Tesla Model 3's motor - The Brilliant Engineering behind it


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    I wonder why Tesla uses an induction motor up front for dual motor variants.

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    still dont know whats going on

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    Piece of cake really

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    Does regenerative braking works in this motor, since it rotates at synchronous speed.

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    Does regenerative braking works in this motor?

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    I don't know english but I understand very will

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    where there is a Tesla car from 1936 that does not have an engine and goes at 150 km / h.

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    Now they're even wrapping the whole thing with carbon fiber to reduce eddy losses even more

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    And at the 27 degree we could add a coil to generate electricity back to recharge the battery and increase range to much longer range per charge. In fact it could be nearly fuel less

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    We could readjust the position of rotor depending on torque demanded at start and speed during cruising

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    Another thing Nikola Tesla was born on a lightning 🌩 stormy ⛈ evening of Thursday the 10th of July 1856 close to midnight 🕛 the midwife who was delivering him at birth said the Lightning 🌩 and thunder grumbling is a sign that this baby 👶 boy 👦 will be a child 👶 of darkness to which Nikola Tesla’s mother Duka Tesla responded to the midwife no my son will be the child 👶 of light 💡 not of darkness well we can all be judges of ourselves can’t we

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    If you want to know the secrets of the universe then think 🤔 in the terms of Energy Frequency and Vibration Genius Nikola Tesla in the year 1890 131 years ago

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    Nikola Tesla Quote Electric ⚡️ Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the worlds machinery with out the need of coal oil or gas or any other of the common fuels and our jackal great grandfathers laughed at Nikola Tesla but now I’ll tell you Nikola Tesla is laughing at us and our comedy and stupidity of climate change and solar power LOOL

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    Coincidence is my mobile 📱 is always in 45 to 50 degree angle 😂that's why I feel comfortable holding it in these angles 😍

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    9:30 I couldn't understand the orange(reluctance only) graph

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    Sooooo lets talk about these upgradrd plaid motors now.

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    A real electric car has the electric motor in the wheels That is the best

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    Why couldn't you electrify the magnets. And have a floating bearing of a magnetic type.

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    bec. it is more practical to use lubricants

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    Waves waves waves everthing is wavez

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    Do the creators of this video honestly believe they explain things well in it?

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    ding dong internal combustion pollution is dead .

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    /LearnEngineering's next video: Analyzing the Plaid motors. Preview of this: "Let's analyze this. OK! It is clear this engineering came from aliens".

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    Tesla should buy up bankrupt kld motors, that motor is more efficient and smaller less weight. Not for max torque but for max mpg of all known ev motors.

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    Cool explanation.

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    I've recently heard that the sms motor is an old design but recently made better

  • Werner Badenhorst
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    I have been and electrical engineering lecturer for 20 year and teaching 3rd year electrical motors for more than 10 years. Absolutely brilliant video and even more brilliant Engineering. Make sure you also, perhaps first, watch their "SynRM | A new giant in the electrical world" video at itwindow.info/door/video/p6aqZtBm1aG2jLk.html. I do feel the power electronics and control system (Variable Frequency Drive) sitting behind a motor like this and that makes this motor at all possible, should get the credit it deserves.

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    I mean, if we fix the squirrel's house while the energy is continuous, the squirrel's house will melt due to the heat....or is it a different metal?

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    Alternating current .... from the battery packs...?????

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    The genius behind this is mind-boggling imho and I´m saying that as a technician. I´m continually amazed by what intricate designs human beings can come up with.

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    Why isn't this motor types being used in other Tesla models as well? Like, Model X?

    CHAYAN BISWAS19 giorni fa


  • The wrong way To do it
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    Flux Capasitor.

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    That's one more step for mankind

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    Tesla model 3 hit by freeway debris on the I-405. itwindow.info/door/video/ipyUZdKRrpuxfZQ.html

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    Its useless tech

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    electric cars are toxic worthless piles of shit..

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    Is the air hitting the front of the car while driving being used to cool the components that heat up? If not, why?

  • Sebastian Tschatordai

    Sebastian Tschatordai

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    @andrei fatu What do you mean? You always have airflow while driving, no?

  • andrei fatu

    andrei fatu

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    You will never have enough Air flow in urban regions.

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    best motor which is Tesla killer is the axial flux motor, specially the dual stator motor, compact, light weight, high torque, far superior

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    This is why hybrids should be entering the market. Maybe full electric in 20 years. Engine for high speeds and electric for city driving.

