The Three Tenors - Behind the scenes Caracalla, p.1


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    No hay palabras. Mis agraciemtos a quienes hacen posible este momento.

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    02:47 what is this song called? It sounds so wonderful :) And the song at 05:38

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    I loved the voice Paparotti ... but Chicorée was/is more charismatic ... I never liked Flamingo.

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  • Sonia Salinas
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    Aquí están peluseando ,son simpáticos buenos amigos ,serios en el trabajo..qué maravilla. Famosos desde siempre. Agenden Los Ángeles Chile .sur américa ,(clarita la dirección para que no se pierdan) sería fantástico.

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    🥰😘😘🥰💜❤💓💗💗💗 three beautiful people blessed by the Lord God with their superlative voices ....

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    Does anyone know the name of the accompanying pianist? He is very good.

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    it is so happiness the time to listen to so beautiful sound during covid-19 era

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    Jose is my favourite.Have always loved him and still do.

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    OH!!!😱😱😱 ME TOO!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

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    That's class, when they can be playful, enjoy each other, and produce such a memorable performance. And then when you remember the world had almost lost Carreras to leukemia a few years prior to this, the concert takes on a poignancy and significance. Artistry and camaraderie become a celebration of life.

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    Questo Video ci hanno dato a tutta l'Orchestra : Maggio Musicale di Firenze e Orchestra di Teatro dell'Opera di Roma Concerto.Cero pure io.

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    Ho camminato sopra l'Arca di Noe'... Vedi tutto su... Elia il Profeta....

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    Carreras full forse...katastrofa !

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    3:35 😱😂

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    Alguém em 2020

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    Уникальный фильм (russ.)

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    All three tenors are magnificent but first come Domingo then Carrreras and then Pavarotti , Pavarotti to me is very loud cold voice wide range but ........

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    1:17 What song name?

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    Sole Amici

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    Ochi tchorniye

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    Pavarotti is Karabas Barabas))

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    What a beautiful voice!! LOVE❤️❤️❤️

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    Gracias por subir este video

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    Los mejores mi comentario da lo mismo pero lo mejor

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    Si pudiera al fin día con uds me moría tranquila un durño

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    Lo mejor de mi vida

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    이귀한 영상 볼수 있게해주신데 너무나 감사합니다 위대한 세사람 리얼 그자체 아름다운 목소리와 화합 환상적이라 표현을 다 못하겠읍니다 태풍으로 많은비가 오는 한주 시작을 멋진 영상으로 대신합니다 감사합니다

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    They are the best of the bests❤️❤️❤️

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    Lo mejor del mundial de futbol italia 1990.

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    Luciano ich liebe und verehre dich ❤️🎼💖🎵🎶

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    Which is the song at 1:55 ?

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    I miss him so much....what a gift he was to us.

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    I have always wanted to meet domingo and carreras because i am a huge fan of theres but if i cant meet them i would love to have there autographs my address is 149 ease main street clinton Connecticut appartment number 5

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    Love this! So wonderful to see they were so happy and playful together in private. I keep smiling watching this video!

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    J S.

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    @Irene 1943 Surely they did! Love them!!

  • Irene 1943

    Irene 1943

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    They had a good time,didn't they ?????? And they gave us so many happy hours.......... bless them......

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    i remember how excited i was and how i couldnt wait to see this

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    Olee fenomeno los 3

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    Um encontro de 4 Maestros que a humanidade dificilmente vera semelhante novamente.

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    nice WONDERFUL

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    It's amazing how music can make you feel..

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    The Great Pavarotti!!!!!!!

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    Cuál es la canción del 1:15?

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    Ochi Chernye (Dark Eyes)

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    Carreras always makes me laugh when he does that up on his tip toes thing.

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    Yes!! It’s soo cute :)

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    Aye but the game was on!

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    So sad that the boy of the twins didn’t survive we could have had a little Luciano !!!

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    bravi , ognuno nel proprio repertorio

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    Repertorio leggero, nel drammatico erano tutti e tre una frana.

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    Never saw this footage before, only the concert which spawned a new generation of “Popera Performances.” v

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    I will go

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    Voces angelicales en la tierra👏👏👏

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    Plz tell me 1:45 song

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    @Kdubs Supergma thank u!

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    Anybody know who is narrating this? It sounds like such a familiar voice but I can’t place it

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    I think it is Roger Moore (of James Bond fame).

  • Dresdenflower


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    karen forrester thank you!

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    Derek Jacobi

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    Que alegría escuchar y disfrutar a los mejores tenores de nuestro tiempo. Gracias!!!

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    ''No seas tan ingrataaaa'' 2:19

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    Imágenes detrás de escena ,osea los ensayo previo del maravilloso e inolvidable concierto de las termas de CARACALLA , con Josep Carreras Luciano Pavarotti e Placido Domingo

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    Jose Carreras appears to be the link that binds these three together. The way he interacts with both of them is simply wonderful. The fun and joy he instils in the rehearsals. The absolute humility he has. Bravo Senor Carreras without you there would have been no three tenors

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    Yes his recovery from cancer was part of the reason they all agreed:)

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    Очи черные Очи страстные Очи жгучие и прекрасные....

