The 2020 Shelby GT500 Is the Ultimate $100,000 Ford Mustang


The 2020 Shelby GT500 is the ultimate Ford Mustang -- and you can easily equip one to more than $100,000. Today I'm going to review the Shelby GT500, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new GT500. Then I'm going to get it out on the road and see how it drives.



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  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright7 ore fa

    Hi Doug when you show the lack of back seats earlier in the video It's clearly different to the one we see when your driving the car, Please can you elaborate on this for me ? Also love all the car reviews you do Excellent work

  • Josh Poquette
    Josh Poquette13 ore fa

    You should also do a review on a 1998 Saleen mustang. I really really loved that year and model style of that car

    ELI HYRYGiorno fa

    Why does everyone forget about the 2012 Shelby 1000 that of course has around 1000 horsepower

  • John Carlo Roales
    John Carlo RoalesGiorno fa

    the back seat brooooooo yuou idiot and you know why😅

  • ls1power00 me
    ls1power00 me2 giorni fa

    It's a nice car, buy if I'm spending 100 grand I'll take a 2019 vette zr1.

  • Terry Conklin
    Terry Conklin5 giorni fa

    $10k for stripes 😂 😂 😂 And nothing like paying $100k+ for a car just to get the same key and lame shifter you get in a Ford Fusion. Still though, what a fun car to drive.

  • Juste Dan
    Juste Dan5 giorni fa

    its $50k too pricy, for 100k you can get way better car

  • David Muenchow
    David Muenchow6 giorni fa

    C8 vetted is faster, prettier, cooler and has a nicer interior.

  • David Muenchow

    David Muenchow

    5 giorni fa

    @Cupwake1012 RBLX Why do you say that? Honest answer please.

  • Cupwake1012 RBLX

    Cupwake1012 RBLX

    5 giorni fa

    Vettes are pieces of shit

  • Yosvaldy Fernandez
    Yosvaldy Fernandez6 giorni fa

    Ford in the 4 cap wheels... Ford performance when you open doors, and in the engine bar.

  • Kevin P.
    Kevin P.6 giorni fa

    Doug the type of guy to convince you to let him borrow a Shelby GT500

  • dat boy prim
    dat boy prim6 giorni fa

    If you buy a $100,000 mustang you’re a child

  • Life Explorer
    Life Explorer6 giorni fa

    It' s very sad . Here in Thailand , we have to pay $200,000 for Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with 449 Horses power

  • Mr troll
    Mr troll7 giorni fa

    This car's exhaust is such music to my ears

  • Milan Siroky
    Milan Siroky7 giorni fa

    Ha, good old Romeo engine plant! Go FORD!

  • Shane Naidu
    Shane Naidu7 giorni fa

    Hey Doug, are you going to review the Shelby Super Snake Speedster?

  • A.R.T. De .Insyg
    A.R.T. De .Insyg10 giorni fa

    I can detail that way fucking better though 🤔😈

  • JDM
    JDM10 giorni fa

    ahh you forgot the cobra puddle lamps.

  • Nogood Username
    Nogood Username10 giorni fa

    Buy it new at sticker price They are going to sky rook it in value in next few years and 10 years good luck afford one

  • turtlepog12
    turtlepog1210 giorni fa

    Is there any way to add back seats if you still want the carbon pack? Or are the mounting holes completely not there

  • McNatural
    McNatural10 giorni fa

    0:48 The Charger/Challenger Hellcat Redeye still stands victorious in the V8 HP war.

  • hajikilla91
    hajikilla9110 giorni fa

    Ummmm Except the Demon has about 50+ HP, And I wouldn’t pay $100K for a Ford Mustang!!!! Even 75K is way too much.. And Mustangs are especially squirrelly on Curved tracks as it’s too light for the HP and Crappy traction control...JS.. And If you’re gonna pay upward of $100K than U might as well get a true Sports Car like a Porsche...🤷🏻‍♂️ So now they’ve made a Rich Guy Mustang when most Rich Guys buy Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche But OK..👌🏽😂

  • Mexicanus Prime
    Mexicanus Prime12 giorni fa

    18:05 lol "manual"

  • Mexicanus Prime
    Mexicanus Prime12 giorni fa

    11:20 nah the first thing I notice is that sin on the center console....

