The Day the Dinosaurs Died - Minute by Minute


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    i genuinely want everything off your shop i love it all!!

  • .:Camper:.


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    The Chicxulub asteroid dino extinction is just a theory, it isn't confirmed. I personally don't think an asteroid did that to the dinos.

  • SlayneDaGreat


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    You should make a video about declining sperm count and what it means for humanity. :)

  • Angela C. Browning

    Angela C. Browning

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    Loved the vid.

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    Petty Aestheticcs

    Mese fa


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    Liliāna Fricfelde2 ore fa

    am i the only one who cried??

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    Marvin baloyi3 ore fa

    Apps when you factory reset.

  • M1lesDoesStuff
    M1lesDoesStuff3 ore fa

    We gotta give a thumbs up for the cameraman

  • Gary
    Gary3 ore fa

    The end was so emotional :-/

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton4 ore fa

    Why didn’t we call it dino killing asteroid ?

  • gustavo godoy
    gustavo godoy4 ore fa

    "Earth was a pleasant place for millions of years" *"until it wasn't"*

  • chilidemon
    chilidemon6 ore fa

    Wat if they didnt die would we not exist or would they have evolved or something

  • Cole Adams
    Cole Adams7 ore fa

    5:24 yeet

  • Saruto Uzamaki
    Saruto Uzamaki8 ore fa

    So you're telling me there were no humans when this went down

  • Anush Antony
    Anush Antony8 ore fa

    Still doesnt explain why all bad things including Alien attacks happen in the americas. - what if we mammals are the aliens that came with the asteroid :D

  • Paul Gibbon
    Paul Gibbon10 ore fa

    The interesting thing is how tremendously unlikely the collision was. If the asteroid starts wandering a little bit sooner or later, it drops into the Sun or comes to orbit Earth as a second Phobos-sized moon. If it had hit in a slightly different place (like other asteroids have over time), the immediate area is still disintegrated, and things are unpleasant for the rest of the world for a bit, but it's nowhere near an existential disaster. Something else worth noting is that just because a species survived the disaster doesn't mean that MANY of them survived. Species whose descendants now cover the world and number in the billions might owe their existence to a few dozen lucky survivors huddling in a cave, valley or the bottom of a lake. There's no particular reason why small mammals survived but small non-bird dinosaurs in the same niches and environments didn't, other than "luck".

  • Deodath Mansook
    Deodath Mansook10 ore fa

    bruh i thought dinos died cuz of people

  • Yzzy World
    Yzzy World10 ore fa

    Till this day..... i still dont know how to pronounce the channel's name been watching since 2017 lol, decided to come back

  • Bunsen Honeydew
    Bunsen Honeydew11 ore fa

    Rarely anything good comes on a Tuesday afternoon.

  • Suhas Addepalli
    Suhas Addepalli15 ore fa

    i have an idea for a video: what if all black holes suddenly turned into white holes and ejected all material they previously contained

  • SongWriterSaturdays
    SongWriterSaturdays19 ore fa

    Am I the only one who can't get use to the idea of dinosaurs having feathers?

  • Pusheen the Cat
    Pusheen the Cat19 ore fa

    Earth: Has beautiful life and ecosystems Chicxulub: *I'm about to ruin this man's whole career.*

  • CoolDude
    CoolDude21 ora fa

    Bruh 4:20 that branchisaurous is trying to hold on for dear life

  • Max Kwon
    Max KwonGiorno fa

    The fluffy holiday tellingly wonder because tree simplistically kneel atop a handsomely price. acceptable, colossal ice

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    Nico JürßGiorno fa

    My favorite Video from Kurzgesagt 👍

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    The astriod: today ya'll ganna die

  • Gabriel Hospedales
    Gabriel HospedalesGiorno fa

    This birthed Titanoboa... Video?

  • Dairy Dose
    Dairy DoseGiorno fa

    And here we are destroying again the planet with our on hands, yeeted once more.

  • Kamil NadwornyJeb4ka
    Kamil NadwornyJeb4kaGiorno fa

    what a bullshit... flying passager planes reatch 14-16km NOT 10.

  • Tom Joe
    Tom JoeGiorno fa

    anyone else not be able to get through whole vid? awful to think about

  • Dattebayo
    DattebayoGiorno fa

    "let's stop time" Za Warudo

  • Ace Montana
    Ace MontanaGiorno fa

    Fucking love these types of Destruction videos you should do Nuclear war !