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    I wish that Raju Rastogi (3 idiots) have watched this video before speaking in front of the director. Virus 😷

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    This may be off topic, but I think someone might find it interesting. Piston style over unity electric generator. By AMA Motor segment: 1 motor with bar connected to it standing vertically circular disc connected to bar that has magnets embedded in it surrounded in high permeability material to focus magnets outward pushing force in an upwards direction from top of disc. Power Bar segment: Hollowed out cylindrical Bar of material horizontally positioned. donut shaped material with openings around its flat edge for magnets surrounded in high permeability material to be embedded. place these all along the cylindrical bar connected to it solidly. except at far ends of bar. 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    Once u have a magnet that has melted, then go below freezing again, then find the right balanc the world is yours!!!🚂🚅🚎🚖🚜🏎🛳✈🪂🚁🚀🛰🦽🤓

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    The solution is to make a liquard magnet through a copper sive, i have maid 2 go carts what work this way, dont understand why we haven't maid the jump yet!!!

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    Theory is when you know everything but nothing works Practice is when everything works but no one knows why. In this lab we have both Theory and Practice: Nothing works and Nobody knows why

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    Upgrading trains to quantum precision does not seem like such a difficult task!

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    Your videos r terrifying

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    In the words of Radar O'Reilly, Ahhh Bach.

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    Silly Tesla, all these problems were solved a long time ago with the Lamborghini 6.5 Liter 60 degree V-12.

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    what types of motor is this? AC Motor or DC Motor?

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    Ok so since it’s a synchronous motor, how does it change rotation speed? Is the rmf changing the speed?

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    Yes, the software can change the frequency of the AC that runs the motor, so the field rotation speed can change

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    BMW is making the same rotor and stator i mean company ZF is making them for BMW

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    i just graduated and im supposed to understand motors but your video is incomprehensible.

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    I'm considering a marine application, driving an Enfield leg or similar

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    can this motor also be used to generate power

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    Up next, carbon sleeved rotor IPMSynRM motors? Please!

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    decline of western civilization

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    Very interesting. Thank you.

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    We wouldn't have such advanced technology if it weren't for the "Juneteenth" crowd......

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    Exactly go help your struggling cities so we can put good jobs in cities maybe more Tesla factories like this to stimulate economic growth

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    Please compare to Elaphe in wheel motors

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    I’m working on a rechargeable motor

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    This " new " motor is the same I have in my skateboard, BLDC. It's been fine for years. All motors produce some back EMF and that's what's used for regeneration braking. But anyway I want one .

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    omg i can only imagine how much it took to figure this out... i can barely understand normal synchronous motors and resonant circuits... they perfectly exploited electromagnetism to improve the motor.

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    Es kommen immer mehr Freunde zusammen,bei solcher Wissenschaft

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    Hallo. Wie geht es Ihnen? Ich studiere grundstufe deutsch. Ich komme aus Indien. Ich liebe Wissenschaft. Auf wiedersehen Sie.

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    A Tesla car is all about acceleration. I had my first ride in a Tesla. It was a Model C, 4WD, with an extended range battery. The driver went from a standing stop to 60 mph at WOT. I was pinned to my seat so hard I thought I needed an airman's G-suit. But, here's the catch: That one acceleration cost 2% of full battery charge, implying 50 such accelerations will drain a fully charged battery. It's a deal closer, a gimmick for the Tesla Agency, demonstrator, that's all. The same Model 3 was driven from Stockton, California to Pueblo, Colorado, requiring seven long charging stops. My Buick Le Sabre could make the same trip in two quick fuel stops. As the Tesla ages, its battery capacity will diminish. At the end of its useful life, it will max out at 80% capacity and the same trip will require nine stops, given there are enough charging stations and the car will have enough range between stations. Count me out for electrics.

  • Delusion2


    3 giorni fa

    Well, you're only looking at range as a factor in your post.. few people need to drive 300+ miles without stopping for considerable time, and even fewer need to do that often. The running costs of an EV are lower because of the price of gasoline. The EV will be more reliable on average. An EV is also smoother to drive because there are no gears, and the motor doesn't vibrate. It is more powerful and more responsive.. etc. Battery degradation will happen, but the reduction in range should not affect most drivers to a point where it outweighs the entire rest of the package.. which if you ask me, is superior.

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    I did not understand most of this but I fully understand how proud I am that Elon Musk is a fellow American

  • Gérard Lefrançois
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    Tesla motor could generate its own power with his generator..