  • Zoë MacGregor
    Zoë MacGregor13 giorni fa

    Interesting how many snakes there are when it's not even called a cobra

  • The Royal Family
    The Royal Family14 giorni fa

    Love the car but that color is sickening 😂 they should have went with the neon green Porsche used on the 911👍🏻 this color looks like a hangover 🤮

  • Ronald Santos
    Ronald Santos14 giorni fa

    23:33 The back seats magically appear.

  • Boon Yew

    Boon Yew

    11 giorni fa

    Doug drives a different Package GT500.

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy16 giorni fa

    Much like a phone software upgrade, are they going to come up with ways of upgrading our vehicle entertainment/programming options?? All of my vehicles are 2018 or newer and I've never thought about that, until now.

  • Hanoi Menace
    Hanoi Menace16 giorni fa

    I love how the spoiler sits low and merges with the lines of the car

  • Ricardo US
    Ricardo US16 giorni fa

    You look like you live in GTA V

  • Deplorable Dave
    Deplorable Dave17 giorni fa

    That is singularly the worst color I have ever seen. WHO looks at that color and says, "OMG!!! I must have that Exorcist pea soup puke green color!!!"?

  • de'an Miracle
    de'an Miracle17 giorni fa

    I would never pay 100k for any type of Ford, especially without backseats and especially if its and automatic. I lost complete interest when he said it only comes automatic

  • Rodrigo Gomes
    Rodrigo Gomes17 giorni fa

    A 100k mustang? Wow, welcome to my work xD. In my country the standard mustang costs 100k and the ecoboost 50k

  • khurbor myagmardorj
    khurbor myagmardorj18 giorni fa

    hmm doug the demon is also around 100k and it has 840 horsepower

  • Rawhide
    Rawhide18 giorni fa

    It’s obviously a Kawasaki

  • Jordan Cunanan
    Jordan Cunanan18 giorni fa

    You have to REALLY like Fords or Mustangs to drop $100K to buy one. What a ripoff. 👎👎👎👎

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez19 giorni fa

    For a fng ford no thanks. I hate how car makers this days even if they ad 5 horse power to the new car just beat other brands, so dumb

  • Sexy Girl Vietnam
    Sexy Girl Vietnam20 giorni fa

    Hi. 2020 ford Shelby GT 500 now how much? And how much is one month payment uncle.

  • William Sloan
    William Sloan20 giorni fa

    #TitanUp love the oilers shirt!!!!

  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz22 giorni fa

    Randy Probst really liked on the track.

  • Chuckles
    Chuckles22 giorni fa

    $100g seems like a bargain for this much car. I recently watched Doug's review of a 2014 BMW M6 which was $120g new, and it is an ugly toad compared to this.

  • Tyler Frost
    Tyler Frost22 giorni fa

    He gets in a different car when he drives it

  • Fast & Curious
    Fast & Curious23 giorni fa

    Type it in ford GT

  • Christopher Hardman
    Christopher Hardman23 giorni fa

    So they didn't trust you with pp0012 on the road? Too bad. I also wish you would have commented on the fact that this wasn't the green one.

  • Manny Castillo
    Manny Castillo24 giorni fa

    That is not the same car you reviewed

  • TexanTube
    TexanTube25 giorni fa

    Cops seeing Doug speeding on public roads: "Ah shit, here we go again..."

  • ns arboc
    ns arboc27 giorni fa

    accept it says ford on each wheel lol

  • 30 -0
    30 -027 giorni fa

    Fac your skin you baby 👶, you show up with dry hands and take one for the team when you review beauties like this

  • 30 -0
    30 -027 giorni fa

    This car got the peasant stripes but the lime is sweet

  • 30 -0
    30 -027 giorni fa

    6:50 get your greasy thumb off the cobra 🐍

  • Dave Kent 305
    Dave Kent 30529 giorni fa

    My biggest turn off is the interior compared to the c8 corvette which is at max a $80,000 car.

