Xgimi MoGo Pro vs Xiaomi Mi smart compact projector

Xiaomi Mi •FR amzn.to/337XFJT •ES amzn.to/3nqnqi2 •US amzn.to/3lFgmfu
🠗 🠗 🠗 Main conclusions and findings in this description 🠗 🠗 🠗
- Both versatile Full HD mini projectors with excellent dual band wifi connectivity running on Android TV 9 with LED light source.
- Both devices come equipped with internal Chromecast for easy casting from both Android and iPhone's.
- Both devices come equipped with auto vertical keystone and auto focus making set up pretty easy.
- Xiaomi Mi is much brighter, sharper, less noisy, has a better speaker and got official Netflix support.
- Only MoGo Pro has horizontal keystoning (40°), 3D support and a battery.
- MoGo Pro doesn't have official Netflix support. But it can be installed via XTV manager which pretty much works just as well, except that you must use the projector remote. Only on the Xiaomi Mi you can cast Netflix from the Netflix app on your phone.
- MoGo Pro has a faster processor resulting in faster loading times.
- Xiaomi Mi needs a little refocus after 15-45min when it has a 'cold start'.
- Xiaomi Mi has occasional audio hiccups if sound is sent through HDMI input to projector speaker.
- Bluetooth headset works best with MoGo Pro. Xiaomi Mi has some delay.
- MoGo Pro must be logged in to Google, Xiaomi Mi works without logging in.
- Xiaomi Mi needs a little refocus after 15-45min when it has a 'cold start' in colder climates. After which it will stay in focus.
This can be circumvented in four ways:
1) Start the projector beforehand to warm up a bit and trigger autofocus before watching.
2) While watching series, accept some blurriness at the end of the first episode and trigger autofocus before going to the next.
3) Trigger autofocus immediately after startup and add between +3 and +5 correction steps to the right. This way clarity will gradually go from good to excellent.
4) Turn off autofocus altogether and don't move the projector.
- Tripod and case accessories are not included.
- Both projectors suffer from a little bit of judder in 24Hz and 25Hz modes.
- Video is filmed in 30fps. 'Spring'-video clips are 24fps. High framerate recordings of the judder clips can be found in the link below.
- Default settings are used unless otherwise noted.
- In reality the viewability of the bright daylight recordings was a bit better in real life. But we've chosen camera settings optimized to show the difference between these projectors in the clearest way.

***Software update september 12 2020***
After updating the Xiaomi Mi to the latest firmware version various issue's previously mentioned have been addressed.
-Bluetooth lag has significantly improved towards usable levels.
-Sound hiccups from audio over HDMI input largely solved.
-Improved fluid playback/judder.

Which projector should I buy?
For best picture quality, brightness and sound (if internally streamed), go for the Xiaomi Mi smart compact projector. If you are looking for: 100% wireless projection (battery), horizontal keystone for sideway projection, 3D, decent Bluetooth headset support or if you are sensitive to judder, then take a look at the Xgimi MoGo Pro.
Offers: Xgimi MoGo Pro
NL: Amazon - amzn.to/3jInOph | Coolblue - cb.prf.hn/l/7JP0Yyb
FR: Amazon - amzn.to/3bCIcFA
ES: Amazon - amzn.to/3nlnb7X
IT: Amazon - amzn.to/2Rngxzh
DE: Amazon - amzn.to/2GvL6AJ
UK: Amazon - amzn.to/35fJAgr
US: Amazon - amzn.to/33ppYUt
Offers: Xiaomi Mi smart compact projector
NL: Amazon - amzn.to/3546yqn
FR: Amazon - amzn.to/337XFJT
ES: Amazon - amzn.to/3nqnqi2
IT: Amazon - amzn.to/2FsNs2X
DE: Amazon - amzn.to/3hXRsqj
UK: Amazon - amzn.to/3lPDZ6j
US: Amazon - amzn.to/3lFgmfu
Global: s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_dTbBTcx
Tripod's used in video:
XGIMI Lightweight Tripod - amzn.to/37cnnAN
AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount - amzn.to/37ekmzI

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    This thing is not bad (xiaomi Mi smart), it just dont accepts my US sticks, it never shows any content on my USB Sticks, i see nothing when i stick it in. Only the option to format or eject but with format option it will delete the files and my windows PC dont recognize it anymore, really bad from xiaomi. The rest is not bad. Nother negative thing is there is no shortcut for autofocus, thats a shame

  • Julien Genest
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    I have the Mogo Pro and am not really impressed with the image. I'm surprised how bad the screen door is for a 1080p device. I haven't yet tried plugging in a PC but it seems there are jagged edges on lines that can't really be fixed at any resolution (HDMI input seems worse than the Android built in image-wise). This is with sharpness down to zero. The software update (latest) is improved on the original but still not good. 4K youtube look quite low res still.....very strange if it really is showing all 1080p pixels. There is no rainbow effect which is good (compared to something like the wowoto h8) but the image seems a lot better on the 720p wowoto and no screen door is visible.

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    Techder Audios

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    Techder Audios

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