  • Hecklepig
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    There is nothing new or unique about the tesla cars. The stator motor is more than a century old, the technology used in the battery pack is even older than that, and the pulling together of these two thing to make an electric car began in the early years of the very first automobiles. Tesla's greatest feat is conning idiots into paying out huge amounts of cash for old tech put stupidly into a car body. For example does the Tesla need the electronic gizmos to open it. start it or run it? There is no need for electrically assisted door latches, for electronic dashboards or mood lighting. If you hate the 300 mile range then stop wasting power on things that can work on their own (ie analogue systems that use little power if at all) as they have in every other car since year dot. Power conservation is going to be a growing issue in the future, burning it away to be fashionably cool seems ridiculous to me.

  • Delusion2


    3 giorni fa

    Every other car maker does the same or worse. Teslas are premium to luxury segment cars.

  • Stephen Owino Omondi
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    Physics is the backbone of engineering....i love it, the lesson from the models.

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    Could you use a gearbox to overcome the back emf phenomenon with PMF motors?

  • Jake Martin
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    Lol funny how it takes so much complicated math to make 2 simple concepts work, this is like pb&j but it just took almost 100+ years to make 🤯😵🤌

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    Tesla's big breakthrough is borrowing the Prius motor. Marketing genius.

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    Tesla made the schematics open source so anyone can look at the blueprints and make their own version of the motor.

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    If it works for apple it works for tesla

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    I dont think musk would approve of this explanation.

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    ….. BMWs been doing this since 2014….

  • JP Dunphy

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    Sry… 2013… not 14

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    Excellent piece!

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    Tesla plaid carbon wrapped motor ? Secrets behind

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    Somebody call the cops on that Toyota Prius owner. They're so drunk they're drifting into oncoming traffic.

  • L.R.
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    How to start Tesla: joust add one piston engine

  • Jukka Karppinen
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    All these were invented and developed by motor manufacturers looong before Tesla even existed.

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    I AM so glad that I found this ITwindow channel

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    OH, of course! ok...I need Google translate for most of this lol!😉

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    So brilliant that it was designed and engineered 120 years ago and due to patent laws was then open and freely available. Meaning Tesla didn't have to invent anything new. You would know that if you had ever dismantled as Tesla and checked the inside of the engine. It's exactly the same engine as in any shitty black and decker battery driller or kitchen machine or any other electromotor on the planet. The only thing Tesla invented or kind of copied from Samsung and Panasonic was the batteries as they used average market typical 18650 accus before.

  • Philip Miller

    Philip Miller

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    Tesla cars do not have engines. They have motors. An engine is a primary source of power, converting fuel to energy onboard, An internal combustion engine is synonymous with a powerplant. A motor is a consumer of energy, the power production being produced at a remote power plant and stored by the onboard battery.

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  • Laurent Pelletier
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    Still, without nuclear plants these engines are worthless.

  • Laurent Pelletier

    Laurent Pelletier

    Mese fa

    @Eryk Kotecki Correct. And we do have them.

  • Eryk Kotecki

    Eryk Kotecki

    Mese fa

    Still, without big rafineries therse standard, oil engines are wothless

  • yc cy
    yc cyMese fa

    Just tested the model 3 overnight. This is a people's sports car with small family utility capacity. The steering is dead on, the motor and acceleration is a dream, beats any gas powered varieties hands down with ease! Completely blown away! Model 3 rules!

  • Sebastian Salvo
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    Excuse my ignorance but this new electric motors how much they wheigth compared to the previously used on tesla cars as complete unit, exsample the old motor and controll box weighted 300 kg, the new ones should weight less? Do they use less current at same real conditions of the old ones per km? What about lifespan? Does the motor have better overall performance? What about mantainig cost are they cheaper? Do you need more materials or more exspensive metals and more time to buil them?

  • DJ AidonYG
    DJ AidonYGMese fa

    Brilliant dictionary but can't build them to save their lives

  • Doug Hoch
    Doug HochMese fa

    Electric cars will be 10 times more deadly and dangerous to the environment then our present situation. This is all political our money for perfect gains of private enterprises government officials and big business America we are being destroyed and ripped off at the same time Tesla is one of the biggest evilest terrorist against the environmentalist wake up do your research. This man did not get rich because he's smart he got rich because he ripped everybody off

  • Delusion2


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  • Ian 1471
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    Is it wrong that I find this deeply fascinating as a concept, but too light on quantification? Show me the equations and numbers.... (gonna duck now, to avoid the hail of stationary). I can't help it! Forgive me! I'm a qualified Engineer... I've contracted progressive Curiosity, and its Terminal. I'm entering stage 3 and starting a PhD in the autumn, possibly on motor design.... there's a slim chance I'll survive.

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    Hats off to ur work need more of such informative vedios ❤🔥

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