  • Paulo Heaven
    Paulo Heaven29 giorni fa

    This is an absolute beast. But maybe not suitable for daily use especially under rain. At least this is what I think 😂

  • Asmit Maji
    Asmit MajiMese fa

    Doug the type of guy who can ditch a Hellcat Redeye for a Mustang 500

  • Boon Yew

    Boon Yew

    11 giorni fa

    Hahaha, not really funny.

  • Mauricio Gomes
    Mauricio GomesMese fa

    My 2014 Taurus SEL resets the trip odometer the same way 😎

  • Eric Rojasvelez
    Eric RojasvelezMese fa

    But this car eat birds....kill possessions......and bugs

  • Eric Rojasvelez
    Eric RojasvelezMese fa

    Your money goes into buttons and screens and bullshit.....just build a car to put in drive and floor it....forget about buttons and settings and bullshit...and the line green color gotta go.....dosnt matter what you call a dodge green

  • Eric Rojasvelez
    Eric RojasvelezMese fa

    Very nice car.....pain in the ass to work on it

  • CasCaDeTweeC
    CasCaDeTweeCMese fa

    My dream car and I want to buy one. Hopefully and whoever reading this hope u get one too

  • billy
    billyMese fa

    That little screen with the climate control buttons looks like an old computer from the side. Or an old oscilloscope

  • victor pratt
    victor prattMese fa

    such an ugly car

  • Boon Yew

    Boon Yew

    11 giorni fa

    You have bad and poor taste 😂 You should take a look on the new generation 2020 Chevy Camaro, more ugly than this car.

  • Joseph Mendoza
    Joseph MendozaMese fa

    I like how the speedometer goes to 220

  • Steve Basscatch
    Steve BasscatchMese fa

    Crappy color and those red calipers look terrible with it 👎🏻

  • Le'Andre
    Le'AndreMese fa

    In irl im am 5'5" Stand on my mustang my PP52

  • Pavan Jeeth
    Pavan JeethMese fa

    It also has 600 horsepower more than my dad's car.

  • Devang Bosamia
    Devang BosamiaMese fa

    How much for one exactly like the video ?

  • Abraham Robles
    Abraham RoblesMese fa

    Seen this car in person, man its mean looking!

  • N1ghtMar3Wo1f 2.0
    N1ghtMar3Wo1f 2.0Mese fa

    Why are u not draving the car that you just review?... you had a seatless cobra... but now... you got seats on the back?🙄

  • Morscovium
    MorscoviumMese fa

    that intro is so jarring. no one like hearing tires screech then a handbrake engaging.


    the car you showed didnt have back seats. the car you are driving has back seats. WTF ?

  • Kaden Wijayatilleke

    Kaden Wijayatilleke

    Mese fa

    I am guessing the car he drove is the base GT500 with the seats

  • doodruff pyro
    doodruff pyroMese fa

    Why am I watching this I'm a broke 15 year old who is just starting to drive

  • Maxwell Paul
    Maxwell PaulMese fa


  • TJ gardner
    TJ gardnerMese fa

    Enter the redeye

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew OlsonMese fa

    Let's face it... The people that pay $100k for a Mustang are paying for the added performance that the GT500 has. If they wanted an upscale interior for that money, they'd buy a slower M4.

  • Lathen Frank
    Lathen FrankMese fa

    17:10 your driving a cobra

  • Carlos Picazzo
    Carlos PicazzoMese fa

    Back seats when you are driving it??? 🤔 could he be lying....

  • brickson98moto
    brickson98motoMese fa

    Give your poor fingers a break from picking at those hangnails lol.

  • papaqueque16
    papaqueque16Mese fa

    24:54 😬💩

  • Jared Guillory
    Jared GuilloryMese fa

    there's no point to having a "quiet mode" on a beast like this. Takes the man out of manly of it. PC, soyboy: disgusting.

  • Paw Paw
    Paw PawMese fa

    To me, my Mustang GT Premium is nearly a luxury muscle car. It has all of the features found in a luxury car plus it's a Grand Touring muscle car at a steal of a price.