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    Wow the 2 greatest tenors of all time...and this other dude..

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    Provocunt !

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    @kate f AGREED! but who is that fat guy?...

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    kate f

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    Yeah Domingo and Carreras are amazing

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    3 voces desperdiciadas, todos intentando sobresalir de las otras con volumen de voz. Cero armonias, cero belcanto. Hicieron buen uso del marketing, si no es asi nadie los conociera entre la doxa.

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    Es un orgasmo este video!!!

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    2mins 25- goosebumps!!!

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    Labai patinka Jūsų humoras!

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    How amazing it is to watch these opera legends during the rehearsals... They're amazing! Wish I had the opportunity to see them live!

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    They are very funny guys. Their laughs are contagious.

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    очи черные ))

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    Damn great singers, took the bullshit out of classical music

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    The classical music never was BS dear.

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    El circo nunca puede terminar.

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    from PERSIA with Passion had a chance to meet and talk to Placido Domingo 1988 in Beverly Hills La Macias Latin restaurant on Santa Monica Blv.! He had beard when I asked him are you Placido? Gracefully stood up shaking my hand while with other friends and said: Yes. I told him couldn't recognize you... he said he's going to perform Otello on weekend with Los Angels philharmonic... later on that night the singer noticed him and announced... Great Tenor and down to earth; what a night ...

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    RIP Pavarotti the greatest. Loved him

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    Le plus grand est Franco Corelli

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    Oh the voices excellent! I wish i would have gone to one of there concerts but couldnt afford it.

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    Why do they always turn their pages so violently?

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    Magnificent, magic, wonderful!!!! What a fantastic friendship!!! And of course Pavarotti, the legend, the greatest of the universe!!!

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    Qué belleza, estas tres extraordinarias.voces!. Me encanta Placido Domingo, jamás de canso de oírlo.

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    How many shits did you have in your plane?

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    What's that song 2:09?

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    Carreras' past top's degraded physically....

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    wow i never fully appreciated carreras till now!

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    you should have listened to Carreras in the 1970's recordings with Caballe.!

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    An angle much three tenors.....

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    Me gusta

    PULISSARIO4 anni fa


    PULISSARIO4 anni fa

    what the name of song at 0:55

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    It's called Ochi Chernye or something like that.

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    1:15 name of the song?Thanks in advance

  • Vítor Lacerda

    Vítor Lacerda

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    Von George Thank you i figured out some time.

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    Ochi Chernye, it's a Russian song

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    Gosh, Pavarotti is in a league all of his own.

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    @Nikhil Krishna Really? Have you listened to Pavarotti’s golden years? The 80’s? But maybe your preference is just different than mine.

  • Nikhil Krishna

    Nikhil Krishna

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    At this point in time, definitely, but at their best, Carreras was probably the best (1970s).

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    Brilliant!! Can't beleive we have 10 idiots.....

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    At 3:40 C High from JCarreras

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    Omar David vibrato or wobble.

  • I MP

    I MP

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    @James Cunico and that vibrato was way too slow and prominent.

  • James Cunico

    James Cunico

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    He's actually singing a high Bb based on the key the orchestra is playing. Sorry, but he's two notes away from the golden C. Also, he's terribly out of tune. So sharp that he almost sounds like he's singing a B-natural.

  • Ариф Алиев
    Ариф Алиев4 anni fa

    0:47 They sing Russian song " Ochi Chyorniya" or in English "Dark Eyes" But more powerful than some russian version. Great.

  • Suzana Stojkovska
    Suzana Stojkovska4 anni fa I Love these voices

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    Quien impide que se pase completo el hermoso video de los tres tenores gravado en las Termas Caracalla para el disfrute de aquellos que nos gusta la música clásica?

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    IT is amazing the way that they interact. Georgeous. Just lovely

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    Divine!Amazing! Fantastic!

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    Coro de Bellas Artes México 2006/7 (can't remember exactly), we were rehearsing, and Maestro Domingo was dropping by to see a friend. One of the tenors got so nervous he couldn't place a single note, and was so embarrased he almost cried in front of everybody, decided to go backstage. Domingo noticed, found him, encouraged him, and gave him sort of a quick private master class for some minutes.The guy came back as an entirely new person, as if born again, and sang well and confident. We knew because the tenor told us. Domingo didn't want to show off as a hero or anything, he just wanted to help... the kind of person Maestro Domingo is.

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    A. Very.

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    @Maria Alejandra Covo Guzmán q

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    The "quintessential" Maestro Domingo. Great talent and humility! BRAVO Maestro!

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    Feliz navidad pavaroti

  • Maria Alejandra Covo Guzmán

    Maria Alejandra Covo Guzmán

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    Los tres tenores feliz navidad

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    cada que escucho a los tenores cantar el cielito lindo se me pone la piel de gallina

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    Manuel Veytia

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