The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

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  • Aunty Quantastic
    Aunty Quantastic17 minuti fa

    "in one fluid motion"

  • Roxanne Bermudez
    Roxanne Bermudez28 minuti fa


  • Imperial Rockstar
    Imperial Rockstar57 minuti fa

    I still comprehending that

  • punk rock sailor moon
    punk rock sailor moonOra fa

    The heart one would be like really cute for like two best friends

  • Pointless Commentary
    Pointless CommentaryOra fa

    Link to buy them please?

  • -Cookiecatto-
    -Cookiecatto-2 ore fa

    I actually have that second one. I solved it on the bus ride home from school.

  • Nub Hed
    Nub Hed2 ore fa

    Him: *Casually solve the puzzle* Me: CONFUSION

  • D K
    D K4 ore fa

    Great you just ruined it for all of us!

  • Muzz Ch
    Muzz Ch4 ore fa

    "that's a weird looking buttplugs" "... most satisfying puzzles" "oh... Sorry.."

    OMAR AMIR5 ore fa

    Dude this is cool stuff thanks

  • Abisai Laboy
    Abisai Laboy5 ore fa

    Anyone know whats the heart shaped called?

  • shoplifter
    shoplifter6 ore fa

    they arent puzzles they are locks

  • Milad Isaac
    Milad Isaac6 ore fa

    My brain committed suicide

  • Leo Aguirre
    Leo Aguirre6 ore fa

    the IQ that this man has i can not compete

  • Zmanbusta06 Vlogs
    Zmanbusta06 Vlogs7 ore fa

    Where did you buy those

  • Tasnim Tabassum
    Tasnim Tabassum7 ore fa

    Glad I'm not the only one seeing plugs.

  • Illy Pir
    Illy Pir9 ore fa

    Chris Ramsey in YT shorts is what I needed

  • Corwin Taylor
    Corwin Taylor10 ore fa

    Me want

  • Ghost Gamer 0990
    Ghost Gamer 099010 ore fa

    Does anyone know what these are called

  • bradley gaming
    bradley gaming11 ore fa

    Where can i get the third one 😂

  • Dave Akilang
    Dave Akilang11 ore fa

    "Once you line them up perfectly" **Heavy Breathing Intensifies** 😧😧

  • Sonja Rucker
    Sonja Rucker12 ore fa

    I lovve a good mind boggle👍👍

  • Sadaat Furqan
    Sadaat Furqan13 ore fa

    Where to get last one

  • coochie man
    coochie man13 ore fa

    The triangles look suspiciously like butt plugs

  • Daysi Little
    Daysi Little13 ore fa


  • 1qotz
    1qotz15 ore fa

    Simply line em up Everybody: *no*

  • Baumwurzelstamm / Katch Match
    Baumwurzelstamm / Katch Match15 ore fa

    Bro I had the Completely wrong idea bout that triangles

  • Casey Robinson
    Casey Robinson16 ore fa

    I thought that was a butt plug

  • Кирило Мудроха
    Кирило Мудроха16 ore fa

    They look like butt plugs.

  • MemE GAmEr
    MemE GAmEr16 ore fa

    Oh...satis.f.** so what if you step on it...

  • Cowboy Lobo solitario
    Cowboy Lobo solitario17 ore fa

    Devem ser de uma utilidade fantástica!

  • Mel Enid
    Mel Enid17 ore fa


  • ♡{1%}♡
    ♡{1%}♡17 ore fa

    Let me see all the pieces apart then put it together I like it tho

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park18 ore fa

    For me i think the more satisfying thing Is when an object do a sound not too loud like cutting a soap

  • 한국인이다나는 완전히
    한국인이다나는 완전히18 ore fa

    But plug

  • Panica GT
    Panica GT19 ore fa

    That was nice

  • Gabnuggetboy
    Gabnuggetboy20 ore fa

    Why did i think they were buttplugs

  • I don't know yet ?
    I don't know yet ?20 ore fa

    Where can I find these? (I hope I can buy them in my country)

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo21 ora fa

    What is up with that emoji u used in the tittle Ramsay-

  • Kacper
    Kacper21 ora fa

    Where can i get this third one

  • Skill Session
    Skill Session21 ora fa

    Everyone thinking they were butt plugs man I just wanted to know how the hell half of you puzzle youtubers FIND THESE PUZZLES IVE LITERALLY NEVER HEARD OF

  • Lorenzo Gateau
    Lorenzo Gateau21 ora fa

    Where can i get the last One?

    CUTIE ART AND CRAFT21 ora fa


  • Someone
    Someone21 ora fa

    I tried the second one, I now can’t get it back as it was LOL

  • ash
    ash22 ore fa

    this dude out of nowhere: like this video! me, surprised: i- uh huh okay (fumbles for the like button)

  • Master Robert
    Master Robert22 ore fa


  • Bukan sekedar MOTIVASI
    Bukan sekedar MOTIVASI22 ore fa


  • Derp Fox
    Derp Fox22 ore fa

    That's a cool way to hide those things in plain sight

  • relser
    relser23 ore fa

    I want someone to make a video like this that plays out as follows: Guy: So as you can see we have a puzzle Puzzle: ☺️ Guy: So all you gotta do to solve is Puzzle: 🙃 Guy: Is uh…hang on just erm- Puzzle: 😈 Guy: Goddammit! *slams puzzle*

  • Helen Chen
    Helen Chen23 ore fa

    RIP whoever designed the puzzles like buttplugs

  • Nathan W.
    Nathan W.23 ore fa


  • Karma
    KarmaGiorno fa

    Where do I buy the first one

  • XLXH _
    XLXH _Giorno fa

    I like the first one

  • DJRexa
    DJRexaGiorno fa

    I need to know where to buy the heart. Pleaseeeee!

