
    Frank A21 ora fa

    Harry “should I just dive in and get one”😂

  • D_xvn-
    D_xvn-21 ora fa

    wow 1 hour

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams22 ore fa

    Tbh it would of been funnier if Logan said about to enjoy my water and it said bo'ohw'o'wo'er.

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