  • Jackie Reynolds

    Jackie Reynolds

    Mese fa

    For me, - keep all the 'luxuries'. Give me muscle, old-fashioned carburetors, and wide good road-grabbing tires. McQueen made the mustang on every Christmas list.

  • ERIC Davis
    ERIC DavisMese fa

    Doug, if you see this comment maybe you could try to review the new mustang Mach 1?

  • Dimitar Gueorguiev
    Dimitar GueorguievMese fa

    I could not tell that the 4th mode is the far quiter than the other 3 modes though..

  • Rob Sylvester
    Rob SylvesterMese fa

    F that. I would never pay 100,000 for a mustang. Period.

  • b ryin
    b ryinMese fa

    Ugly ass green looks like used gum 🥲 wish it was silver

  • Lightning strikes twice
    Lightning strikes twiceMese fa

    I'm pretty sure this Mustang with $100,000 price tag will draw more attention at the stoplight and on the road then that BMW! Mustangs and Fords and in-general have never been known for their great Interiors.

  • tomanders1
    tomanders1Mese fa

    How are we ever supposed to belive you're driving the car you are reviewing? What a disservice to your viewers. In how many of your videos are you driving a different car than what you're telling us?

  • Steve Langsdorf
    Steve LangsdorfMese fa

    Seriously do you think we are stupid?🤪

  • Welsh Rarebit
    Welsh Rarebit2 mesi fa

    And the gas mileage would be .............?

  • Oscar Díaz
    Oscar Díaz2 mesi fa

    I payed $1000 for my 92 gt. Overpriced vehicle.

  • DFDalton1962
    DFDalton19622 mesi fa

    What an obnoxious sounding exhaust this thing has. If I had my way, there would be a 5th exhaust mode called "normal", 20 dB quieter than "Quiet", which would be the default whenever you start the car. Switching to any of the other modes would require the driver to endure increasingly severe and prolonged electrical shocks to the testicles depending on the mode.

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins2 mesi fa

    If I ever have the money to spend $100k on a car, it won’t be a Ford

  • PapiAdyN
    PapiAdyN2 mesi fa

    " alright let's jump on the highway let's see what we can do" Mustang: REEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Christopher Maloney
    Christopher Maloney2 mesi fa

    I can't hear the video with nice in my House in the background.

  • Isaac John
    Isaac John2 mesi fa

    Man.... I can’t wait to crash this in a light pole

  • Ryan Stanley
    Ryan Stanley2 mesi fa

    I like them all as well ,Hellcat Camaro and GT500. I chose Hellcat because it is more useful every day. It’s backseat actually transports adult size humans when needed, (kids with ease) and the trunk can hold basically anything. And I don’t frequent any racetracks, so the Porche handling the GT500 brings is never realized on Houston highways. I need a ride in one though. Camaro, while cool is a distant third.

  • Shante Francess
    Shante Francess2 mesi fa

    Doug PLEASE grow your beard out!! :)

  • Titansfreak26
    Titansfreak262 mesi fa

    Titans fan or???

  • Syncrylic
    Syncrylic2 mesi fa

    Everyone is talking about the rear seats appearing out of nowhere but the spoiler fell off too

  • Nooope Noway
    Nooope Noway2 mesi fa

    Its still a ford!😂

  • Boon Yew

    Boon Yew

    Mese fa

    A Ford that beat C8 and ZL1 1LE on Laguna Seca, and will beat Hellcat on Rolled Race.

  • TheTyphoon365
    TheTyphoon3652 mesi fa

    12:02 pay more for less? What? We can take the seats out ourselves for christs sake.

  • Be8
    Be82 mesi fa

    When reviewing these kind of cars,I think it's unfair to bring in the daily categories. It's clear where the money goes. If you were in Europe and wanted a 750hp cruise missile, you'd have to buy a supercar for 250,000+ Euros. Americans are lucky in that regard. By the way, I'd have my sister paint out the stripes for me.

  • Andy Valdez
    Andy Valdez2 mesi fa

    I don't get it? If you spent 100k for speed, surely you'd be looking at a Tesla. For raw power in a straight line? something from Dodge. For a track? something european... This car is soo overrated and hilariously over priced.

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