Top 10 Best Foldable Electric Bikes For 2021

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Best Foldable Electric Bikes buy here:

1► EVELO Quest Max
3► CARBO Folding Electric Bike
4►FLIT-16 By FlitBike
5► RadMini 4
7► Alfawise X1

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●Amazon International:

9► GOTRAX Shift S1
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●Amazon US:
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  • Nm Enterprise
    Nm Enterprise14 giorni fa

    Wow nice

  • Michaels Advertising Digital Company
    Michaels Advertising Digital Company23 giorni fa

    Great Video New Bike on this link Limited Edition from Germany Check it Out!

  • CKS Productions Entertainment Group
    CKS Productions Entertainment Group23 giorni fa

    I have the Swagtron...awesome ebike...great review!

  • 3rd leg brigade
    3rd leg brigade24 giorni fa

    As of March 1, 2021 United City Bikes shut down....Unfortunately they could no longer proceed. They only state they were running into too many adversities in the production of their electric folding bike....

  • Chris B.

    Chris B.

    7 giorni fa

    Well, that's okay. I wouldn't want that creepy founder guy following me all around the city while I'm riding on my ebike anyway. He was all up in that dudes apartment and everything. I guess that's why the tester couldn't take it anymore and handed the ebike back to the weirdo at the end.

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B25 giorni fa

    Bikes are 4 grand

  • hyperspace
    hyperspaceMese fa

    Why is n't there a review of the GoCycle and Brompton electric?. No one seems to have a comprehensive review.

  • discuss fu
    discuss fuMese fa

    all no good.

  • jcastanza
    jcastanzaMese fa

    Lol at 11:28 is it just me or does the seat post look ridiculously long/tall? Anyway, idk how 2021 made it into the title of this video, these are all 3-5 year old bikes? A few never even made it to market. A

  • john darmiento
    john darmientoMese fa

    What is the purpose of extremely bad music???????

  • Anders Jakobsen
    Anders Jakobsen2 mesi fa

    How can you use 3 old commercial from 2020 and make them, - best foldable bikes for 2021?? I mean... It's the 4. of February 2021 when I see this on ITwindow.

  • True Texan
    True Texan2 mesi fa

    Ok,, who even looked at the last bike. Or did you just stare at the blonde. 😍

  • sarge27271
    sarge272713 mesi fa

    *NOTE TO FLIT:* Next time you submit a video to this channel, I suggest you get to the point a little faster.....if not..SNIP! SNIP!

  • Brantley Enzo

    Brantley Enzo

    Mese fa

    @Lawrence Graham checking it out right now. Looks to be working.

  • foxlynx ninuas
    foxlynx ninuas3 mesi fa

    I like voltbike

  • Carmelita Lazaro
    Carmelita Lazaro3 mesi fa

    I love the electric bike by the United City bike #6

  • Carmelita Lazaro
    Carmelita Lazaro3 mesi fa

    I have an electric bike DYU (brand name) which has the same features like Fiido D2 but cheaper in price and made in China but with quality features that every woman would love yet the bike body and it's unique riding capabilities will be appreciated by the men for it's durability and strength that's incomparable .

  • HomeAndLiving
    HomeAndLiving3 mesi fa

    awesome top 10 💗💗💗 come check my top 5

  • NYCMP1
    NYCMP14 mesi fa

    Lists are missing links to the bikes you’re naming the 10 best. What’s up with that?

  • ms.93555 ms.93555
    ms.93555 ms.935554 mesi fa

    Everything should have a link and price. Video is not useful as is.

  • jcastanza


    Mese fa

    And the last three are just music playing while you watch them ride and park the bike, no info of any kind is provided at all.

  • Jalaram Cable
    Jalaram Cable5 mesi fa


  • Tyler Oliver UK
    Tyler Oliver UK10 mesi fa


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