  • Edgars Hartmanis
    Edgars HartmanisGiorno fa

    That is so sad danesor's died :(

  • Arthur Gamla Schaskos
    Arthur Gamla SchaskosGiorno fa

    "yeeted into space" sometimes, i think the script writers are just a bunch of german shitposters

  • Arumay Salodia
    Arumay SalodiaGiorno fa

    Insane!!! I like your videos

  • Adrianne Marcos
    Adrianne MarcosGiorno fa

    I think this is before God remade earth or something I dunno.

  • Adrianne Marcos

    Adrianne Marcos

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    4:19 The dinosaur is gonna fall! OH, well that's gonna leave a mark

  • Callum Conner
    Callum ConnerGiorno fa

    As soon as I heard him say 'yeeted', I came straight down to the comments. I wasn't disappointed.

  • Peter Knusprig
    Peter KnusprigGiorno fa

    Must have been a Monday!

  • Leigh Ngo
    Leigh Ngo2 giorni fa

    Ah yes, Titanotaurs (that actually sounds like an epic fantasy monster).

  • Redent
    Redent2 giorni fa

    I like the Map of evolution

  • Ashil 66
    Ashil 662 giorni fa

    RIP to all the dinosaurs who died for us

  • DankyDoodly Dude
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    Kurzgesagt i like about posters but you guys have so much knowledge bout earth then why papers? please guys chose a recyclable alternative to paper like stone paper which can be erased even if it is written by pen. i would really like to see kurzgesagt helping earth then making money.

    JAZMINE MUNOZ2 giorni fa

    Creatures of Sonaria when the new natural disaster updates come:

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    This is hel

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  • General Klump

    General Klump

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    Green dino

  • Xen
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    Imagine all the fossils in the ocean we haven’t found

  • Vejas Wind
    Vejas Wind2 giorni fa

    Bro dont worry its just galactus heading to the fortnite island

  • WolfButNo
    WolfButNo2 giorni fa

    plot twist: the dinosaurs just invented the worst bomb known which destroyed any evidence of this actually smart species

  • 8 koi
    8 koi2 giorni fa

    Speciescide lmao

  • diego de leon
    diego de leon2 giorni fa

    how does this extinction event impact our world now? as in if the meteor didnt hit

  • Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore

    2 giorni fa

    Human's wouldn't exist

  • Снуп Дог
    Снуп Дог2 giorni fa

    1:43 "it dipped into earth's shadow" - what??? How is it possible?

  • Xertina


    2 giorni fa

    It just touched a area of shadow I can do that

  • Mostafa B
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    سبحان الله

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    @yigithan.kilinc a çeviriler için teşekkürler :)

  • Stavr Ognev
    Stavr Ognev3 giorni fa

    It's your second video (out of ~hundred viewed) I dislike. Because you spend whole timing, banging on oversimplified "asteroid" factor, ignoring dozen of other. Including your own source about new form of plants, that slowly, but drastically changes the food chains: > Perhaps the most important of these events, at least for terrestrial life, was the first appearance of the flowering plants, also called the angiosperms or Anthophyta. First appearing in the Lower Cretaceous around 125 million years ago, the flowering plants first radiated in the middle Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. Or other cyclic/stress factors, that actually made difference combined with asteroid. P.S. "Birds that are direct descendants of dinosaurs" - another over-simplified old theory. Modern studies look at dino-birds as concurrent spices (like Neanderthals vs Homo sapiens) for prehistoric modern-version-of-birds. And dino-birds looks like failed, because they was heavier, less adopted to hunt for small grass-eating mammals and flower-feeding insects.

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    WolfWasTaken RBLX3 giorni fa

    how dou you pronounce your name

  • hog
    hog3 giorni fa

    How is it possible that the quality of their work improved even more?!

  • Greg Hansen
    Greg Hansen3 giorni fa

    Space is scary.

    UNE ODO3 giorni fa

    This video made me love Dinosaurs again!

  • Miss Sniper
    Miss Sniper3 giorni fa

    Internet culture is so powerful, some of its slangs made it into a scientific video.

  • Momentais
    Momentais3 giorni fa

    "Yeeted into space" is now a scientific term thanks to Kurzgesagt. Now I can say that to my science teacher

  • joshclark756
    joshclark7563 giorni fa

    i dont get was it 65 0r 66 million years ago

  • NoahS_64
    NoahS_643 giorni fa

    Bruh this made me feel bad for the dyno's :/

  • iMunashe
    iMunashe3 giorni fa

    Can someone please tell me how the dinosaurs were made extinct but every other animal wasn't.

  • Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore

    2 giorni fa

    Small mammals and birds found places such as caves to hide and survive and being small didn't need a lot of food to survive the apocalypse meaning they lived once the ash was gone

  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand3 giorni fa

    And during this whole event Cockroaches were on picnic 😂

  • Elijah.
    Elijah.3 giorni fa

    3:07 jupiter once failed his job

  • Tavros
    Tavros3 giorni fa

    Нет русских субтитров(

  • armadillo17_aeo
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    black and white hole plushie shows up on screen *Ha, I own that*

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    kurzesagt earth marble

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  • L_AEZZ0
    L_AEZZ04 giorni fa

    Am I the only one that feels bad for the ( sometimes ) furry, innocent dinosaurs?

  • Omar Lorenzana
    Omar Lorenzana4 giorni fa

    Moon watching this be like 🌚glad that didn’t hit me

  • Tigerkei Art
    Tigerkei Art4 giorni fa

    Never thought I'd hear the word "yeeted" in a scientific video

  • Yasmin Nasser
    Yasmin Nasser4 giorni fa

    Shouldn’t it burn the dinosaur bones to ashes though??

  • Noodle DaJuice
    Noodle DaJuice4 giorni fa

    Didn't we just discover that it was volcanic eruptions that killed them?

  • SeriousNorbo
    SeriousNorbo4 giorni fa

    Everybody gangsta till Kurzgesagt says *"Until it wasn't"*

  • siksis
    siksis4 giorni fa

    if earth had a personality, this would be when it went through its emo phase

  • Reyaz A p
    Reyaz A p4 giorni fa

    No it carnt be 2:12 60 times sound is 3 times faster than sound ok light is 20 times faster than sound ok

  • Reyaz A p

    Reyaz A p

    4 giorni fa

    Light is 20 times speed of sound ok

  • Chickenlyart
    Chickenlyart4 giorni fa

    So basically everything changed when the asteroid attacked

  • TheNerdofLife
    TheNerdofLife4 giorni fa

    Then, everything changed when the asteroid attacked

  • Grand Boss
    Grand Boss4 giorni fa

    God wanted to create new species in order to create new he needs to destroy what he made first

  • Diablokiller999
    Diablokiller9994 giorni fa

    How are the working conditions of your products? Hope it's all fair trade and all people in the production chain make a good living.

  • Darrell Shepherd
    Darrell Shepherd4 giorni fa

    Them dying nutshell: god was just sick of the lizards and just yeeted a rock at earth killing them

  • Dacarwhizz
    Dacarwhizz4 giorni fa

    *tosses earth in hand* oops

  • jcee
    jcee4 giorni fa

    this is so sad :(

  • fire
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    By the way your animation are amazing

  • Flustic
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    im sad now but happy so dinosaurs would not eat me

  • clark capie
    clark capie5 giorni fa

    Dude he makes the dinos look so cute and then they just die

  • Zachary Greenwood
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  • Zachary Greenwood
    Zachary Greenwood5 giorni fa

    Debris teeter into space Lol

  • Lou-Darcie Lewis
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    Mmmm hell I wonder what game thats from

  • Lou-Darcie Lewis
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    Mars be like a fuek

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    Shadow Cat Animation5 giorni fa

    You sound like a boomer but u meme!

  • Intensely Curious
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    Would loved to have seen that , providing I didn't die of course

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    Lavos is a space cancer!

  • Sergio Marc
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    damn! now i have to play Chrono Trigger again...

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    Türkçe çeviriyi yapan arkadasa tesekkurler.👍

  • michael williams
    michael williams5 giorni fa

    The Verden green Dino paradise you describe may be a falsehood.

  • Brendon Jones
    Brendon Jones5 giorni fa

    It's crazy that as dramatic as this is the Permian extinction event was far worse. We really are lucky Mammals survived both events.

  • aola wili
    aola wili5 giorni fa

    Imagine vibing in the jungle then some rock turns your home into hell

  • Mike Popiel
    Mike Popiel5 giorni fa

    i like how he said feathered good to know some people are smart

  • Jim Thomas
    Jim Thomas5 giorni fa

    Nice little fairy tale.. they all died in Noah’s flood :)

  • Jim Thomas

    Jim Thomas

    5 giorni fa

    @MechanicPluto24 worth looking into I’d say.. just Google Noah’s flood proof, dinosaurs and Noah’s flood etc

  • Jim Thomas

    Jim Thomas

    5 giorni fa

    @MechanicPluto24 and can also be relied upon and tested within the observable boundaries of science

  • Jim Thomas

    Jim Thomas

    5 giorni fa

    @MechanicPluto24 I happen to think so. I believe every word in the Bible is historically accurate and true.

  • MechanicPluto24


    5 giorni fa

    Bold of you to assume that Bibble shit is real

  • 데이몬
    데이몬5 giorni fa

    Please Korean sub

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