  • I have suicidal thoughts
    I have suicidal thoughtsGiorno fa

    First was the best 👏👏

  • Dylan Mock
    Dylan MockGiorno fa

    What’s the third puzzle called

  • Elliot Robins
    Elliot RobinsGiorno fa

    I have the seccond one

  • FI369✓
    FI369✓Giorno fa

    Want to have it ;-;

  • shiftyskelabones
    shiftyskelabonesGiorno fa

    That heart one is a great gift for your partner! Just engrave one half with your name and the other with your partners. That would be so cute!

  • Magalene Her
    Magalene HerGiorno fa

    Where I get the heart puzzle?

  • Darkest Valkyrie
    Darkest ValkyrieGiorno fa

    I need to find the heart one. 😍

  • spenny
    spennyGiorno fa

    All those finger tattoos; is this the guy that did that Daft Punk 'Harder, Better, Faster' music video?

  • Shumona Rahman
    Shumona RahmanGiorno fa

    Where do I get them?!

  • Jayden Charlien
    Jayden CharlienGiorno fa

    Where can I buy the heart one

  • H34D_455_ G0D  ✓
    H34D_455_ G0D ✓Giorno fa

    what is the first one called i want one

  • Milan Kluivers
    Milan KluiversGiorno fa

    Stop my brain hurts

  • Rounak Aryan
    Rounak AryanGiorno fa


  • noodles
    noodlesGiorno fa

    Where do you buy the first one

  • The Jei & Jae TV
    The Jei & Jae TVGiorno fa

    Does someone know where I could buy those kind of puzzles? Pleasseee. Thankyouuu❤️

  • Waffenwerfer
    WaffenwerferGiorno fa


  • Heather Province
    Heather ProvinceGiorno fa

    I love it

  • william rose
    william roseGiorno fa


  • D-Goth 7o7
    D-Goth 7o7Giorno fa

    I think resident evil needs to have more interesting puzzles such as these!

  • M AR
    M ARGiorno fa

    How to get and where to buy them!!! ???

  • Bonaventura Septiadi P.
    Bonaventura Septiadi P.Giorno fa

    Whre i can buy it?

  • Arzu Zeynepova
    Arzu ZeynepovaGiorno fa


  • Yuno MaplePancakes
    Yuno MaplePancakesGiorno fa

    Ngl i saw a bunch of these spencers

  • Gaming 2
    Gaming 2Giorno fa

    Only 300$ wow

  • Miristic MEMES
    Miristic MEMESGiorno fa

    It's good until Little cousins comes and miss one part of puzzle

  • Roy Daniel
    Roy DanielGiorno fa

    where can i find this things

  • ItzSxlih
    ItzSxlihGiorno fa

    Oh god am dead

  • zombieslicer992
    zombieslicer992Giorno fa

    Almost had me thinking it was the millennium puzzle for a second

  • Michael Pelz
    Michael PelzGiorno fa

    Take my money where can I get these?

  • yak yuk
    yak yukGiorno fa

    Not gonna lie, good video bud

  • Deshial Young
    Deshial YoungGiorno fa

    500k+ Likes? Wow Nice in the vid

  • Nicc
    NiccGiorno fa

    Listen Imma be blunt here the first 2 triangles are buttplugs

  • Rock Ant
    Rock AntGiorno fa

    Yooooooo, I need the heart one for my girlfriend 😄👌

  • Gaming Dynamix
    Gaming DynamixGiorno fa

    Mate I know what a partsformer is

  • Rob Reith
    Rob ReithGiorno fa

    Pretty cool. I like stuff like that, l'd want to try it without someone showing me.

  • jaydohn parrilla
    jaydohn parrillaGiorno fa

    Where can I get them?

  • abbaaba ahahhat
    abbaaba ahahhat2 giorni fa


  • PRPL b0i
    PRPL b0i2 giorni fa

    That sphere puzzle messed me up 😂

  • Soul of Craft
    Soul of Craft2 giorni fa


  • cringe
    cringe2 giorni fa

    triagles ones looks like my premium gradeaundera buttplugs

  • Hans Jacer
    Hans Jacer2 giorni fa

    Where to get em???

  • Dencel Osorio
    Dencel Osorio2 giorni fa

    where can i get the heart one

  • Gia thanh Nguyen
    Gia thanh Nguyen2 giorni fa

    Ảo thật đấy 😂

  • fattus.rattus
    fattus.rattus2 giorni fa

    Omg where do you get these

  • todomo
    todomo2 giorni fa

    i own the diamond puzzle. it’s so simple, yet when i give it to someone that’s never seen it i remember my first time trying to solve it. someone took an hour working with it and didn’t finish before i had to leave

  • RedPandaGamingZ


    23 ore fa

    what's it called?